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Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Meredith and Derek get disappointing news, Alex helps a young man, and Christina takes a step forward.

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Meredith tells Christina she needs to know if she can have children. She and Derek visit a specialist to find out. They learn that Meredith has a hostile uterus.


Alex, Callie, and Arizona deal with the case of a young man who is a brilliant dancer, but he has bone cancer in his leg. They are forced to tell him it will have to be amputated. He dances for them and asks if they have a prosthetic that can do that!


Owen pages Christina down to the OR during a surgery to tell her about a house for sale. At lunch, April mentions a study to Alex in which a cadaver bone was used to replace a cancerous one. He looks it up and exclaims that the young man won't have to lose his leg! Meanwhile, Meredith talks to a despondent woman who has Huntington's. She doesn't want treatment and plans to live it up in Rio. Meredith goes to talk to Webber about her mother's Alzheimer's.


Bailey invites Christina to come into surgery on a man who put worms in his own body for science. Christina tells her she isn't ready, but watches. There's a complication and Christina worries about the man's worms. Afterward, Meredith asks her to draw her blood to test for the Alzheimer's gene. Arizona, Callie, and Alex, tell the dancer and his parents about the innovative procedure. They agree to do it. During surgery, Arizona and Callie discuss Mark. Arizona says she doesn't like him because he stares at her boobs! Later, Alex tells Arizona he stares at her boobs too - they're great boobs! Arizona takes Mark out to bond. Callie is pleased.


When a woman who was in an accident and hurt her husband and a girl, worries about going to jail, Lexie orders a tilt test to try to prove she fainted before she hit the pedal. Later, the woman confesses that she drove into the Laundromat on purpose to hit her ex-husband, who had left her for a younger woman.


In surgery, Avery flirts with Teddy as Meredith looks on. After, Teddy finds Avery shirtless in the break room. She quizzes him on medical procedures - he answers correctly. She warns him to stop flirting and take care of the post-ops.


Meredith goes back to see the woman with Alzheimer's and gives her medication for her shaky hand. She finds Lexie freaking out about the woman who ran down her husband. Meredith tells her she's not crazy - she's a Grey!


Derek finds Meredith at home and kisses her. She tells him about getting tested for the Alzheimer's gene. Derek suggests they just live. Meredith agrees.


Owen catches up with Christina who bought them the house with a fire pole in it. He is shocked. She says he loves the place, and she loves him.

Spoiler for Next Thursday's Grey's Anatomy:

Derek calls on Meredith to do a solo brain surgery!

Candi's Comments

Although I feel bad about Meredith and Derek's uterus trouble, I love the way they agreed to 'just live' at the end of the show. Another warm fuzzy moment was Christina buying the house Owen loved. Arizona and Callie bickering about Mark was cute. I wish I could be a fly on the wall on Arizona and Mark's 'date'! The heartwarming story of Alex helping the young dancer was also very good tonight. Lexie's flightiness is irritating to watch sometimes - not my favorite part of the show. As for Avery - he is hot, but does need a little work on his personality. What are your thoughts?

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