Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Karev deals with a young girl's case, a history-making transplant is undertaken, and Mary and Bill return to the hospital for the first time since the shooting.

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The show opens as the documentary follows the doctors handling a trauma patient who is pronounced brain dead. An excited couple is profiled as well; they've hurried to the hospital so the husband can receive two new arm transplants. Dr. Webber takes the documentary crew through the hospital. The narrator talks about the mass shooting that took place. Christina and Meredith talk about their friendship, and Karev shows off his bullet scar in pediatrics. His young patient, a Justin Bieber fan, needs an emergency tracheotomy.


Mary, a patient who was trapped with Bailey during the shooting, and her husband Bill return to the hospital for the first time since the shooting. Mary and Bailey embrace in the foyer. Mark talks on the documentary about how it affected him when his friend Derek got shot. Mark, Derek, Owen, and Callie confer about the arm transplant. Mary is admitted and tells Bailey about the traveling she and Bill have done since the shooting. She admits she can't wait to have babies.


A false alarm goes off in the hospital and Webber explains that the new security system has some glitches. He calls Arizona into his office and tells her she won a prestigious grant - but she has to move to Africa to accept it.


Derek, Mark, Owen, and Callie all spend time telling the documentary crew about what a big deal the arm transplant is. Lexie notices that one of the arms has a tattoo that says 'Nicole'. The recipient and his wife are told - they are fine with it. The donor's wife, Nicole, talks to the camera about her husband.


Karev comforts Lily, the child with the throat tumor. She has to have a cat scan, and Karev sings a Justin Bieber song to her throughout. Downstairs, Christina and Meredith deal with another trauma patient. Christina, who is still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, goes to lay down after seeing a bullet wound. Karev takes Lily's results to Arizona and interrupts an argument between her and Callie about the move to Africa. Arizona explains to Karev that Lily's situation is extremely dire. Lily's mother is interviewed. Arizona decides to use Lily's own cells to grow a new trachea. Webber credits the innovative thinking to surviving the shooting.


The arm transplant gets underway. They remove the arms from the donor and must move fast to attach them to the recipient. The documentary camera catches Lexie trying to re-enter the hospital with Mark's coffee order and another false alarm goes off. The surgery doors lock on Avery, endangering a patient's life. Teddy tries to talk him through it, but he's traumatized. The history-making arm transplant continues. When blood flows through the vessels everyone applauds, but a complication arises in one arm. Callie saves it. The doctors who did the arm transplant meet at the bar for drinks.


Bailey operates on Mary. She tells Bill that the surgery went well. They embrace. Karev explains to the camera how he will take care of the growing trachea. Christina tries to describe her feelings about the surgery she did during the shooting. Meredith jumps in to say she's a hero.


The documentary catches up with the happy arm transplant recipient, who says he got 'thank you' tattooed under the name 'Nicole', and with Lily who is ready for her trachea transplant. Karev implores her to take care of it. Later, Lily told her fourth grade class that Dr. Karev was the best part of her hospital experience. Callie tells the camera crew that she will go to Africa with Arizona and they give notice. Bailey explains that Mary never woke up from her surgery and is in a coma. She has to tell Bill that she is septic and her organs are failing - her chances aren't good and he has a decision to make. The documentary notes that three days later, Bill opted to turn off Mary's life support. The documentary ends with Christina saying they are all blessed to have survived, but adding that being a hero has its price.

Spoilers for the next Grey's Anatomy:

Christina is on the spot when her lung transplant patient codes.

A mass trauma with 30 casualties sends the hospital into a tailspin!

Candi's Comments

This episode had a really different feel due to the documentary-style format. While I missed some of the personal interaction between the doctors, it was an engaging episode, and the three case stories were really interesting. I can't believe Callie and Arizona are leaving for Africa! It seems like Christina is turning a corner which is great, but I'm concerned about the effect losing Mary might have on Bailey. For about the third episode in a row, I have found Karev's storyline one of the most compelling. What did you think? Let know in the comment section.

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