This Is How We Do It.

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Henry suffers a health crisis, Eli and Bailey argue, and Callie's baby shower is held.

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At home, April stumbles upon Lexie and Jackson making out. She asks, "Is there anywhere you don't do it?"

Bailey comes upon Karev in a trailer outside the hospital. He admits he's staying there. She's irritated. Inside the hospital, Adele asks Derek when he and Meredith are getting married. Richard reminds her they are already married. She insists she doesn't have Alzheimer's. Richard tells Derek and Meredith that Adele needs to be admitted to the clinical trial now. He heads up the hallway and is besieged by residents wondering if he's made any decisions about Chief Resident yet. Derek and Meredith look in on a clinical trial patient. Meredith quizzes the son on whether he's ready to commit to looking after his mother. He assures her he is.

Callie is being examined by Lucy in the OB/GYN department. Arizona and Mark are standing by, and Arizona invites Lucy to Callie's shower later upstairs in the hospital. She says she'll make it. Elsewhere, Bailey and Jackson visit with a diabetes patient and her frustrated husband. Eli is there and is the only one able to get through to the husband. Bailey is impressed. Jackson and Bailey go to Richard about getting FDA approval of a new treatment. They return to the patient to discuss it. Eli interrupts Bailey and she reads him the riot act outside the room afterward. He's not apologetic.


Karev stops in to offer his services to Stark in pediatrics - he tells him he still doesn't like him. April is given the work instead. Karev accuses her of sleeping her way to the top. Flustered, she says they're really just hanging out. Karev sneers, "Yeah right." When April cancels dinner with Stark because she's overwhelmed, he asks Karev to help her. In a nearby room, Henry codes as Teddy looks on. Once he's stable, she takes him to task for going running. Teddy, Christine, and Richard look at Henry's test results. After, a drugged up Henry asks Teddy to make their marriage real. His cat scan shows a mass. Richard designates Christina to do the surgery instead of Teddy. She breaks the news to Henry, and they head into surgery. Teddy becomes alarmed when Christina has trouble, but it's all okay. After, Henry flirts with Teddy, but she warns him to stop - she doesn't feel it.


Upstairs, Arizona and Mark bicker about the baby shower for Callie - Mark says she's expecting big things. Callie appears and sides with Mark. Arizona is irked. When things get underway, Arizona and Mark continue to argue. He laughs when Callie makes Arizona put a balloon under her shirt and join the games. Lexie appears and tells Mark she's seeing someone else. Lucy comes upon Karev shoving hors d'oeuvres in his pocket - he explains he has no time to shop. He moves on, telling Christina that April is putting out for Stark. April shouts that she's not. Mark watches as Lexie slips out with Jackson.

In another part of the hospital, Derek and Richard argue about bumping another patient to put Adele in the trial. Bailey comes to get Richard to authorize the unapproved surgery for her failing diabetes patient. Meanwhile, Derek's clinical trial patient asks to be removed from the list when she learns her son has left his lover to care for her. Derek finds Richard to let him know there's now a spot for Adele. Richard summons Adele to his office - she's not impressed, but he convinces her to take the test. She passes by one point, but it's clear she has Alzheimer's - she's devastated. Richard retires to his office, where Bailey appears to tell him the diabetes patient is stable. She also urges him to pick a Chief Resident.

Lucy stops Meredith in the corridor and asks her what she's missing where Karev is concerned. Meredith tells her everything he's had to deal with, saying he puts on a tough guy act. In pediatrics, April asks Stark to thank Karev for his help, and then tells him she can't get together tonight - she only thinks of him as a friend. Stark walks off, deflated.

Cleaning up after the shower, Arizona tells Mark she can't find the gift list. Callie appears and asks Mark to go. Callie tells Arizona she booked them into a B&B. They hug. Enroute in the car, Callie gets a text from Mark, who is upset about Lexie. Arizona is furious when she answers it. Callie wants to know what will make her happy. Arizona says, "Marry me." The car crashes.

Outside the hospital, Eli waits for Bailey, who isn't ready to make up. He insists he's taking her home tonight. She goes with him. Lucy walks up to Karev's trailer and he offers her hors d'oeuvres. She takes a beer and kisses him.

At home, April is fed up with Lexie and Jackson making out and sits down beside them on the sofa. April turns on the movie she was supposed to watch with Stark.

Owen sits Christina down at home and informs her that Richard asked him to pick the Chief Resident. She howls at the injustice of it.

Spoiler for next week:

Callie's life hangs in the balance after the car wreck.

Candi's Comments:

I love Karev and Lucy together! I was moved and saddened by Adele being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and by the shocking proposal/car wreck with Callie and Arizona. Eli is too cocky! Jackson and Lexie continue to be hot together, I look forward to seeing how Mark will deal with this new relationship. April and Stark are an odd duo, but I somehow would like to see it work. Teddy was right - I don't feel it between her and Henry either. What a twist for Owen and Christina with him having to pick the Chief Resident! Great episode - can't wait until next week.

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