Lightning Strike.

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Christina has a panic attack, Meredith comes clean, and Mark has marriage on his mind!

Lightning Strike. image

At the hospital, Meredith tells Christina she still hasn't been able to get Perkins to clear her, and Christina shares that Owen washed her hair before work. Lexie freaks out as the other staff stares at her. Derek arrives in a disheveled state from jail and has words with Meredith. Callie and Arizona discuss differences in home decor. Miranda tells Alex he can't operate until he has the bullet removed. Teddy and Owen urge Dr. Webber to clear Christian for surgery. Victims start pouring in from a ball team that was struck by lightning.


While treating a female patient, Mark lets Callie know he's thinking about proposing to Lexie. She says it's too soon. Teddy talks a couple into aggressive heart surgery for the wife. Christina backs her up. As the lightning victims are treated, three men begin arguing over one woman. When one of the men has to be rushed to surgery, an argument ensues over who will get to scrub in.


As Teddy prepares for the risky heart surgery, Christina has obvious nerves. Owen reassures her. Teddy leaves to treat a baby and chats with Arizona about their love lives. Teddy tells her that Perkins is a good listener. As the residents watch footage of the lightning strike on television, Lexie has a realization about her patient and runs off.


Mark teases Derek in the foyer about spending the night in jail. Dr. Webber appears and Derek invites him to go for a ride. Lexie rushes over, gasping about a girl being paralyzed. Derek goes to check her, and says she has a hematoma. In the OR, Bailey lectures the observing Alex about the risks of leaving a bullet in his chest. In another OR, the heart surgery gets underway. Jackson knocks a tray of utensils over and Christina has a panic attack. Meredith scrubs in and goes to help her.


In the foyer, Mark convinces Callie it's not too soon for him to propose to Lexie. Owen finds Christina, and she says he was wrong about everything. Meredith seeks Derek and ends up telling him she had a miscarriage. They embrace.


Bailey informs Alex that she's removing his bullet. He complies and they talk. Teddy completes the heart surgery successfully, and then meets up for fun time with Perkins. Mark catches up with Lexie, but she tells him to leave her alone. He heads home and tells Callie to compromise with Arizona.


Derek and Meredith arrive home to find Christina in the house. Meredith tells her to go back to Owen. Owen bursts in with a heartfelt speech. Meredith tells him she already fixed her. Owen and Christina leave together.


The next time Meredith goes to see Perkins he clears her for surgery.

Candi's Comments:

I was glad to see Meredith tell Derek about the miscarriage - keeping secrets never works for her. It wasn't a super-exciting episode tonight, other than the drama with Christina, which was very compelling. I'm not a fan of the Mark/Lexie pairing, so was not happy to hear he wants to propose - thankfully it didn't happen. I'm finding Callie a tad boring with Arizona. Oh, and I love Teddy with Perkins, I hope they keep him around. Share your thoughts below!

Next Week's Spoiler for Grey's Anatomy:

Christina, who is suffering from a nervous breakdown, is at risk of losing her job. Derek puts himself on the line to defend her position.

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