Glee Recap: Sweet Dreams.

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Finn and Puck party, Rachel auditions for her dream role, and Marley presents her songs to the group.

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At his new college, Finn admits he was scared but now wishes he came sooner. The Harlem Shake busts out everywhere he goes on campus. He gives in to the party and later finds that Puck is his new roommate. But Puck isn’t there to learn, just to party. They celebrate.

In her apartment Rachel visualizes getting the role of Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl." She goes over to her shrine of Barbara Streisand memorabilia, gives herself a pep talk and is determined to channel Barbara.

At McKinley, Coach Roz is back to replace Sue. Later, Bieste encourages Will to reach out to Finn, like she did when she made amends with her sister. She leaned on her after Cooter and thinks if Will makes the effort it will be worth it.

Marley walks through the halls, ready to present her songs to the group. She notices that everyone has been acting strange - Tina is into steam punk, Sam is pretending he has a twin, Unique is on estrogen. Will joins everyone in the choir room and tells them the theme for Regionals is Dreams. He suggests they take it literally and picks older hits. Marley suggests original songs, but Will blows up when she mentions Finn. He tells them there is no room for mistakes and she puts her songs away. Later, Blaine calls a secret meeting of the glee club. He is worried Will has lost touch but when Marley suggests a few of her songs, Kitty shoots them down too.

Puck and Finn party hard in the dorm. Will shows up and is surprised to see Puck. He can see that Finn is enjoying the college experience but asks him to come help him with the kids before Regionals. Finn turns him down.

In the choir room Blaine suggests some alternative song choices and Will gets livid. He’s had enough and is disappointed in all of them for defying him. He leaves to get coffee after ordering them to rehearse his songs, but seems defeated in the hallway.

Shelby finds Rachel at NYADA. She wants to help her prep for her audition. She has no regrets about not getting the role herself. She has Beth and her Broadway Daycare business. Her bigger dream now is to see Rachel get it. She encourages her not to do Barbara. They cast Barbara because she was an original and so they will want someone to put their own stamp on the role. Together they sing Emili Sande’s "Next To Me."

Back in the dorms Finn and Puck are raging. They perform The Beastie Boys "Fight For Your Right (To Party)" and later are approached to join a frat by two guys who tell them they don’t even mind that they’re gay. They enthusiastically agree.


At McKinley Marley finally convinces Blaine, Sam and Unique to hear her songs, and they all sing Mervyn Warren and Jeff Marx’s "You Have More Friends Than You Know." They are all blown away and she shows them the rest. Will overhears them talking about how he isn’t interested in hearing her songs.

Rachel calls Finn from her apartment and thanks him for his help with Brody. She wishes he would have stayed around longer. She tells him about the audition and needs his help picking the perfect song. He reminds her that she shines brightest when she is being passionate. He knows she has it in her to make the producers fall in love with her. He can’t wait to come to a show and asks her to call him as soon as her audition is over.

At the audition, Rachel goes on stage and sings Journey’s "Don’t Stop Believing." She imagines Finn, Tina, Kurt, Artie and Mercedes are backing her up. The producers tell her it was something quite different. They ask what happened to her while she was singing and she admits she was thinking of her friends who believed in her.


Puck confronts Finn in the dorm about his slacking off. He shouldn’t be at college just to be a crappy teacher. He wants to show everyone that they are worth something. Puck is going to stay to write his screenplay and push Finn to do well.


Coach Roz calls Becky and Blaine into her office and makes them swear to never put a hex on her that would cause her to bring a gun to school and be clumsy and drop it like they did to Sue. Blaine realizes by Becky’s reaction she had something to do with the incident. Later, Blaine asks Becky what she knows. She yells for him to mind his own gay business – then she trashes the halls.

Will stands in an empty auditorium and imagines winning the competition. Finn arrives and tells him he was right about him. He is able to get college credit to help with glee club and wants to come back. But he doesn’t want to come back to pick up dry cleaning. He wants to be a partner – a teacher. They can each bring their best and get another trophy. Will agrees and they hug.

Will joins the kids and tells them the choir room always felt like home when he went there. He apologizes for making them feel like they don’t have a voice. He brings Finn back in and tells them they are going to be equal partners to get them to Nationals. Will asks Marley to teach them one of her originals.

Kurt makes Rachel cookies while she waits for the call. As soon as she is sure she didn’t get the role her phone rings. When she hangs up she tells Kurt she got the callback for Fanny!

In the auditorium Marley leads New Directions in an original song, "Outcast."

Hollie’s thoughts:
First off, Sam’s twin bit was actually really funny to me and had me chuckling a few times. But as for Will, isn’t he supposed to be back together with Emma? He said he was last week, but we have yet to see her and he has been super surly, so what is up with that? Rachel and a stage is always magic, and her audition for the role of Fanny Brice was a big reminder of what made Glee so magical the first season. That combination of kids and talent was incredible. And she got the callback! Meanwhile, Roz’ return was great and really set up a resolution to Sue’s departure of McKinley last week. Becky has actually become one of my favorite characters, and her and Blaine were really cute together stumbling through Roz’ oath. Good stuff.

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- Hollie Deese

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