Glee Recap: Guilty Pleasures.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

The glee club and New York residents indulge in their guiltiest pleasures, Rachel learns about Brody and Sam is aware of Blaine's crush.

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At school, Blaine learns Sam's guilty pleasure is making macaroni portraits of celebrities. Blaine in turn admits Wham! is his favorite band of all time. Tina enters the room and tells them that glee club has been canceled because Mr. Schue is sick. Sam and Blaine take charge and deem this week Guilty Pleasures week. They whip off their jackets to reveal their Choose Life t-shirts and sing Wham!'s "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go."

Brittany tells Kitty at her locker that everyone hates her. She invites her to appear on "Fondue For Two" to make herself more accessible. The two of them reveal their guilty pleasures on the web until Kitty gets too embarrassed. Kitty whispers her guiltiest pleasure in Brittany's ear. Brittany looks shocked and says, "Oh my God." Brittany later reveals to Tina, Unique and Marley that Kitty's guilty pleasure is the Spice Girls. The group shrieks in delight.

In the locker room, Sam tells his most embarrassing secret to Blaine: He likes Barry Manilow. He relates to the stories of breakups and lost loves. Blaine urges him to come out to the group and admit he's a Fanilow. In the practice room, Sam gets up the courage to admit his love for the singer and breaks into "Copacabana." The performance prompts all the other guys to admit their love for Barry as well.

The girls gather in the auditorium to discuss their love for Spice Girls when Tina walks in. She announces that Jake is going to perform a Chris Brown song. Marley marches up to him at his locker to angrily confront him about it. The other girls join Marley in berating Jake for liking Chris Brown after he beat up Rihanna. He defends his choice because they all like music from artists who aren't exactly role models. He thinks they should separate the art from the artist. The girls don't agree.

Sam confronts Blaine in the library about his true guilty pleasure. He encourages him to set an example for the glee club. Blaine sings an emotional "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)" for the glee club. The group stands and applauds. Tina asks who that song was for. Blaine says it was about Kurt. Obviously. He also thinks Phil Collins is an underappreciated genius. He looks at Sam and says he is now out about his love for the singer.


Back in the practice room, the girls perform the Spice Girls' "Wannabe." Jake gets up next to jeers about Chris Brown. He announces he's performing Bobby Brown instead. He launches into "My Prerogative." Later, in the hallway, Jake apologizes to the girls for singing Bobby Brown. He didn’t know he allegedly got Whitney Houston hooked on drugs. Privately, Marley tells Jake her guilty pleasure is anything to do with Jessica Simpson. He laughs and they kiss.

Sam finds Blaine in the auditorium. Sam knows Blaine's guilty pleasure is him, but he's cool with it. He promises nothing will change between them and they hug it out. Sam then says he has one more guilty pleasure song everyone will love.

In New York, Kurt reveals in an inner monologue that one of his guilty pleasures is Richard Simmons. But his most guilty pleasure is his boyfriend arm, which holds him at night in bed. He named it Bruce. As Santana tries to cheer Rachel up over her breakup with Brody, they go into Kurt's room and find him with his boyfriend arm. He's embarrassed at first, but Kurt eventually gives Rachel and Santana their own arms. Rachel doesn't think she and Brody are over, so Santana tells her the truth about Brody being a gigolo.

Rachel sees Brody at school and gives him a wad of cash to go to dinner with her. He tells her not to judge him, as she cries and calls him a liar. He says Finn beat him up. He calls her the liar because he knows she still loves him and that she slept with him. He's sorry he lied, but he meant everything he ever said about her. She admits she hasn't been honest with him. Part of her has been using him to make Finn jealous and to fill her heartache. Brody asks if they're over. She feels like they are. They launch into Radiohead's "Creep."

Rachel comes home as Kurt and Santana watch "The Facts of Life." She tells them she and Brody are over for real. She thanks Santana for making her see who Brody is and for getting Finn to defend her honor. Rachel then picks the movie "Mamma Mia!" to watch.

Both New York and Ohio residents sing ABBA's "Mamma Mia!"

Lori's thoughts:
I love a good guilty pleasure. Wham! Barry Manilow. ABBA. I'm in. The New York storyline was pretty boring, aside from the comedy that was Kurt emulating Richard Simmons, but all the songs from the glee club were really fun. I also enjoyed Sam being so cool with Blaine's crush and Marley and Sam's kiss. It was sweet and for the first time, kinda hot. Not much storyline, but overall an enjoyable episode.

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- Lori Wilson

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