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Season 12 of “Grey’s Anatomy” kicked off with Meredith and Amelia struggling to get along under the same roof. Maggie forced them to figure it out. Amelia was dating Owen, Bailey became chief, and April and Jackson’s marriage was on the rocks. Maggie was secretly having sex with Andrew the intern. Callie had a new girlfriend, Penny, who turned out to be the doctor who was present when Derek died. Meredith and Amelia had to come to terms with Penny coming to work at the hospital. A new doctor, Nathan Riggs, arrived, and it turned out Owen hated him. Meredith got details on the rift (Riggs had been married to Owen’s late sister, Megan), but wouldn’t tell Amelia – which led to a huge argument and Amelia moving out. Meanwhile, Jackson wanted to divorce April, but muddied the waters by having sex with her. Alex popped the question to Jo, who didn’t say yes or no, prompting him to move into Meredith’s house.


In a turning point, a patient experiencing a seizure attacked Meredith. Jackson had to break her jaw to intubate her, and she underwent numerous surgeries. She was left with her jaw wired shut, and no hearing, but it returned in a close moment with Alex. Months passed before Alex, who was still on the outs with Jo, brought Meredith’s kids to see her. It didn’t go well, but things later improved, and therapy helped her move past her belief that she would be alone forever since Derek had died.

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Jackson served April with divorce papers, Callie and Penny’s relationship heated up, and Owen opened up to Amelia a bit about his animosity toward Riggs.


In a special episode, April and Jackson divorced, but it was revealed she was carrying his child. Arizona was the first to know, and she told Jackson after April refused to, which caused a moral debate around the hospital. Ben performed a controversial emergency thoracotomy on a patient with a clipboard, after which Bailey suspended him. Meredith traveled elsewhere for a surgery, and was asked out by Dr. Will Thorpe. They dated, but Meredith flipped out after having sex with him and he realized she wasn’t ready. Maggie and Andrew split when he started avoiding her after they went public with their relationship. Catherine Avery returned to town and insinuated herself into April and Jackson’s affairs, pushing Jackson to take legal action, and Richard stepped in. The feud between Owen and Riggs came to a head, and Owen finally revealed that Riggs cheated on his sister before she died, but he also felt guilty for telling his sister to get on the ill-fated helicopter. Stephanie began a relationship with her patient, Kyle.


In a dramatic two-part episode, Bailey called a Code Pink when a child went missing in the hospital, and Ben made another controversial call when he performed an emergency c-section on a pregnant woman during the lockdown. This caused a huge amount of strife between Ben and Bailey, who suspended her husband from performing surgeries for six months. In happier news, April and Jackson decided they didn’t want to fight, however, another custody battle began after Callie announced she was taking Sophia and relocating to New York with Penny. Arizona filed for full custody and won, which stunned Callie. Meanwhile, Stephanie dumped Kyle, which caused problems when he was readmitted and wouldn’t let her be his doctor, but they reconciled before he died in surgery. Owen sold the trailer and prepared to move forward with Amelia, who proposed.


Leading up to the season finale, Meredith hooked-up with Riggs, and Jo had turned down another marriage proposal from Alex, who left her. The season ended with April going into labor, and Ben facing another emergency c-section. After Bailey told Ben she trusted him, he capably delivered April and Jackson’s healthy baby. Amelia had post-wedding jitters, but Maggie and Meredith got her down the aisle. Meredith flirted with Riggs throughout, but Maggie confided in Mer that she really liked Riggs and thought he was into her too! Callie and Arizona found their way to agreeing to share Sophia equally, and in the darkest turn of events, Andrew escorted a drunken Jo home, where she confided that she couldn’t marry Alex because she was already married! She began to undress and inadvertently pulled Andrew down on top of her as she lost her balance. Alex walked in on the scene, jumped to the wrong conclusion, and began beating Andrew senseless…

Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy begins with Alex confronting the possible consequences of his actions. Watch the trailer below:

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