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Sit back and enjoy as looks back on the first 9 episodes of "Grey's Anatomy's" 8th season from September through the end of 2012!

Episode 1 - Going, Going, Gone.
The first episode after the devastating plane crash at the end of last season jumped ahead a few months. Christina was struggling at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Alex was sleeping with all the interns (while Meredith was scaring them), Derek was unable to finish a surgery due to his hand, and Mark was taken off life support and died. It seemed as though Arizona had also died, but at the episode's end it was revealed that she was at home with an amputated leg and bitter at the world, and Callie in particular. The episode was intense, but telling the story out of order blunted the impact somewhat. Grade: B

Episode 2 - Remember The Time.
This episode filled in the blanks about what happened directly following the plane crash. It was particularly intense hearing Christina describe to Owen what it was like for the four days she stayed awake before they were rescued. Incredible. It was fantastic drama, with the only complaint being that viewers already knew the outcomes from watching episode 1. Grade: A-

Episode 3 - Love The One You’re With.
The survivors of the plane crash considered taking a settlement until Derek dissuaded them, Christina learned a lesson from the older doctor in Minnesota, Callie found Arizona in her own urine, and April told Jackson she'd 're-virginized' herself but they ended up having sex again. A solid episode. Grade: A

Episode 4 - I Saw Her Standing There.
Christina had 'friend' sex with her superior in Minnesota but started to realize he was a jerk with regard to the older doctor she had come to respect. Catherine and Richard and Jackson and April hooked-up, Arizona took baby steps toward acceptance of her situation and reconnected with Alex, and Derek dealt with not being able to operate. Grade: A

Episode 5 - Beautiful Doom.
The Meredith and Christina episode. The most moving part was Christina losing her mentor in Minnesota and showing up on Meredith's doorstep at the end of the episode. Meredith's part of the story lacked in emotion, considering it was with regard to her sister dying, and the episode was dull at times. Grade: B-

Episode 6 - Second Opinion.
Jackson had issues with Richard and April both on this episode, Arizona returned, Jo helped the homeless man, and we learned the lawyers would go after Seattle Grace in the plane crash suit. There were lots going on with all of the hospital staff. Grade: A

Episode 7 - I Was Made For Lovin’ You.
This was the episode where April thought she was pregnant. Once again there was plenty going on involving many characters. Bailey's humor was a highlight, and Owen asked Christina for a divorce. Grade: A

Episode 8 - Love Turns You Upside Down.
In this episode we got to know the interns better - especially Jo, who opened up to a stunned Alex. Also, Lizzie, Derek's sister, showed up full of spunk and attitude. Loved it! Grade A

Episode 9 - Run Baby Run.
In the last episode before the winter break, Alex and Jo had conflict, Lizzie brought more of her personality to the mix, Jackson and April tried to avoid togetherness by asking out a couple of interns, Christina told Owen how she felt and they got passionate, and Bailey left Ben at the altar to attend to Adele, who was coding in the ER! Great little cliffhanger eppy. Grade: A+

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- Candace Young