Glee Recap: Movin’ Out.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Artie helps Becky choose a college, Ryder asks Marley out, and sparks fly between Rachel and Sam.

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At a career fair at McKinley, Will doesn’t see anything representing a career in the arts. Sue scoffs. The best they could achieve is coaching glee club at a high school anyway. In the choir room, Will instructs the kids to keep working hard and they can succeed like a kid named Billy Joel. Some of the kids have never heard of him and Will fills them in on Joel’s hardscrabble rise to fame. Blaine is heading to New York for his NYADA audition while Sam is interviewing at Hunter College, who are interested in his theater skills. Since they will miss the week’s lesson, Sam and Blaine kick it off with "Movin’ Out," singing their way out of the school and all the way to Santana, Kurt, and Rachel’s place in New York.

Back at McKinley, Artie asks Becky what she is doing after graduation. He learned a lot about handicapable programs and offers to help her research colleges. Sue overhears and wheels Artie away. She reminds him that Becky is her secretary and advises him to butt out.

At her locker, Marley trashes roses from Jake. He apologizes and wants to make it up to her. She knew who Jake was when they got involved and she concedes it was wrong of her to try and change him. He promises he isn’t that guy anymore but she doesn’t believe him.

At the Spotlight Diner, Blaine and Sam fill Kurt, Santana, and Rachel in on their sight-seeing. Blaine has visited Columbia and others to lock in some safety schools, but Kurt is sure he will get into NYADA. He introduces Blaine to the stage and he sings "Piano Man." The entire diner gets into it.


Artie finds Becky at McKinley and lets her know she can do whatever she wants in college, even cheerleading. She throws the pamphlets in his face and tells him to leave her alone.

In the locker room, Ryder lays into Jake for screwing up such a great thing with Marley. Jake wants him and everyone else to get used to the real Jake Puckerman. He sings "My Life" as he flirts with tons of girls.

In New York, Sam blows his Hunter College interview. Back at the loft, he confides in Rachel that he doesn’t want to go to college. He really wants to be a male model. She welcomes him to New York, the city where dreams come true. She is going to get a photo shoot ready at the studio for his head shots.

At McKinley, Artie sings "Honesty" to Becky. He thinks she wants to go to college but she is scared. She admits she doesn’t want to be made fun of again, and he assures her he will have her back. They hug.


In the school kitchen, Marley confides in her mother about Jake. She misses him but is glad she didn’t sleep with him. Her mom wants her to hold out for a good guy, someone who loves her.

Sam rocks his photo shoot in the loft. Rachel rubs oil on his chest and some sparks seem to fly.

Sue calls Artie into her office and threatens him over meddling in Becky’s affairs. He doesn’t think Sue is ready to let her go. He is taking Becky to a college at Cincinnati over the weekend and Sue demands a full report when he returns.

Ryder runs up to Marley in the hall and asks her out. He promises he is a good man and would never hurt her. She offers to think about it. After he sings "An Innocent Man" to her in the choir room, he asks her out again and Marley says yes. Jake stomps out.

Kurt instructs Blaine on his audition at the loft and Blaine admits he doesn’t want to go to NYADA. He can only study the arts there and he has other passions. Kurt knows Blaine and can tell he is scared. He’ll get in and if he doesn’t, it won’t matter because Blaine is a performer. They hug.

Becky has a great time on her college tour and connects with the class right away.

At the modeling House of Bichette, Bichette looks over Sam’s portfolio and breaks down how hard male modeling is. He is one of thousands of beautiful boys and needs to lose 10 pounds before his first shoot.

At the loft, Blaine, Kurt, Santana, and Rachel encourage Sam to find another agency instead if dieting and they all sing "Just the Way You Are." More sparks sizzle between Rachel and Sam.

At McKinley, Becky tells Sue how awesome her visit was and hopes she isn’t sad. Sue is more proud than sad and offers to help Becky with her application. By the lockers, Ryder tells Marley what a great time he had on their date and asks her out again. She warns Ryder that she still needs some time. Meanwhile, Becky and Sue set up a new arts job table at the career fair as Sam and Blaine return. Blaine crushed his NYADA audition, and just like Billy Joel, Sam is skipping college. He is going to model instead. Sue is amazed at how unrealistic they all are and New Directions and Will sing "You May Be Right."

Hollie’s thoughts:
One of my biggest complaints about "Glee" is that it seems they let the theme of the week dictate storyline instead of the other way around. But maybe without the themes the storylines would stall without any reason to move forward. I guess it’s a codependent relationship that works most of the time, and at least they are in on the joke. Regardless, it isn’t surprising if some of these kids really did have no idea who Billy Joel was, and they did him well anyway. Of course I can’t help but wonder what song Finn would have sung and imagine it would have been some kind if New York montage with Rachel and a duet of "Uptown Girl."

Anyway, didn’t Sam have a nurse girlfriend? I don’t mind sparks between him and Rachel, but new blood wouldn’t be bad either. At least we finally are going to get a little love for Ryder, who should have been Marley’s choice from the start. Tyra Banks was a fun cameo, but once again, the real star of the week was Lauren Potter as Becky. So good, and the only person who can humanize Sue in a second.

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- Hollie Deese

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