Grey's Anatomy TV Guide Interview: Shonda Rimes' Musical Episode image

Grey's Anatomy cast. (ABC)

Song and dance coming up.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Shonda Rimes, the executive producer for Grey's Anatomy, confirmed there will be a musical episode coming up for the Primetime series. She explained, "Season 6 and 7 are seasons to try anything and everything that we've always wanted to do. I've wanted to do a musical episode since the first day we started shooting Season 1. Now, we're in that place that we have the space to try it. Also, it's a period of time in which I finally have the right idea and the right talent to make that happen."

What can viewers expect? Shonda told TV Guide, "We're not going to have an episode where you turn on the television and people are singing for no reason. It has a reason, there's a story underneath it and there's a point to the whole thing. I'm still nervous about it, because you can do something like this and it can come out not the way you intended. I have been working on this very carefully because I want it to still be our show, but also heighten it."

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