Glee Recap: Lights Out.

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Rachel, Kurt and Santana go to the ballet, Ryder reveals a secret, and Becky asks Sue to come back to McKinley.

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At McKinley, Ryder still can’t get the girl he has been texting to meet him. He sees that Kitty is also texting and snatches at her phone but she insists she is not the girl. Inside the choir room Will has news about their competition, the Hoosier Daddies. Their star singer, a small sophomore named Frida, has a huge voice , so he proposes stadium songs. Suddenly, the lights go out. Will is bummed, but switches it to unplugged week. Later, Jake encourages Ryder to let this girl go, but he can’t.

Rachel and Kurt sit Santana down in their apartment and tell her they think she is throwing her talent away as a bouncer at a beer garden. Santana clarifies – she’s a cage dancer. Santana is just trying to figure out her dream and wants a little time to do that. Kurt suggests she take a dance class at NYADA in the meantime, but she refuses.

Back at McKinley, Sam sings the song he was conceived to, "You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’" by The Righteous Brothers. Ryder joins in. Later, Artie can’t get into being unplugged and Sam calls all of them out for texting while they were singing. He thinks it’s lame they can’t unplug.

At work, Isabelle asks Kurt about his dad’s health and he tells her he is well. He was worried she was going to fire him because of all the time he is devoting to NYADA. She appreciates quality over quantity and needs his help at the New York City Ballet gala.

In her new office, Sue writes in her journal about how great life is dishing out abuse as a personal trainer. Later, Blaine takes her class and she makes a few of the women cry. He is worried about Coach Roz and how the students are still affected by the shooting. Blaine wants Sue to set the record straight about what really happened at school.

At home, Kurt tells Rachel and Santana about their invite to the ballet gala. Rachel is ecstatic. She and Kurt share happy ballet memories. Santana acts uninterested until Kurt tells her she gets to keep the gown.

Back at school Ryder dedicates REM’s "Everybody’ Hurts" to all of them for the proverbial Slushees they have taken over the years. Afterward, he tells them something difficult. He was molested when he was 11 by his babysitter. It messed him up and he has trouble trusting girls. Will wants to report it, but Sam and all the guys think it’s cool. Ryder walks off as the guys give him props.

Kitty invites Ryder to dinner at Breadstixx. Puck dumped her when he went off to a college he doesn’t attend. She tells Ryder she was molested too, by a friend’s brother at a sleepover in sixth grade. She was afraid to tell her parents for a while. She got lots of backlash when she finally did and had to switch schools. He takes her hand and thanks her.

In the auditorium the kids perform Queen’s "We Will Rock You" backed by homemade acoustic instruments.

Becky meets Sue in the bleachers to watch the Cheerios. She begs Sue to come back. She misses her so bad it hurts. Sue misses Becky too, but as a trainer she finally gets the respect she deserves. She can’t go back to babysitting brats. She sings "Little Girls" from the movie "Annie" but it’s clear she misses her old job.

At the gala Isabelle invites them Rachel, Santana and Kurt to watch the ballet from the wings. Santana finally admits to Isabelle she took ballet as a child for just a bit and felt like she was part of something beautiful. During the performance she sings "At The Ballet" from "A Chorus Line" and is soon joined by Rachel, Isabelle, and Kurt. Later, Santana admits she doesn’t know what she wants to do. Isabelle tells her she has time to figure it out as long as it is something she loves.

Coach Roz complains about Becky to Figgins and leaves her with him in his office. Becky admits to Figgins she just wanted to talk to him. She has something to admit.

The power is restored at school and Figgins thanks them all for not resorting to idol worship and cannibalism. In the auditorium Will wants them to sing one last song, just their voices. So they need to make it count.


In the library Ryder IM’s with Katie and tells her whatever they are doing is working for him. He is opening up. She tells him it is working for her too. She will ping him back in a minute. Kitty comes up and asks Ryder to go to Subway with her, but he turns her down so he can talk to Katie. Kitty can’t believe he is turning down something real for something fake. She stomps off and Katie instantly IM's him back.

Santana arrives at the NYADA extension dance class with an attitude, but soon lets her guard down and admits she is there to get reintroduced with the artist inside her. As she dances she can see the little girl she used to be.

New Directions sing Billy Joel’s "Longest Time" in the auditorium.

Hollie’s thoughts:
First of all, where was Brittany this episode? Maybe she was off visiting colleges or something. No mention, nothing. Other than that, "Glee" has never shied away from hard storylines and child molestation is about as rough as it gets. I am always shocked when the kids act a certain way, like the guys thinking it was totally cool that a teenager molested a child. Kind of an off reaction, especially the first bumping. And this week it was especially harsh considering they never really found any remorse in the end. It was nice to get the brief yet thorough update on Kurt’s dad and the end of Puck and Kitty’s relationship – "Glee" excels at the instant recap through dialogue.

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- Hollie Deese

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