Grey's Anatomy Interview: Shonda Rhimes And Jessica Capshaw Talk Wedding Episode image

Jessica Capshaw (ABC)

Spoilers ahead!

In a recent chat with TV Guide, Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins, "Grey's Anatomy"), and the show's executive producer, Shonda Rhimes, talked about the upcoming nuptials between Arizona and Callie (Sara Ramirez) this season. First off, when the two characters tie the knot, none other than Bailey (Chandra Wilson) will be officiating. Incidentally, Chandra will also be directing the episode.

Shonda Rhimes told the magazine she's enthused about having a same-sex marriage on the show and dealing with the issue of it not being legal. She said, "We wanted to deal with that in a way that felt relevant and real, but also allow them a really magical wedding."

Jessica Capshaw added, "The whole thing that I like about the episode is that it's not politicized. It's about two people falling in love and taking the step that solidifies and legitimizes them in their minds and community." She also previews that after Teddy (Kim Raver) remarks on what a calm bride Arizona is, "It's like, yeah, we go from a makeshift rehearsal dinner to brideapalooza in 42 minutes! There's a lot that happens."

The characters' parents will also appear on the episode, which could be emotional for Callie, whose family struggled to deal with her choices in the past.

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