Glee Recap: Wonder-ful.

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Kurt’s father gets a health update, Mercedes and Mike return, and Artie gets big school news.

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Rachel calls Will from her apartment to tell him it is down to her and two other girls for the role of Fanny. She sang Journey at the audition and the emotions made her performance incredible. She thanks him and he tears up a bit. He is so proud of her, no matter what happens. She thanks him in advance in case she wins a Tony.

In the choir room Will tells New Directions about Rachel’s news. Not only that, Brittany was accepted at MIT, and Emma accepted his re-proposal. In honor of all that, it’s Wonder-ful week of Stevie Wonder songs.

Kitty catches up with Artie in the halls and asks why he is so depressed. She guesses it's because he can’t have her. He admits he was accepted to the Brooklyn Film Academy, but he isn’t going and doesn’t want to talk about it.

In his apartment Kurt packs to go home to be with his father for his cancer check-up appointment. He is scared of losing his dad and has picked up some OCD tendencies.

Back at McKinley Kurt, Mercedes and Mike Chang are all back in the choir room where Kitty sings "Signed Sealed Delivered (I’m Yours)" to Artie, then announces to everyone that Artie got into film school. Mercedes wasn’t impressed with her performance and is back to coach vocals while filming her music video. Later, Artie tells Kitty his mom is freaking out because New York is not wheelchair friendly. She thinks he would be amazing at film school and encourages him to think about it.

At the coffee house Blaine and Kurt join Mercedes and Mike as she talks about her music video. Blaine stares at Kurt stacking sugar packets, concerned. Kurt finally snaps, stressed about his dad. They all hold hands and he and Blaine share a look.

At NYADA, Cassandra’s minions psyche Rachel out about her competition for Fanny, then warn her that she needs a teacher to sign off on any outside theater work. They run back to Cassandra and tell her Rachel is definitely up for Fanny.

In the auditorium Mercedes instructs the kids that their fear is what is holding them back. She pulls Marley next to her and helps her with her breath control. Mercedes leads them all in a funky "Superstition." After, Mercedes and Mike pull Jake aside, impressed with his moves and sound. They encourage him to let his light shine. He is a superstar and she wants him in her video.

At the doctor, Carol, Kurt and his father Burt are nervous waiting for the results and they snap at each other. The doctor comes in and tells them the tumor is gone and Burt is in remission. They all celebrate, relieved. Burt wasn’t ready to leave them.

Burt joins New Directions in the choir room where Kurt sings "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" to him.

Cassandra approaches Rachel in her rehearsal room and cuts psyches her out about her audition. Plus, her midterm is on the same day. Cassandra will let Rachel go to her audition – but she is going to be there too. And she's bringing her good friend Barbara Streisand and her husband James Brolin. In the meantime, Rachel’s midterm is tomorrow morning, the most difficult ballet in history.

In the choir room Jake and Mike perform "I Wish." Later, Mike wonders where Mercedes is. They find her in the auditorium fighting with her producer on the phone. They got along well in the studio, then he pushed her to be too sexy for the photo shoot. Now Mercedes' CD is off the release schedule until there is another shoot with more skin. Or, they will just use another person. They want her voice, not her. Upset, she leaves to talk to her mom.

At home, Artie finds his mom talking to Kitty. His mom never knew about the school and isn’t afraid to let him go. After Kitty leaves, Artie tells his mom he is afraid to go because she has always done everything for him. And, he doesn’t want to leave her alone. She encourages him to leave and make movies – that’s all she has wanted for him.

At NYADA, Cassandra hopes Rachel will at least make her laugh at her midterm. Inside, she has gathered everyone inside and Rachel is nervous – until Cassandra announces they are there to celebrate her big Broadway callback! Cassandra sings "Uptight (Everything’s Alright)."

In the choir room Mercedes tells everyone that she decided after talking to her family and friends that she would only release the album on her terms. She doesn’t have a deal anymore, buts she does have a record and she was true to herself. And she did it taking the "Higher Ground," which she enthusiastically performs.


Blaine meets Burt in the auditorium and gives him a rainbow pin so he can show his support of gay marriage at work. Blaine then asks Burt for his permission to ask Kurt to marry him. He is his soul mate. Burt thinks they are too young and asks Blaine to sit down. He tells them how big of a deal marriage is. If they have a big love like they do, everything will work out. Blaine just needs to stop worrying.

Mercedes wraps up her lessons in the choir room and Artie invites everyone to the auditorium for a performance.

At NYADA, Rachel has bought Debbie Allen’s cane from "Fame," the movie, to thank Cassandra for everything she has done this year. She made her a better dancer. Cassandra saw something in Rachel the first day and that is why she was so relentless. She hugs Rachel – she knows she is going to get the part.

In the halls Blaine asks Kurt if he would stay in town for Regionals. Kurt happily agrees.

Artie sings "For Once in My Life" in the auditorium.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Yay, Kurt’s dad was back, and healthy, which was just incredible to see. Also much welcomed was Cassandra and her totally over-the-top torture of Rachel. She can cut someone to shreds better than just about anyone, and looks incredible doing it. Katey Sagal as Artie’s mom was cool too. Overall, great episode, and we even got some Mike Chang and Mercedes to boot. Brittany at MIT? Could be a great spinoff.

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- Hollie Deese

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