Glee Recap: Tina In The Sky With Diamonds.

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Santana meets a new girl, Tina is nominated for prom queen, and Sam develops a crush on the new school nurse.

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In the choir room Sam wonders if Blaine will take Kurt’s name or vice versa when they get married. Blaine is just excited that Kurt said yes. Sam isn’t too excited to be going to prom with Tina. Mr. Schue calls the kids together to introduce them to The Beatles’ later years. They risked everything to explore new musical worlds. Sue comes over the intercom to announce the nominations for prom king, including Blaine and Artie. Kitty and a bunch of Cheerios are nominated for queen – and so is Tina. Sam is honored to be going with Tina but she ditches him. She is going with some single girls to get the wallflower vote. She asks for everyone’s votes and they agree, even Kitty. Tina starts to sing "Revolution" but they all leave with the bell.

At work in the restaurant, Rachel worries again that she didn’t get the part at work with Santana. Santana reluctantly tells her she booked a commercial for yeast infection cream. Rachel pretends she isn’t jealous.

Bree confronts Kitty in the hall back at McKinley about supporting Tina. A cheerio hasn’t been prom queen in years and orders Kitty to not campaign for Tina or she will make sure she is never nominated again.

In the choir room Sam complains about prom with Mr. Schue. Sue enters and tells them she is instituting mandatory vaccinations. Mr. Schue objects and Sue reminds him she is the boss and what she says goes. Shots, or he’s fired.

Kurt finds Rachel at NYADA and tells her she has lost her mojo obsessing about the part. He starts singing "Get Back" and she joins in.

Sam is nervous for his vaccine. Nurse Penny is frazzled in her office and since he doesn't trust her, he runs off.


The Cheerios papered the halls with pro-Kitty posters. Tina accuses Kitty of pretending to support her run for queen. Kitty denies it, and then Artie gives her grief for taking away Tina’s big chance. Kitty is frustrated no one believes her and pulls some posters down.

In New York Santana gets nervous flirting with the new waitress at work, Dani. She tells Rachel it is because she has never been with a lesbian, only bisexuals.


In the choir room Blaine and Artie encourage Sam to go for it with Nurse Penny. Sam worries about his personality turning her off. They tell him to embrace the Beatles and charge forth fearlessly. Sam sings "Something" to nurse Penny. Later, he catches her packing up her desk because Sue fired her. He offers to let her give him the vaccine to convince Sue to let her stay. After, he runs to Sue’s office to beg for Penny's job, and she agrees.

Bree approaches Tina’s friend Dotty as she campaigns for Tina in the halls and lets her in on her plan with the temptation of making her a Cheerio.


Rachel goes over all the roles she is auditioning for at work with Santana in New York before leaving her alone with Dani. They watch the sunrise and sing "Here Comes The Sun." Santana walks Dani home and they share a quick kiss.


At prom Ryder, Marley, Jake, and Unique perform "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band." Tina arrives and tries to rally votes. Penny finds Sam – she knows he saved her job. He asks her to dance and she is reluctant, but he leads her out anyway. Bree checks with Dotty to make sure everything is set. Dotty tries to back out but Bree won’t have it. There is a bucket set up over the stage like "Carrie" while Sue announces the winners. King is Stoner Bret and Tina is queen. Tina basks in the applause and gets her crown and flowers. Bree nods to Dotty. Kitty sees what is going on tries to stop it, but the bucket coats Tina with red gunk. Then, the bucket hits Stoner Bret and knocks him out. The crowd laughs.

New Directions find Tina backstage. She wants to go home but Blaine convinces her to stay. She starts to clean up as Blaine begins "Hey Jude." Everyone joins in as the girls fix Tina up and put her in Kitty’s dress. She returns to the stage and accepts her crown to much applause.


Coach Roz hauls Bree into Sue’s office for punishment, despite how hilarious the stunt was. Sue promotes Bree to captain of the Cheerios instead. She wants Bree to go after the glee kids. Sue wants them to win Nationals, but knows they need an enemy to do it.

At work Santana complains about getting paid in Yeast-A-Stat. Kurt arrives and the three of them make a pact to stay in New York for two years, succeed or fail, before they bail. The casting director for "Funny Face" comes in and tells Rachel she got the role of Fanny Brice. She freaks out and the whole restaurant applauds. Rachel, Santana and Kurt sing "Let It Be" while Tina, Artie and New Directions sing it back at McKinley.

Hollie’s thoughts:
I have not exactly been on the Tina train lately, so I wasn’t too jazzed going into tonight’s episode. Her attitude didn’t help change my opinion either. However, even I felt so sorry for her after the prom stunt organized by Bree – who I think was brought on board to take the mean girl spotlight off of Kitty. And really, who doesn’t love a good homage to "Carrie" anyway? Let's hope Tina has got the depressed diva out of her system for good.

Sam’s romance with the nurse was super cute and sweet, but will she be around next week? It’s hard to get too involved in most of the relationships at McKinley because chances are we might not ever see Penny again. Same with Demi Lovato's Dani. And where was Will during prom anyway? He lives for chaperoning events like that!

I also just noticed tonight that Peter Facinelli is the casting director. Hopefully we will get to see more of him as Rachel begins her Broadway journey. But first, next week is the big tribute to Finn and actor Cory Monteith. The promo made me tear up, so next week it should be full-on waterworks.

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- Hollie Deese

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