Let's Make Lemonade!

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Christina plans a party, Karev clashes with Stark, and the doctors operate on a VIP.

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At the hospital, Teddy is giving a lecture about the lung transplant last week. Alex comes in hungover. When Teddy announces that Christina Yang quit, Sloan is stunned, and Derek asks why she was put under so much pressure. On the way out of the lecture, Teddy asks Owen about Christina. He says she won't talk about work.


At home, Callie is trying to relax. She takes a call from Sloan who tells her Christina quit. She's shocked and heads over to Christina's place right away. She finds her unpacking boxes with music on. Christina mentions Callie being single, but won't discuss work. Suddenly, Christina cuts off Callie's hair and hollers, "Let's make lemonade!" Christina decides they will throw a house warming party as she cuts Callie's hair. Callie screams when she looks into a mirror.


Karev is irritated by a child with a ping pong ball in pediatrics. Dr. Stark takes him to task for missing rounds and having a hangover. In the next room, they deal with parents whose baby needs a new liver. When they take the baby into surgery, Dr. Stark's unorthodox approach leaves Karev and April confused. When Karev confronts the doctor, he asks if he has a better solution. He doesn't. At lunch, Alex suddenly has an idea involving the ping pong ball being the solution to the liver issue. Stark is dismissive, but soon, Karev finds out Stark is using his idea in the OR.


Dr. Webber, Owen, and Teddy turn the corner in the corridor to find themselves confronted with secret service people and a VIP from another country on a stretcher. They are only told that no one can know he's there, and he'd better not die. The dignitary was in a car accident and soon codes. Jackson and Bailey walk up and are refused admittance. Webber sticks his head out and asks Bailey to take his patients for the day. Jackson and Bailey wonder if it's Bono in there.


Derek and Meredith are getting hot and heavy in the staff room when a man comes knocking at the door looking for Meredith. Derek asks her what she did. Meredith is taken to Teddy and Owen to help with the dignitary. Christina is discussed as they work. Teddy meets with the VIP's entourage and says he needs open heart surgery - now. The aide tells Meredith they can't operate because he has an aneurysm. She tells the others. Derek is called in and Teddy agonizes about the fate of the Middle East resting in their hands. As they scrub in, Derek warns Meredith about going to Christina's party and confronting her. In surgery, they run into complications. As they operate, they all agree they want Christina back. Afterward, the security man and Teddy share a moment.


At the mall, Callie grills Christina about her falling out with Meredith. Christina orders a new room full of furniture and says they'll hit the hair salon next. Callie gets her hair fixed while Christina eats and avidly watches people.


Bailey puts Jackson in charge of a female patient with a volatile pancreas issue. He is insulted. When the woman ends up going into shock, Bailey orders him to take her into the OR, open her up and wait for her. Jackson balks, but does it. The woman dies. When Bailey gets there, he hollers that it's not his fault! Bailey tells him to step out. She finds Webber and puzzles over the death, adding that Jackson was great today. Webber tells her Karev saved a baby with a ping pong ball today!


April finds an upset Karev in the staff room and reassures him. They start to kiss and a few clothes come off. She says it's her first time and backs off. Karev loses his temper with her and says he can't take care of everyone. Frustrated, he then leaves.


Derek races to Christina's house. As Callie listens, he says he's not there to convince her to come back, but a bunch of the others are coming there to try. They step out. When the party gets underway, Sloan asks Callie where Christina is at. Callie blurts, "Can I move in with you?" He grins. April starts crying as she tells Owen she didn't bring a gift. He asks, "Has anyone seen Christina?" Christina and Derek are on the roof talking about home renovations. Karev shows up at the party and Jackson punches him on April's behalf. Meredith takes Karev outside. He admits he left because his brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and tried to kill his teenage sister.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

When Bailey buys a round at the bar, Christina is the bartender! Her behavior gets out-of-control.

Meredith and Karev get on the wrong side of Dr. Stark.

Callie and Mark hook-up.

Candi's Comments

It was an odd episode tonight. While Christina's off-kilter behavior is amusing, I can't help but feel she would never act this way - post traumatic stress or not. That said, I'm intrigued by the changing dynamics among Derek/Christina/Owen/Meredith. Alex Karev continues to be the most interesting and complex character on the canvas - love his storylines every week, with the exception of him kissing April. Ugh! She needs to go. I'm glad Callie is moving in with Mark as it will keep annoying Lexie away. Jackson is driving me up the wall with his whining! Peter Nicols as Dr. Stark was a letdown - I wanted him to be 'neat' like his "Allie McBeal" character. What did you think? Sound off in the comment section!

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