Glee Recap: All Or Nothing.

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

New Directions compete at Regionals, Rachel gets closer to her dream, and the father of Sue’s baby is revealed.

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Brittany meets with two professors at MIT, who tell her she lacks a basic understanding of simple math. But the numbers that she scribbled on the back of her test is now known as the Brittany Code, an incredible breakthrough. She may be the most brilliant mind since Einstein and they have an interesting proposition for her.

In the choir room, Ryder texts with Katie who has yet to reveal herself. Will comes in with news that Indianapolis can’t host Regionals so it will be at McKinley. The Hoosierdaddies are their steepest completion but this is their moment to triumph. He wants them to take a moment to send positive energy to Rachel during her final call back for "Funny Girl."

In New York Rachel auditions with Celine Dion’s "To Love You More." The room is silent when she finishes and they thank her.

At McKinley, Blaine asks Sam for advice about proposing to Kurt, but Sam thinks it’s a bad idea. Blaine is not deterred and even hopes Sam will be his best man.

In the choir room Joe and Sugar return while Will goes over their playlist to fit the theme "All or Nothing." Brittany takes over and wants to sing all the songs herself. Sam tells her she is out of line so she breaks up with him via text. She tells Will she is living his lesson – All or Nothing. She then quits Cheerios. Back in the choir room Ryder threatens not to perform at Regionals until catfish reveals themselves. He demands they all pull out their phones. Marley finally tells all of them it is her. Jake defends her and Ryder walks out.


Tina helps Blaine pick out a ring for Kurt and the saleslady, Jan, is incredibly helpful. She reveals she met her partner at a Styx concert and offers to help guide Blaine and Kurt so they can see what is possible when two people love each other. Sam arrives to help Blaine.

Sue returns to McKinley to help Will talk to Brittany but she will only chat on Fondue for Two. She asks Will about his upcoming wedding and he confirms it is happening. Brittany then tells Sue she knows her baby’s father is Michael Bolton and she has proof. Sue finally admits it. She and Michael Bolton did it all night, every which way. And it was good.


Kurt and Blaine have dinner with Jan and her partner at Breadstixx. They have seen it all side-by-side. Kurt is inspired by their story, but tells them he and Blaine are not a couple. Suddenly, Jan asks her partner to marry her and she accepts.


At School, Ryder tries to blow off Marley when she asks him to reconsider performing at Regionals. He demands to know why she did it. Suddenly, Unique steps out and tells Ryder it was him as the catfish. Marley has been covering for him. Unique didn’t do it to hurt Ryder and doesn’t want to lose what they have. Ryder tells Unique they don’t have anything.

Santana appears on Fondue For Two with Brittany, but she just wants to talk and turns off the camera. She asks Brittany what is going on with her and Brittany tells her to prepare herself for what she is about to hear.


Emma, Will and Santana sit in the audience at Regionals as the judges are introduced. The first group is up, an all-male group who sing "Rainbow Connection" while Ryder joins New Directions backstage. He announces he is leaving Glee after Regionals. Meanwhile, the Hoosierdaddies led by Frida hit the stage and begin with "Clarity" by Zedd featuring Foxes, then sing Little Mix’s "Wings." They kill it. Brittany joins New Directions backstage and tells everyone that she was offered early admission to MIT and that is why she had her meltdown. Artie, Mercedes and Mike are there too and she says a special good bye to everyone, especially Sam. She hugs him through tears, and then hugs Santana goodbye.


On stage New Directions perform "Hall Of Fame" by The Script featuring Then they sing Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX’s "I Love It." They finish with the original song "All Or Nothing." Kurt cries in the audience. Later, New Directions wins first place!

New Directions bring their trophy to the choir room and get pumped for Nationals. Emma arrives with a priest and surprises the kids with an impromptu wedding with Will. They exchange heartfelt vows and finally, rings. Blaine holds a ring box in his palm.

Hollie’s thoughts:
I had been wondering what happened to Sugar and Joe about halfway through this season, so I was glad they made it back for the finale even if there was no explanation for the extended leave. Wow – Ryder’s acting in the choir room when he demanded to see everyone’s phone was totally intense. But have we seen out last ever Fondue for Two? Brittany’s goodbye speech was very heartfelt and sweet and hammered home that one of the biggest reasons we love "Glee" – other than the songs – is watching these kids grow in confidence. It is unclear if and when we will see the veterans like Brittany, Mercedes and Mike again, but since we know Glee is returning for at least two more years, resolutions are only a television season away. Thank goodness because we don’t know if Rachel got her dream role or if Blaine got his dream guy. Oh, and nice cameos by Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter.

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- Hollie Deese

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