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A look back at Season 7 in 2010.

With the season opener, the Grey's Anatomy writers did a great job of depicting how haunted the staff members at Seattle Grace were by the mass shooting that had occurred at the end of Season 6 - and so they should have been. It was clear that even if they were cleared to return to work, each of them were still dealing with the after effects of the shooting in some way. It also made sense that some wouldn't cope as well as others - or in Christina's case - couldn't cope at all with returning to the hospital.

Christina, being who she is, internalized the traumatic experience and after many episodes of acting out and/or acting very much unlike herself, she finally, with the unexpected help of Derek rather than Owen, managed to find some emotional release. It will be interesting to see where she goes from this point. Owen's struggle to help his wife, and stand by her through the craziness, has been equally compelling.

Meredith began Season 7 keeping a secret from Derek, which was frustrating for viewers watching her repeat past mistakes, but refreshingly, this was resolved in short order, and the couple faced their next bump in the road - the fact that they may not be able to conceive a child together. I loved Derek's attitude toward this revelation, and have enjoyed watching them function as a couple without the need for writers to throw them into a huge conflict.

Alex Karev, though certainly conflicted and angry, has consistently proven to be one of the most complex and interesting characters on Grey's Anatomy in Season 7. It's fascinating to see the caring, vulnerable side of him regularly contrasted with the side of him that is a stubborn, rude, jerk. Some insight into his life was recently provided which allows us to understand his actions even more - love this.

Arizona and Callie hit a major roadblock in their relationship when Arizona took off for Africa and broke things off. It will be interesting to see how they tackle their issues now that Arizona has returned looking to reconcile, not knowing that Callie has been sleeping with Sloan.

As for Mark Sloan, I'm not a big fan of the formerly cocky playboy spending Season 7 mooning around after Lexie, but the kiss they shared in the last episode was great. Something tells me there will be more challenges ahead for this pairing when it comes to light that he was bedding Callie.

Miranda Bailey has been her entertaining self this season, particularly in that she is another character, like Christina, with a tough exterior who has struggled to cope with the shooting. The episode in which she got drunk was a highlight for me - she can be very comical! The new flirtation between her and Nurse Eli will be something to look forward to, although I loved her chemistry with Ben.

The newer characters such as Jackson Avery and April Kepner have grown on me a little, but I definitely haven't been able to relate to them in the same way I did to George or Izzy. April, in particular, I often find quite irritating. Teddy continues to be a favorite - her struggle to find a man has been an interesting side story this season - and looks ready to explode what with her proposing to a patient out of the blue!

The documentary-style episode was something new for this season, and while it was very well done, and something entirely different, as a viewer I felt a little disconnected from the characters.

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- Candace Young