Glee Recap: Shooting Star.

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Ryder gets fooled, Bieste makes a confession to Will, and shots ring out.

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Will talks to New Directions about their competition for Nationals in the choir room. Brittany interrupts with news that an asteroid or meteor is on its way to destroy them. She leaves to be with her love, Sir Lord Tubbington. Later, Will encourages everyone to say everything they need to say to the people they love now. Ryder pulls Jake aside and tells him he just saw his online girlfriend Katie here at McKinley. He feels like he already loves her and Jake encourages him to come up with a special plan.

At home, Brittany tells her cat how much she loves him. Sam suggests she bring her cat to school so everyone knows she doesn’t love a cat more than she loves them.

Ryder approaches who he thinks is Katie in the hallway. He brings her to the choir room and sings Elton John’s "Your Song." After, she wonders why he chose her. He is confused since they have already shared so much. She reveals her name is Marissa and when he shows her their texts and her picture she tells him someone catfished him.

Ryder runs through the halls and accuses Marley or Jake of playing with him online. They deny it but he doesn’t believe them. They are insistent so he thinks it has to be someone close to him. He brushes them off anyway.

In the auditorium Brittany and Sam sing Extreme’s "More Than Words" to Lord Tubbington while Unique, Kitty, Tina, Marley, Blaine, Artie and Jake back them up. It’s clear Sam wishes Brittany could say the same to him.

Will finds Bieste has set up a "Lady and The Tramp" style dinner for him in the locker room. She heard about his assignment and wants him to be the man in her life. He tells her he and Emma are back together and she runs off in tears.

In class Ryder gets a text from Katie. He wants to meet after school today, but she makes it tomorrow in front of the choir room.

Brittany addresses the astronomy club and reveals that she was wrong about the comet. Later, Becky tells Brittany she has always looked up to her and proposes they both not graduate. Becky is too scared to leave. Brittany encourages her to prepare herself for the world and it won’t be so scary. The pinky promise, hug, and tell each other they love each other.

Bieste comes by the choir room at Will’s invite and instantly they hear gunshots, then screams. It’s chaos, then all is silent. Will tells them to start texting and tweeting about what is going on, but not where they are. There is another shot and Will tells everyone he loves them. They hear footsteps in the halls as someone tries to get in. Sam tries to leave to find Brittany but Will won’t let him. Blaine realizes Tina isn’t there either.

Brittany is hiding in a bathroom stall, crying.

Back in the choir room Marley texts her mom but is not getting a reply. Kitty cries and tells Marley no one would hurt her mom. Sam struggles to leave and Will and Bieste hold him down. They tell him he is putting everyone’s life in danger.

Marley’s mom is in the kitchen as the pots boil over. She is unable to get to her phone.

Kids are getting led out on buses outside while Tina cries about her friends inside.

In the choir room Artie records them in case they don’t get out. Ryder tells his dad he loves him and thanks him. Marley leaves instructions about where to find the songs she wrote. Jake tells his mom and Puck he loves them.

Someone walks in the bathroom and Brittany starts to cry. It’s Will and other kids come out of other stalls too.

Ryder calls Katie and the phone rings inside the room. Will comes back with Brittany and the SWAT team comes by and gives the all clear. They all hold each other and tell each other how much they love each other.

The next day, metal detectors are installed. In the teacher’s lounge, Will won’t ever forget the looks on their faces when the gun went off. They haven’t found the shooter or the gun. Sue tells them it was her gun that went off.


Sue goes to Figgin’s office and tells him she was doing her daily safety check and dropped the gun. She panicked but now she is ready for her punishment. She is upset that of all her accomplishments she will always be known for this one thing.

Blaine and Tina talk about what happened. Tina was so upset that she wasn’t with them. He assures her she was there with him and they walk off hand in hand. Meanwhile, Kitty promises Ryder she didn’t catfish him. He tells Jake he will find out anyway at 3:30.

In the library Will shows Bieste the online dating profile he set up for her. He couldn’t have gone through the other day without her. He loves her and she loves him too. She gets a response – Ken Tanaka!


Sam and Brittany hold each other in the hall and talk about how they wished they were together He got her a gift – Lady Tubbington another fat cat.

Will joins Sue in her office where she is packing up. He doesn’t believe what happened but she stands by her actions. She asks him to keep an eye on Becky.

Sue thinks back on Becky – she was scared and brought a gun. Becky accidentally shot it and Sue covered for her.


Ryder stands outside the choir room waiting for Katie. Sue wishes him lucks as he walks out. She never shows up.

In the auditorium New Directions perform John Mayer’s "Say." The episode ends with the kids’ videos taped in the choir room when they thought they might die.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Wow. We were warned right off the bat that the episode would address school violence, but even knowing it was coming it was hard watching the kids go through all that. Becky was sympathetic throughout the episode, even before the gun incident when she confided in Brittany. But Sue was great and overall the acting was too. A little sticking point – if we were made to think that Becky was also the person who catfished Ryder since the backpack she pulled the gun out of in Sue’s office was identical to the one sitting alone in the choir room, the timing was off. Becky would have had her bag with her. Hmm. Maybe we will never know who it was.

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All screen shots are courtesy of Adam Rose/FOX.

- Hollie Deese

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