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Christine reacts. (

Make-ups, break-ups, and a stunning death...

"Grey's Anatomy" delivers loads of drama in each episode, but as 2011 comes to a close, has elected to recognize three storylines that have delivered the most memorable moments in season 8 so far. Read our selections to see if you agree, and then re-live the moments through the video clips provided.

Meredith reconnects.
Meredith’s relationships suffered dramatically after Alex revealed at the end of last season that she had tampered with the clinical trial results. Most notably, she and Derek became estranged, which also led to Zola being taken away. Alex worked to redeem himself through his actions, and when Meredith let him wordlessly comfort her over Zola it was an extremely powerful moment of reconnection (see video clip below). Bailey was enraged with Meredith over her actions, so when Richard finally forced them to deal with each other at the baseball game it was emotional, even though it was tempered with humor. Derek and Meredith’s journey back to each other was poignant and powerful as they struggled to overcome their issues, deal with the disappointments related to the adoption, and get to where they could support each other again.

Jackson dumps Lexie.
It quickly became obvious that Lexie still had feelings for Mark when she exhibited intense jealousy toward his new girlfriend (see video clip below) – no one could miss it, including Lexie’s lover, Jackson. What made this ‘dumping’ so unique, though, was the added element of Jackson’s mentor/student relationship with Mark. So, instead of the pair splitting up because Lexie chose Mark over Jackson – it was Jackson who chose Mark over Lexie!

Henry’s death.
Who could forget the scenes surrounding Henry’s death at Seattle Grace? Owen and Richard's shock, and Christina’s anguish as she realized that it was Henry, her mentor’s husband, she had just lost on the operating table. Check out the video clip:

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- Candace Young