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    Nationals. - Glee Daily Updates -


    Tuesday, May 15 2012
    Jesse champions Rachel, Will and Emma get intimate, and New Directions wins Nationals.

    Mercedes has food poisoning from a burrito and they need a backup plan for nationals. Sue wants the win for Shuster since he has worked so hard for it. In the hallway Shuster tells Emma he really wants them to win. Bieste comes to get them and tells them there is a big problem. She takes them to the kids and they are in a huge fight over choreography. Shuster is actually glad because they have so much passion. He knows they really want it and hands out some performance marching orders and they begin rehearsing again.

    Jesse approaches Rachel and tells her he doesn't want her to choke. But he really doesn't want to lose and will be humiliated if he does since he was brought in to get a win and hasn't yet. The fact 33 percent of the songs have to be vintage throws him and she tells him he has had the benchmark performance for years and not to worry. He starts to flirt with her when Finn approaches and comments on their wedding and shakes Finn’s hand after Rachel leaves.

    Backstage Finn gives Rachel a glass for her to smash at the wedding while she is putting on makeup. He tells her he bet their $500 honeymoon money that they would win and she is nervous it will be all gone. He tells her is going to double the money. Will walks in and wants to say a few words before the go out there but Finn wants to speak instead. He tells Will they all want to win for him because he is the teacher of a lifetime. Will is touched and tells them how much he loves them when Mercedes walks in and credits Sue for her feeling better.

    In the audience the judges are announced: Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton and Jason Lee. The girls are excited to perform their Trouble Tones routing, Lady Gaga's "Tonight." Afterward Rachel approaches the stage for her solo and sings Celine Dion's "It’s all Coming Back To Me." She hugs Finn as the house goes nuts. Thibodeaux is there. Then all the kids run on stage to sing "Paradise" and the crowd goes wild again.

    Mercedes and Kurt see Unique backstage but he can't take the pressure. All he wants to do is sing and he now has to represent every kid who is different. They tells him to break a heel and leave.

    The kids are in the audience to watch the performances and Vocal Adrenaline is up, with Unique singing Nicki Minaj's "Starships" and then The Who's "Pinball Wizard" to a standing ovation.

    The judges are deliberating backstage while Perez keeps blogging about Lindsay. They agree they all love show choir and need to pick a winner. Lee likes Starlight Express, as well as New Directions. Lindsey thinks they were likable and everyone likes a comeback. Perez is for Vocal Adrenaline, and loves Unique. Lee is torn about who to vote for.

    Jesse approaches Thibodeaux and reminds her about his audition for NYADA a few years ago. He heard she came to see Rachel and he tells her she is the most talented person she knows and would make an excellent addition to NYADA. He goes to leave but she stops him and remembers what he sang, "Giants in the Sky." She remembers his performance, and that his passion and vocal range were admirable and wishes him luck.

    The awards are presented on stage and Unique won the MVP award, not Rachel. They announce the winner - It is New Directions! Everyone goes nuts.

    The glee kids bring the award to school and are showered with confetti instead of slushees. They are finally heroes and they admire the trophy in the choir room. Principal Figgins calls Rachel and Finn into his office and gives them official school bumper stickers and pom poms. And while he does not approve of marrying so young, he gives them $5 anyway. He then requests New Directions to sing at an event, but it is secret.

    Emma tells Will she is ready to have sex and they do. The next day he tells her it was well worth the wait and tells her he is so grateful to have her by his side. Sue gets them for the Teacher of the Year awards. He tells Sue she deserves to win. Figgins approached the podium and asks Finn to announce the winner and it is Will. Finn tells Will he made him realize everything he was missing. He teaches his students how to dream and there is nothing more important than that. Rachel speaks and tells him she will carry him every step of the way to New York. Then they all sing Queen's "We Are the Champions."

    Hollie's Take:

    Tonight's double header was some of the most fun we have had all season with the kids from McKinley High. Sure, it makes absolutely no sense that Quinn was in a wheelchair last week and dancing around this week, but that doesn't make us any less glad to see her doing it! Plus, seeing all of the kids swap characters even if only for a few minutes was pure entertainment.

    The guest judges added a bit of comedy as well and it is nice to see this threesome was not afraid to poke some fun at themselves. And, finally, the kids won. It was heartwarming after all these years of defeats and sets up the finale next week just right. We may have been a little tired of the show choir kids lately, but tonight they reminded us exactly why we are going to miss them when they graduate.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by teenangel89 at Wednesday, May 16 2012 09:15 AM

    the name of the lady gaga song featured in this episode is not tonight its the edge of glory

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