Glee Recap: Puppet Master.

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Blaine struggles with being bossy, Jake wants another shot with Marley, and the secret of Sue’s tracksuit is revealed.

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In the choir room, Blaine covers for Will and calls order. He wants the theme this week to be simple to showcase their voices. They all gang up on him for pushing his ideas on them, so he refuses to share.

In New York, Pamela Lansbury have a meeting about the first gig Kurt has booked for them at Callbacks, a piano bar in Greenwich Village. Elliott and Santana want to hold out for a better launch at the right venue. Kurt thinks Callbacks is just right. He imagines them covering Madonna’s "Into The Groove." Later, he takes a call from Blaine who complains about New Directions dissing his idea. Kurt encourages Blaine to give everyone an equal vote so they don’t consider him a puppet master. He then invites Blaine to the band’s gig and he agrees.

Sue and Janitor Figgins face off in the halls of McKinley. The school is being evaluated today and she rubs it in his face how well she has done since taking over his job. Later in her office Sue aces her interview. She guarantees she will make the school the top in the state in one year. One asks her to for a beer, but has mistaken her for a guy.


Sue meets with Becky in her office and admits she is bummed about being mistaken for a boy. She flashes back to 1986 at McKinley. She was the new cheerleading coach, had long hair and wore a skirt. She didn’t earn any respect but when she cut her hair and got her track suit, people bowed before her.

Blaine unloads his problems on Brad the piano player in the choir room. He vows to sit in the back of the room and shut up from now on. He falls asleep and dreams everyone is puppets. They all want him to sing and he does, Queen’s "You’re My Best Friend."


Jake works with the Cheerios on their choreography in the dance room and later, Bree is upset when she realizes he has been with many of the girls. After practice, Jake runs into Blaine in the halls who tells him something crazy is going on in the choir room and suggests he sit in the back and see for himself.

Jake goes to the choir room and sits where Blaine told him to. After picking a fight with New Directions about their bad choreography skills, he falls asleep and sings a mashup of Janet Jackson’s "Nasty" and "Rhythm Nation" with Marley and Bree. Later, Jake is woken up by Figgins, disoriented.


In arts and crafts class, Blaine asks if he could make a puppet of his fiancé and his teacher grants his request. Later, Blaine has a conversation with Puppet Kurt in the hall until he has to help Sue, who has fallen while wearing high heels. She takes his puppet away.

Sue barges in on Will in the choir room and admits she has a crush on Superintendent Bob – who she just found out thinks she is a boy. Will tells her about Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, and how she did everything he did, but backwards. He offers to help Sue, but she refuses. After he leaves she has a black-and-white fantasy of dancing with Will as they sing "Cheek To Cheek." Later, Becky wakes her up.


Bree confronts Jake in the hallway and tells him she is pregnant with his baby. All she wants is for him to come to the doctor with her – no parents.

Sue catches Blaine stealing his puppet back from her office and reports him to detention for the rest of the week – which means he will miss Kurt’s show. He calls Kurt, who is upset.

Sue calls Unique into her office and asks for a makeover.

Blaine joins Jake and Becky in detention. Blaine imagines Becky and Jake as puppets and worries it is a sign of his inability to connect to people.

In the hall, Bree tells Jake she got her period and isn’t pregnant. But she warns him if he doesn’t change he could end up with seven kids with seven moms. He’s toxic and she warns him to stay away from her.

A dressed up Sue leads the superintendents through McKinley for the evaluation. It turns out everyone had been hallucinating because of a gas leak, and despite Figgins trying to nail Sue about it, she was named principal on a permanent basis. Sue asks Bob out on a date, but he turns her down.

Tina catches Blaine with a Tina puppet in the auditorium, and despite being creeped out, tells him they all feel bad. They want him to pick a song that he likes for them to perform.


Jake catches up with Marley in the halls and tells her how much he missed her. He doesn’t want to be a jerk anymore, and she is the only person who can make him better. She doesn’t feel the same about him anymore, and he is crushed.

In New York Kurt comes into the loft with big news – they booked a hot venue in Brooklyn for their second gig. He thanks them for sticking by him. He gets a package from Blaine – who has sent puppets for each of them.

Back in the McKinley choir room Blaine presents everyone with their puppet counterparts as thanks for putting up with him. They perform Ylvis’ "The Fox."


In New York, Pamela Lansbury and their puppets also perform "The Fox."

Hollie’s thoughts:
Not sure if it gets any better than watching Pamela Lansbury – especially Adam Lambert – while grabbing leftovers during the commercials. And the fact that there was no theme tonight meant we could be surprised and delighted by a variety of music. I have to admit, the puppets were a little weird, but heck, its Thanksgiving!

This episode was pure fun, although at first it made me mad when it seemed they were taking baby Puckerman down the same route as his big bro, but after his confrontation with Bree in the hall it all made sense - kids need to be reminded constantly that pregnancy is a very real possibility when you have sex, bottom line. Hammering that fact home is okay with me.

Other than that, how did they have a Queen song in this episode and it wasn't performed by Adam Lambert? And where is Dani? She has input on the gigs, but was missing during their song, so some consistency would be nice.

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- Hollie Deese

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