Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Everyone returns to work at Seattle Grace after the shooting.

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Meredith speaks with a psychiatrist at the hospital, but leaves when she has to go bail Derek out of jail. He's been driving recklessly - again.


In the foyer, Dr. Webber welcomes Miranda, and Meredith tells Christina that Derek keeps getting arrested, but the cops love him. April appears with x-rays for Derek. Derek walks into the foyer to cheers. He begins to make a speech, but then says he hates being Chief of Staff - it should be Dr. Webber. He quits! Elsewhere in the hospital, Alex tells Teddy he's going to keep the bullet in his chest. Derek, April, Meredith, Callie, and Mark check out the brain tumor x-ray. Mark realizes Derek wants him to crack open the young man's face.


In his office, Dr. Webber dances. Meredith walks in. She complains that Perkins won't clear her. Webber won't step in. Meanwhile, Lexie and Alex each meet with Perkins and are cleared for surgery, though they don't seem back to normal. Miranda is also cleared after recalling how she left town, and her boyfriend, Ben. Owen asks Derek to be his best man. Derek agrees.


Derek and his team visit the young man who needs the risky surgery. Derek is persuasive. Meredith gives her them the facts about the risks and pointedly tells Derek he's driving very fast. In a nearby room, Owen and Teddy discuss Owen's upcoming wedding and Teddy admits she's got a new man. In the hall, the residents eat lunch and reflect. Miranda says she's glad to see them all.


Derek meets with the psychiatrist and is cleared for surgery. He leaves, driving fast. Meredith walks in on Teddy kissing Perkins. Meredith chastises him. He tells her she's not cleared because she's not being honest. Meredith thinks back to miscarrying and telling Christina not to tell Derek.


Arizona confides in Teddy that she's worried Callie is going to propose or want to make babies. Elsewhere, the team performs surgery on the young man with the tumor while Meredith and Christina bicker about their issues. Christina goes to see Perkins, and tells him she wants to be simple.


After the surgery, Miranda runs into Ben outside the hospital and breaks up with him. Derek and Meredith are getting amorous when he is paged - the young man in recovery is panicking. Derek tells him it's a victory pain - he won. Derek leaves and is arrested for speeding again. Meredith leaves him in lock-up and goes to the wedding.


At the wedding, Lexie tells Alex that she's the reason he lived, and Callie asks Arizona to move in. Meredith arrives, and Owen and Christina are married.

Candi's Comments:

This episode left me feeling like no one is okay after the shooting. The characters have a haunted air, which makes me wonder which of them will lose control first - it only seems a matter of time. I also came away from this episode feeling angry with Meredith for keeping secrets again - she keeps repeating past mistakes! The new psychiatrist, Perkins is interesting, but I can't figure out who I want to see Teddy with. What do you think? Post your opinion below!

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