Already Over.

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Arizona and Callie clash over Africa, Christina makes a decision, and Owen holds a skills lab!

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Arizona and Callie are packing for Africa at their apartment. Arizona tries to tempt Mark into taking some of their belongings. Callie gets testy with Arizona and tells her to stop giving away her things.


At the hospital, Derek and Meredith kiss before starting the day. Owen speaks to Christina and Teddy appears saying Christina needs to stay with her lung transplant patient. Meredith joins the other residents who are moaning about how lame the skills lab will be. Owen announces there's been an accident with mass casualties. They all follow him to where 'injured' mannequins are lying outside!


Lexie assists Mark with a female patient who is there for a gluteal implant. In another room, Christina checks on Roy, her lung patient. His daughter comes in - they haven't seen each other in twenty years. Roy codes. When they stabilize him, Christina tells his daughter his heart is failing. Christina gets a consult - the doctor tells her she knows what to do. She looks panicky. She goes outside where Owen is, but gets paged. Owen sees her trepidation and is supportive, but sends Meredith to help her. Meredith catches up with Christina moodily tells Meredith to update the daughter. The daughter pours her heart out to Meredith about her dad. Meredith returns to Christina with questions, but Roy is in crisis. Meredith calls Teddy, who tells them what to do. Christina angrily admits how afraid she is to Meredith.


In the corridor, Lexie approaches Mark about their patient's butt implant. She thinks it's a big mistake. Arizona and Callie arrive at the hospital. Callie is still tense. Webber says he's sorry to lose them both - he had big plans for Callie! Later, Callie runs into Mark and tells him what Webber said. Mark meets with Lexie and the implant patient, who when questioned, insists she wants it for herself, not some man.


Bailey is down in the morgue with Mary's body. She is anxious to learn the cause of death. The pathologist doing the post-mortem is on her phone making dinner reservations as they work. Bailey is frustrated when the pathologist then wants to break for lunch. Bailey goes to vent to Derek. He is depressed over his research into Alzheimer's Disease. Back in the morgue, Bailey argues with the pathologist who deems the autopsy inconclusive. Bailey asks Derek to go over the pathologist's head - he won't, saying it's personal for her. Bailey points out that he's obsessed with his wife getting Alzheimer's!


The skills lab is still taking place outside where it has started to rain hard. April and Korev have an altercation when he calls her uptight. When April says she hears a helicopter, a grumpy Korev tells her she's nuts. Jackson stuns Owen by leaving his mock patient and refusing to come back! Soon it's dark and most have lost their patients. April goes a little crazy and puts her patient in an ambulance before it's declared that her team wins. Owen heads inside to have it out with Jackson - he insists he go outside and finish!


In the staff room, Callie is moody as she tries unsuccessfully to pump Webber for information about his plans for her. Mark asks if she wants to watch a woman get a big new ass - she does! Later, Mark tells Callie he thinks she's going to Africa to please Arizona.


Meredith catches up with Christina on the roof. She rants about why she is so messed up when Meredith is fine. Teddy arrives in the helicopter. She urges Christina to walk with her and tell her everything. Once in the OR, things go well and Teddy tells Christina she did great. Webber hears, and also compliments Christina, who wants to talk. Meredith meets up with Derek, who tells her he can't have her in his clinical trial. Meredith says Christina blames her. Christina catches up with Owen and tells him she quit!


At the airport, Callie tries to be cheerful. Arizona accuses her of ruining the Africa thing for her. Callie admits she doesn't want to go, but loves her. Arizona tells her she doesn't want to go to Africa with her. Callie cries and tells Arizona if she goes without her it's over. Arizona says it's already over.


At the bar, Lexie catches Mark checking out her ass. She gives him hell, but then walks away smiling.

Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

A new doctor joins the team.

A mystery patient may be the President or Vice-President.

Candi's Comments

Wow, I'm surprised that Christina quit - I expected her to start healing this week! It will be interesting to see where they take her story from here. The butt implant patient was a nice add, though I'm not a fan of Mark and Lexie getting close again. I loved Bailey and Derek calling each other out over taking things personally. Arizona and Callie's split was expected, but still sad. I'll be watching to see if Callie acts out after this. As for wacky April - can't stand her. Let me know your thoughts on this episode below!

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