Glee Recap: Feud.

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Will and Finn are at odds, Rachel gets good news, and Sue forces Blaine back on the Cheerios.

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In the choir room Artie and New Directions want Finn and Will to settle their differences over Finn and Emma’s kiss by singing a mash-up for the theme of the week, epic musical feuds from a classic rivalry. If they have a shot at nationals at all they need Will and Finn on the same team.

Rachel tells Santana at the clinic it was a false alarm – she isn’t pregnant. Santana thinks this is a wake-up call and suggests she start looking at her life with Brody.

At a hotel Brody reveals himself to be an escort to earn tuition money as an older woman approaches. He sings "How to Be a Heartbreaker" by Marina and the Diamonds. He joins her in the room and takes cash. Back at their apartment, Rachel sings the same song alone.

Sue meets with Blaine in her office and shows him a forged contract forcing him back into the Cheerios. And if he doesn’t do it, something bad will happen to him soon. In the library Ryder chats with his new girlfriend online. It’s only been a week but they already feel so close. She asks about his day at school and he tells her Unique was mad at him for getting between Marley and Jake. She advises him to challenge Unique to a vocal duel. In the auditorium, Will tells Finn that he put him in charge of Glee because he took pity on him and then he betrayed him in the worst way possible. He broke the code of a brother. They are doing this assignment and Will is going to kick Finn’s butt.

Santana comes home and gives Rachel grief about Brody. Rachel can’t believe Santana is so hard on him when he is just trying to make it in the city like they are. Santana just wants Rachel to focus, and not on Brody and Finn. While Brody is in the shower Santana sneaks something of his out of the bathroom.

At school, Becky gifts Blaine with hair gel, only he realizes too late it is cement. His identity has been stolen and a plane flew overhead with a sign about him being on the bottom. Blaine has had enough and challenges Sue to a duel. She agrees, but only if it is Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj. In the halls, Marley convinces Jake that she loves him. He wants to ice Ryder out but she can’t. If Jake trusts her than it shouldn’t matter who she talks to. Later in the choir room Ryder and Unique battle with "The Bitch Is Back" by Elton John and "Dress You Up" by Madonna. After, Unique won’t shake Ryder’s hand until he says he is a girl. Ryder is confused and tells Unique to make up his mind. Jake calls Ryder a douchebag. In this room they can be whatever they want. Meanwhile in her office Sue practices her Minaj faces and threats. She is getting close.

Santana visits Brody at NYADA and warns him that Rachel and Kurt are her family. If he doesn’t move out she will dig even deeper. She sings "Cold Hearted Snake" by Paula Abdul.

In the auditorium Will and Finn do their epic musical battle - "Bye Bye Bye" by N’Sync and "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys. After, Finn wants to hug it out. Will does too, but he can’t. Finn thanks him anyway for whatever it is worth.

Kurt and Rachel confront Santana at home and ask her to move out since she can’t get along with Brody. She leaves, but not without his pillow and her comforter.

Ryder chats with his new girlfriend online in the library and she gets him to realize his attitude with Unique has been all wrong. Later in the choir room Blaine sings "I Still Believe" by Mariah Carey while Sue battles back with an enthusiastic "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj – and wins. Blaine is back on the Cheerios. Later Marley sees Finn packing his things and thanks him for everything he did for her. She encourages him not to let Will define him. The problem for Finn is that the whole school defines him and without it he feels lost. She tells him he is a natural teacher and encourages him to pursue that. Later, Ryder gathers Marley, Jake and Unique for a truce. Friendship is about trust. He fumbled the ball this time but they know he has good hands. Unique cries about being taunted by some girls after school and they all agree to stick together after school. Kitty joins them. All the vets will be gone next year and it will be up to them to carry on. In her office Sue makes Blaine and Becky co-captains and he fully commits to the Cheerios. Later he conspires with Sam. He is going to bring Sue down from the inside!

Brody enters a dark hotel room to meet a client but Santana is waiting. He begs her not to tell Rachel and she brings Finn out of the bathroom and leaves them alone for some girl talk. Finn tells Brody to disappear like a ghost. Brody thinks he loves Rachel but Finn tells him she doesn’t even know the real him. They brawl and Finn tells Brody to stay away from his future wife.

Backstage at school, the new New Directions kids sing "Closer" by Tegan and Sara. Will looks on and smiles. Later, Ryder asks his online girlfriend to meet and she jumps offline.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Rachel isn’t pregnant! Thank you writers for not doing this to her right as she is learning to experience New York. Back at McKinley the musical feuds were a fun theme and the boy band mash-up was awesome - It was like a guilty pleasure on top of a guilty pleasure dipped in chocolate. Finn’s cool guy vibe was right on – some of the best I have seen him do in a while. And how about him defending Rachel’s honor – that is some assertive Finn, not wishy-washy at all. More of that please! We learned that Kitty is still dating Puck off screen although overall there was more separation among the vets and the new kids than in the past few episodes, as it should be at this point. There is no need for them to be so enmeshed and the new kids are really starting to click anyway. So what’s up with Ryder’s girlfriend? I smell a Catfish …

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- Hollie Deese

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