Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Christina has a new job, Callie turns to Mark, and the residents handle the night shift.

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Derek and Meredith catch up at home in bed. He slips the fact that he got his grant into the conversation. They share a kiss and he tells her there will be a celebration at Joe's Bar.

Everyone congregates at the hospital, where the residents are left in charge of the attending's cases so they can head to the bar. Meredith is filling in for Dr. Stark who informs her she won't need to reach him because she's good. Owen warns Jackson to talk to someone about his issues.

The residents arrive at Joe's Bar and are stunned to see Christina serving drinks! Owen confirms that he suggested she get a job. Mark comments that at least she's not dancing on a pole. Christina brings a round of shooters and toasts Derek. A stag party comes in and Christina rushes to take their order. As the residents drink, Teddy expounds about how awful internet dating is. She tells Callie to go to Africa and get back with Arizona. They are interrupted by Christina chanting and drinking with the stag party. Derek ventures over, and Christina tells him she's having fun. He's concerned. Mark tells him it's a phase. Callie moans that she's jealous. Bailey drinks. Callie talks about starting over and Mark suggests a 'palate cleanser'. Bailey snorts, "A sexual sorbet?" Callie approaches a girl but strikes out. Bailey wants a man who can explain fistulas.


Back at the hospital, Jackson and Lexie handle a trauma case with two brothers whose car was hit by a train. One of the young men has bloody, mangled limbs. Jackson tells Lexie to call Hunt. Meredith is dealing with a little boy in pain. The mother asks her to call Dr. Stark. He arrives and chastises Meredith for taking him away from a restaurant due to a child who had gas! Owen arrives at the hospital and emergency surgery commences on the young man with severe injuries. He dies. Meredith's young patient has increasing tummy pain. The mother insists it's not gas. Meredith talks to Karev about it. He stresses not to call Stark. Owen, Jackson, and Lexie are operating on the other brother. The parents arrive. Lexie tells them their son didn't make it. She returns to surgery where Jackson does good work as noted by Hunt. After, Lexie offers Jackson an ear, but he's hostile. He remarks on the brother who lived feeling bad about the brother who died.


Webber arrives at the hospital and chews out Meredith because the little boy's mother, who is a nurse, called him about her son. April, who is working on separating two teens who superglued themselves together, spots a drunk Bailey coming in and asks for help. Bailey slurs that they should stay together! Teddy also arrives tipsy, and is asked to consult by Meredith. Teddy tells her about Christina bartending. Meredith learns her patient is bleeding internally, but says Stark isn't answering his page. Karev decides to operate with or without him. They call Bailey, but April answers and says she's indisposed. Bailey grabs back her phone and wants to call her ex, Ben. She then advises April not to give her virginity to Karev before telling her how to unglue the couple. Meanwhile, Meredith and Karev congratulate themselves in the OR as they operate on the boy.

Mark and Callie get back to his place. He asks if she's okay and tucks her in on the couch. They run into each other later in the kitchen. Callie wants him. He obliges.


Still at the bar, Joe and Derek watch Christina, who is very drunk. Joe asks Derek to get her out of there. As Christina straddles one of the bachelors, Owen comes back in. He reminds her he is her husband then slings her over his shoulder and takes her out.

Bailey wakes up after passing out for a bit in a hospital room. April chirps about them being friends now. Bailey informs her it never happened.


Alex and Meredith sit in the boardroom waiting to hear what Dr. Stark will have to say about them operating on the boy. He comes in and reams them out, but Webber smiles at them through the window.

In the car, April, Lexie, Meredith, Jackson, and Alex reflect on their night. At home, Owen holds Christina's head as she vomits. Meredith joins Derek in bed just as his alarm goes off.

Candi's Comments:

I enjoyed this episode more than the previous ones. I love to see the human side of the doctors, especially Bailey, who is so controlled most of the time. This episode had emotion and laughter - good stuff. I'm still not convinced Christina's meltdown is true to character, but I love how Owen handled it. I was all for the Mark/Callie hook-up too, since he and Lexie bug me together. All around, a great episode! Be sure to tell me your thoughts below!

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