The Golden Hour.

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Meredith runs the ER, Bailey and Eli sneak around, and Adele Webber winds up in the hospital.

The Golden Hour. image

Meredith begins a shift in the emergency room and refers to the 'golden hour', the crucial window of time during which it's determined if a trauma patient will live or die. Christina teases her about volunteering in the ER and they joke about her taking fertility drugs. Lexie hands Meredith a file on a guy with a glorified migraine and the girlfriend from hell. Christina blurts that Callie asked her to be her baby's Godmother. Meredith tells her she should say no.


Meredith listens to the heart of a man with chest pain who is in a hurry and promises his tests will be quick. Christine asks her why she should say no to Callie. Meredith ignores her and tries to put Karev to work to no avail. Nearby, Bailey flirts with Eli. Meredith opens a curtain to find Mrs. Webber who has fallen. They turn to look as a drunk walks in with a knife sticking out of his head. Meredith goes to tell Derek, who is in surgery with Jackson.


Meredith encounters Bailey in the corridor. She launches into an odd spiel about how she's going to take a nap - alone. Eli hovers nearby. Meredith corrals Dr. Altman, but she dashes off to say hello to her date mid-conversation. Teddy is surprised to see Henry, her patient/husband, appear. Awkwardness ensues. Teddy returns to Meredith and her chest x-rays. Karev is trying to get his paperwork done because he has floor seats to basketball. Lucy Fields finds out and decides to help him. He's impressed. Meredith meanwhile, explains to Christina that she needs to be her baby's godparent-in-waiting.


Dr. Webber shouts for Meredith, demanding to know why she didn't come to tell him his wife was in the ER. Mr. Webber shushes him. Meredith rushes to break up a melee involving the drunken guys. Lexie is trying to take their beer and Christina is quizzing knife guy to see if his brain has been affected. Meredith gets the test results from the man with a migraine and realizes he's having a stroke - she chases him down in the parking lot! Back inside, his girlfriend is pissed to have to cancel their upcoming trip to Aspen. Meredith calls Lexie and takes her to task for missing the stroke.


Callie arrives in the ER to tell Adele Webber she has a hairline fracture. Meredith talks to Adele and realizes she doesn't remember their conversation from before. She orders a head CT. In the waiting area, Teddy catches up with her date and her husband. Meredith corrals her to deal with a chest x-ray. They pass the boardroom where Karev and Lucy are yucking it up. Meanwhile, as the doctors consult on the guy with the knife in his head, his drunk buddy pulls it out! Derek arrives on the scene to check him over. Nearby, a little boy with a broken femur cries. Meredith promises to expedite his treatment.


Derek tries to pull Meredith out of the ER into a room for a minute. He opens the door and sees Bailey underneath Eli. He closes the door and tells Meredith to never ask him what he saw in there. They go to a private spot and he injects her with fertility drugs.


Back in the ER, Karev has been dumped by Lucy, and he and Meredith are confronted by the father of the boy with the broken femur again, but Meredith has to run when she learns the man who had chest pains is coding! Teddy hollers that he needs surgery now! They rush him into an OR, open his chest and frantically try to save him. They can't. Meredith is forced to call it. Christina tries to comfort her after. Meredith tells her if she agrees to be Callie's baby's godmother, it feels like she's saying Meredith won't be able to have a baby. Christina gets it.


Meredith catches up with Webber, who is taking Adele home. Meredith grills him about her possibly having Alzheimer's. He becomes defensive and leaves. Meredith learns that someone took the little boy to get his cast on. She then has to talk to the family of the man who died on the phone. Down the hall, the man who had a stroke breaks up with the girlfriend from hell. Teddy goes to join her date, and Henry tells her she can do better. She goes on the date anyway.


Bailey and Eli emerge from the on-call room after having sex. She tells him this will never happen again. He winks, "Until your next break." Jackson and Lexie see off the man who had the knife in his head. He then asks her out - she accepts. Lucy watches as Karev forgoes the floor seats to treat the little boy. Meredith begins another hour in the ER.

Candi's Comments:

Excellent episode! It was fast-paced and brought out many emotions. Derek catching Bailey with Eli was hysterical! How sad and scary that Adele may have Alzheimer's. Does anyone else like the thing going on with Karev and Lucy the OB/GYN? Jackson may want to watch out when Mark finds out he took Lexie on a date. As for Teddy, she'll probably develop real feelings for Henry, but I liked her with that psychologist earlier in the season the best. Be sure to let me know what you liked or disliked about this episode below.

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