Glee Recap: The Quarterback.

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

The New Directions and McKinley grieve the loss of Finn and Finn's parents wish they had more time.

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The glee club are wearing black in the auditorium singing "Seasons of Love" from Rent. There is a fade to a picture of Finn.

Kurt in New York reflects on Finn's memorial. It's been three weeks and he needs his friends. He thinks about everyone asking about his feelings, but there are no feelings. He's lost his friend, his brother. He slips a photo of Finn under his pillow so Rachel doesn't have to see it and adds that he said goodbye to her before leaving for Lima.

In the teacher's lounge, Emma, Will, Sue and Penny discuss Finn's memorial. Sue lashes out in anger over Finn's death as a coping mechanism and then jokes that they honor Finn by helping people move on. That's what Finn would have wanted.

In the choir room, Will thanks everyone for making it for Finn's memorial. The way they can remember Finn is by singing. He tells them they can wait until tomorrow to grieve. Mercedes gets up and says she can't wait until tomorrow. She thinks about Finn being their leader. She begins to sing "I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenders as Finn use to sing that to the sonogram photo when he thought Quinn's baby was his.

In her office, Sue talks with Kurt about the tree he planted in Finn's honor. Someone uprooted the tree. There is a flash to Puck tying it to his motorbike and dragging it to his room. She asks for the twenty bucks to replace it.


At Burt and Carole's in Finn's room, Kurt helps them pack up Finn's belongings. He finds Finn's football and talks about their shared love of the game. Kurt notices the lamp and how Kurt was made fun of for being gay. Carole says that Finn knew how Burt felt. Burt should have given him more hugs. He thinks about the last time he saw Finn who was upset about a test at school and that he told him to get back out there and that he was worth it. He cries that it was the perfect time for a hug, but he gave Finn a pat on the back. Kurt eyes Finn's jacket in a donation box. He doesn't want Carole to donate it. "Finn was like Superman when he wore it." Kurt tries it on. Carole cries that Finn is gone and it's like reliving it again and again. She weeps as Burt and Kurt console her.

In the McKinley parking lot as they watch some kids writing something special to Finn on the garbage bin where they used to get thrown into, Puck tells Kurt he wants Finn's jacket. Kurt says he can't have it. They argue and Puck yells, "I'm not going to let you bedazzle it with glitter and turn it into some 'Project Runway' shawl."

Inside the auditorium, Artie, Sam, Jake, Santana, Ryder and Marley are seated in a circle. Artie begins singing "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor. Sam joins him and the New Directions then start singing. Afterward, Santana stands up and walks out.


Santana notices the Finn memorial has been disturbed in the hallway at McKinley. She wants to know where it went. A Cheerio and the janitor says Sue told them to remove it. Santana leaves and heads to Sue's office.

In her office, Sue accuses Donna of farting. Santana enters and demands to know why Sue had them remove the Finn memorial. They need to get over it. They've had three weeks to grieve. They argue and Sue tells Santana to leave. Sue can't tell Santana what to do, she doesn't go to McKinley anymore. Sue demands that Santana leave. Santana pushes her and she falls. Santana gasps and exits.

Tina whines about having to wear black for three weeks straight in her office. Emma hands over some pamphlets on how not to make this all about her and she leaves as Will enters. She asks Will why he hasn't cried but he can't.

In the locker room, Puck tells Coach Beiste that if he starts crying he'll never stop. She tears up when Puck throws a locker over. They both start to cry as he sits down. "Who's going to be there now that Finn isn't around?" She reminds him that Finn's dead, he's got to be his own quarterback. Puck asks if they can retire Finn's number. Other McKinley students should know who Finn was. The coach says that he needs to put the tree back. He didn't do it. She knows he did, and he admits to taking it.

The New Directions talk about Finn back in the choir room. Santana sings "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry. The New Directions join in and Santana stops. She screams. Will gets up to comfort her and she runs off.

Kurt calls out to Santana in the auditorium about running off. She sang well. She brings up how kind and tender Finn was when they had sex. She says Finn was a much better person than she was. Kurt won't let her to be too hard on herself. Santana asks him to leave. He gets up and takes his jacket off, drapes it over her and leaves.

Back in the choir room, Puck sits with a guitar and starts to sing Bruce Springsteen's "No Surrender." The New Directions are seated and listen. Santana comes in and asks, "Where is it, Puckerman?" Puck assumes she's talking about the tree, but she wants Finn's jacket. He didn't take it. The bell rings and Kurt says he needs to give it back, it's now Santana's. Kurt leaves. Puck denies taking the jacket and Will understands if he did. They all want something to remember Finn by.

Santana interrupts a solemn Sue as she seated in her office. She apologizes for her behavior earlier. Sue stops her and says Santana was right. Finn was a good guy. She talks about how Finn would have made a good teacher and she looked forward to working with him. She chokes up and says Finn's death was pointless. "All that potential."


Rachel arrives at McKinley to see the memorial to Finn by his locker. The school bell rings and Rachel is in front of the glee club in the auditorium. She tears up that she doesn't know what to say. She sings Adele's cover of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love," saying that it was the first song she sang when she met Finn. Nearby, the glee club mourn and cry.

In the hallway, Santana hangs up posters offering a $10,000 reward for the return of Finn's jacket. Will says, "That's some reward." She says that it's only to lure whomever stole it so she can beat them. She wonders if she'll ever be able to come visit McKinley again, now that Finn's gone.

Outside on the field, Coach Beiste and Puck sit around the tree. Puck tells her that he's going to the army, but things would be different if Finn were still around. He starts to leave and tells her to keep watering the tree.

Will is in the auditorium when Rachel enters calling him Mr. Schue. He laughs. She wants to know how he's doing since he's been a rock for everyone else. He's trying to hang in there, he says. Rachel starts to cry thinking about Finn. She's been talking to him. How can she go on with her craft without him? She thanks Will and hands him a memorial. She hopes they can hang it in the choir room. They look at it and Will can't believe what's on it. He hangs up the picture of Finn.

At home, Will sighs as he sits down. He pulls out Finn's jacket and starts to cry as Emma enters. She can't believe he has the jacket and consoles him.

Kyle’s thoughts:
Wow, what a poignant tribute to Cory Montieth. I was surprised that Will had the jacket at the end, but knew that it wasn't Puck. There was an undeniable feeling that the cast was very close. It was heartbreaking to watch Lea Michele, who was dating Montieth at the time he died. Losing anyone you love is difficult and while time heals, the memories live on in our hearts. I liked that even though it was a tribute episode, they kept it as light-hearted as they could with Santana offering the fake $10,000 reward for the return of Finn's jacket and Sue being pushed into the plants in her office. The show is taking a three week hiatus and I definitely understand why. Very moving episode.

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- Kyle Jarmon

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