Glee Recap: Love, Love, Love.

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Blaine plans a proposal for Kurt, Rachel fights for her "Funny Girl" role, and Kitty and Artie keep their relationship under wraps.

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Rachel does a chemistry reading for "Funny Girl" at a Broadway theater and it doesn’t go well. She overhears them say she’s good, but maybe too green. Rachel dejectedly walks the streets of New York on her way home and sings "Yesterday."

At McKinley, Mr. Schue tells New Directions this week is all about the early years of the Beatles. They were a band that changed the world and he urges the kids to push themselves to new levels. Artie carries Kitty out on his chair. He wants to thank her for her helping his mom let him go by taking her to Breadstixx. She hates Breadstixx so they settle on the carnival instead.

Together Artie and Kitty sing "Drive My Car" with the New Direction guys while they have fun at the carnival. The Cheerios, headed up by new mean girl Bree, gives them a hard time. Kitty tells them they are just friends. After they leave she assures Artie they're more, but wants to keep it secret.


Rachel and Santana get off the city bus as they rush into Santana’s work where Rachel is starting her job as a waitress.

Blaine and Kurt discuss their relationship on the steps outside the school. Blaine insists he will never, ever cheat again. He begs Kurt to give him another chance and Kurt agrees. Blaine was hoping he would agree and has prepared something. Kurt cuts him off – he has prepared something too. Together they sing "Got To Get You Into My Life" with the marching band.

Sue returns to McKinley - as interim principal. She had framed Figgins for gambling, porn, polygamy, fracking and communism. She is hoping it becomes a permanent situation and goes to her office while Figgins, now janitor, yells at her. Later, Artie and Kitty sing "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" as they keep their growing relationship secret from everyone.

Blaine announces to New Directions in the choir room that he is going to propose to Kurt. He wants their help – and the help of all of their competitors. He wants this proposal to be a cultural statement. If a bunch of cutthroat choirs can unite, anything is possible. He sings "Help!" assisted by New Directions, then later Vocal Adrenaline and the Dalton Academy Warblers. Everyone is on board to help Blaine with his proposal.

Tina confronts Artie in the hall about his secret relationship with Kitty and he admits it. She is upset but he tells her to butt out.

At the restaurant, Rachel is excited about the text she gets from Blaine until Santana points out the theater guys she auditioned for sitting in her section. Rachel confronts them about what they said and they tell her to look around. Everyone wants to be a star. And maybe she is, but not yet. Rachel wants to prove it to them that she is a star. She breaks into "Hard Day's Night" with Santana and the other waitresses. The crowd loves it. After, they run home. She and Santana have something special to do.

At McKinley, Roz worries that Sue is after her and runs through a number of transgressions with Mr. Schue that she could get busted for. Sue calls them into her office and tells them she needs the teams of McKinley to win their national championships or they will both lose their jobs.

In the choir room Tina assures Artie that what she is about to do is for his own good. She announces to everyone that Artie and Kitty are dating, but Kitty wants to hide it. Kitty admits it. But she didn’t keep it secret because she was ashamed. She wanted to be sure she really liked him. She apologizes and Artie accepts. They kiss in front of everyone. Tina looks mad. Later, Blaine rallies Sam, Ryder and Jake to cheer up Tina.

Sue finds Figgins scraping gum off the hall floor and taunts him. He begs Sue to at least be nice to his secretary but she refuses. She then knocks over a bucket of rancid meat.

The New Directions boys sing "I Saw Her Standing There" to Tina in the auditorium while wearing skinny mod suits. They offer Tina her choice of any of them to take to prom. She picks Sam because he is the least gay and least Asian.

Kurt’s dad pretends to drive him to the airport but Kurt already knows about the proposal. Kurt is nervous. He loves Blaine but thinks they may be too young. His dad tells him how young he and his mom were when they got married. It’s hard, but he’s glad he didn’t wait. He tells Kurt to relax and hear what Blaine has to say. Horns sound out and Blaine begins to sing "All You Need Is Love," backed by New Directions, Vocal Adrenaline, the Warblers, Rachel, Mercedes, Santana, and the Haverbrook School for the Deaf. After the routine, Blaine tells Kurt how lucky he is to have found him so soon in this life. He wants to spend the rest of it loving him. Blaine pulls out the ring and Kurt says yes.

Hollie’s thoughts:
There were a lot of high expectations going into tonight’s season five premiere episode. We're a year in with the new cast, so the newness has worn off, but with the exception of Kitty, they were pretty much unused this first episode back anyway. And with so many other things going on, that’s fine. We’re just beginning the season so no need to jump all in anyway. But when did Tina become so unlikeable? The whole thing with her attitude seems a little forced. Of course, it was all about Kurt and Blaine this episode anyway. Does anyone do an over-the-top proposal like Glee? Normally I’m not for young engagements, but these two work. Other than that, here's hoping Rachel has done enough to get her Broadway role. I'm ready to see the veterans take some major next steps in their lives and careers.

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- Hollie Deese

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