Glee Recap: The End Of Twerk.

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Sue campaigns against twerking, Marley finds out about Jake's relationship with Bree, and Rachel tries to talk Kurt into getting a tattoo with her.

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At McKinley, Blaine is mortified when Tina shares a video of his twerk fail. Mr. Schue promises a twerktorial for all in an effort to bring it to Nationals. Jack and Kitty head up the twerktorial while Sue looks on from the sound booth.

In New York, Rachel takes a chance with a new hairdo but when she shows up for rehearsal Rupert is upset that she cut her hair. She rehearses "You Are Woman, I Am Man" with Paolo. By the time the number is over, the director loves it and her hair.

Unique apologizes when Bree catches her going into the girl's room. Bree promises to keep it secret but that is when the great McKinley bathroom gender riot of 2013 begins. Bree starts using the boy's room to make out in. Before long, there's no distinguishing between the two restrooms as both sexes go wherever they want.

Rachel comes home and shocks Kurt with her haircut, and then takes a wig off. He thinks she should have been worried about losing her Broadway gig but she's all about taking chances now. Kurt wonders if it has something to do with Finn. They decide to go crazy and break open the bottle of Limoncello.


On WOHN News 8, Sue addresses the pandemic of twerking started by Miley Cyrus on Sue's Corner and plans to ban it from the school and from western Ohio. At McKinley, Will gives an impassioned plea in defense of twerking inspired by Robin Thicke and his song "Blurred Lines." Will, Artie, Jake, Kitty, and Bree sing and take the dance down the halls to the auditorium. After, Sue fires Will for singing a song about 'date rape' with nine minors twerking behind him.

Kurt and Rachel drink to rebellion in a tattoo pallor and consider surprising each other on their selection. The next morning he shows her a tat of 'It's get better' and she breaks the news that it's misspelled. Kurt feels worse when she confesses she backed out and doesn't have a tattoo.

Unique enters the boy's room and is confronted by the Titans who taunt her and rip off her wig. She sings "If I Were a Boy" by Beyonce to the glee club. Jake wants the names of the boys but Unique thinks it will make things worse.


Will addresses the board in the auditorium about Sue's ban on twerking. A member calls it 'dance porn' but Will introduces a history of dance that plays out on the stage in period dress. The glee club joins together at the end of the presentation and twerks. Will asks if the board wants to be on the right side of music history.

Sue lets Will know a unisex bathroom for Unique has been approved. He finds a purple port-o-potty with yellow question marks on it in his room. The kids discuss how offensive it is and want it removed. Tina comes out of it and tells them to get their priorities straight – it's convenient.

Kurt confronts the tattoo artist for messing up his tattoo and the guy produces Kurt's printout with a typo. He shares his own bad ink job with Kurt and conveys he has a sense of who Kurt is. He'll fix the tattoo and throw in a free tongue piercing. Kurt isn't sure but the artist warns if he steps back now he will never take another risk again.

In the hall, Bree offers to help Marley with her twerking like she helped Jake all night long after Marley told him not to touch her. Marley doesn't believe Jake's like that but Bree brags about knowing where he likes to be kissed. Marley goes to confront Jake and begs him to tell her there is no mole on his left hip. She runs off alone and sings "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus.


During rehearsal, Unique needs to use the magic bathroom. Will says she doesn't have to and escorts her out of the room. They discuss her willingness to find the places she belongs. Unique thanks him as Sue watches him unlock the faculty bathroom for her. Later, Will's called to Sue's office. She offers to give Unique his own key provided Will puts an end to the twerking. Will answers it with a 'Sue Sylvester style rebellion tantrum' as he leaves her office. She's disappointed when Becky joins him and knocks over a xylophone.

At the apartment, Rachel's getting tired of Kurt's silent treatment over the tattoo. He admits it's hard to talk since he pierced his tongue. She's shocked. He shows off his fixed tattoo, 'It's got Bette Midler'. Rachel loves it and he does too. She wonders about the piercing and he confesses needing to be shocked back to life, like her after Finn died. He leaves to cyber chat with Blaine. Alone, Rachel looks at her tattoo of 'Finn'.

Will enters rehearsal and erases the word 'twerk' from the whiteboard. They think he caved but Unique shares how he did it for her so she could use the bathroom in dignity. They all agree they are who they are and twerking wasn't for them to make Unique feel better. Will decides they should find a song that's old-school glee that embraces who they are. New Directions sings "On Our Way" by The Royal Concept.

In New York, Rachel watches Kurt show off his tattoo at work.

Violette's views:

It was only a matter of time before someone took on twerking and there never was a funnier commentary on the subject. Thank the powers that be that they honored Robin Thicke in the twerking hall of fame so to speak by performing "Blurred Lines." A touch of Barbra Streisand and Louis Armstrong was nice from "Funny Girl" as well. The message of acceptance and dignity was heartfelt with everyone rallying around Unique at McKinley. Meanwhile, in New York, the message of hope and taking chances sprung forward with Kurt and Rachel embracing who they are as well. It was a great show tonight with great songs and messages.

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- Violette DeSantis

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