Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Webber hears pitches for one million dollars, Meredith does solo brain surgery, and Korev defends a young man to his mother.

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Dr. Webber holds a meeting to tell the attendings that he has a million dollar surplus and one department will get it. He also announces that the fourth-year residents have been promoted to attendings for today. Teddy, Bailey, and Callie debate who will present first for the money - they love a good dogfight!


Mark, Korev, and Arizona are working on the case of a young man with breasts. Callie comes along and tells them not to worry about Korev removing the breasts. Mark and Callie bicker about the million dollars. Derek tells a brain surgery patient that Meredith or Avery will be operating on her. Christine, Teddy, and April check a man who can't breathe. April suggests a transplant, but Christine won't participate.


Teddy presents to Webber in his office and winds up ranting about Derek. Meanwhile, in the lab, Christina complains to Meredith about Teddy threatening to take her off duty. Down the hall, the young man with the breasts, whose mother opposes surgery, opens up to Korev. Lexie runs from case-to-case. Owen makes the case for his department to Webber next, and is followed by Mark, who Webber feels has a very ambitious plan for the money. Mark confides he's not having sex, so he has extreme energy. Webber shakes his head in disbelief.


Korev has problems with the young man's mother, who only wants to deal with senior surgeons. Christina and April's lung patient is ailing, but Christina zones out completely. In the lab, Avery wins the chance to do surgery over Meredith, who says he conned her.


Arizona presents to Webber on behalf of pediatrics and rambles about crying and hitting. Down the hall, Owen catches up with a morose Christina. He offers to let her kick his butt in the alley and gets her to smile. After, she finally offers an opinion on her case. When Arizona catches up with Mark on the breast case, Korev wins their respect by standing up for the young man. Callie presents to Webber for orthopedics, and he surmises she wants the money to level the playing field with Arizona.


Derek is in surgery when Lexie needs him on a case. Meredith comes in as the neural consult and books an OR. When Jackson messes up, Derek tells Meredith she has to do the other surgery solo. When he gets there, he's impressed. Korev, meanwhile, operates on the young man successfully. Webber hears Derek's pitch next - he says he'll find a cure for Alzheimer's with the money. Webber goes to hear the transplant panel. He is astounded to hear April arguing against it. Christina jumps in and pleases Teddy, but upsets April. After, Webber hears Bailey's pitch which is simple. In the end, Owen gets the million dollars.

Spoiler for the next Grey's Anatomy:

When a documentary about the mass shooting is filmed at the hospital emotions become raw.

Candi's Comments

I didn't dislike tonight's episode, but it wasn't the most compelling I've seen - a little dull at times. My favorite parts were Korev coming through for the young man with breasts, Meredith doing a successful brain surgery, and Christina snapping out of her funk. The character of April continues to do nothing for me. What are your thoughts on this episode? Share them with in the comment section.

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