Glee Recap: Girls (And Boys) On Film.

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Will makes a big gesture, the kids battle with mash-ups, and Santana has a bad feeling about Brody.

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Emma and Will perform a nostalgic "You’re All The World To Me" by Fred Astaire – until Will wakes up alone in bed to an old movie he fell asleep to.

At school, Will assigns New Directions to pick their favorite songs from their favorite movies to battle mash-ups, boys vs. girls. Artie reveals he is working on a micro-budget feature and offers starring roles to the winners. Finn pulls Will aside and encourages him to stop watching old movies, get off the couch and work to get Emma back. Will thinks Emma will come back if she wants to and tells Finn to drop it.

In her office, Sue tells Finn she doesn’t know where Emma is, just that she cashed in on her vacation days. Later, Artie is down to help Finn find Emma and thinks they should start with her parents.

At McKinley, Brittany and Blaine think they should do a warm-up mash-up and Blaine suggests "Shout" by The Isley Brothers from "Animal House." The boys and girls perform a rousing rendition and afterwards Artie points out it wasn’t really a mash-up.

Santana is horrified to be snowed in with Kurt, Rachel and Kurt's new boyfriend Adam in Brooklyn. While Rachel is in the bathroom Santana comments about her extra weight which causes Rachel to snap. She has had it! They all bicker about which movie to watch and after Rachel eschews all pregnancy-related films, Kurt picks "Moulin Rouge.”


Blaine sings "Come What May" by the cast of "Moulin Rouge" on a rooftop, thinking of his time with Kurt. Soon, Kurt joins in. Back in Brooklyn, Kurt is watching the movie with Adam and crying. Santana remembers that he and Blaine always wanted to sing it to each other at their wedding, embarrassing him in front of his new guy. She then wants to talk about Brody. She pulls out $1,200 of cash she found rooting through all of their things. She also found a pager, which means Brody is a drug dealer. Later, Rachel makes dinner and calls Brody to prove he is just stuck somewhere. He tells her he will be back as soon as he can, but Kurt whispers to Santana that he is with her.

Finn and Artie trick Emma’s parents into her office by pretending to be redheads in need of her guidance. Her dad gives them her address.


In the auditorium the boys do a mash-up of "Old Time Rock and Roll" by Bob Seger and "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins, their tribute to Tom Cruise. Later, Kitty apologizes to Marley backstage and wants to be nice since they are both dating Puckermans. Marley admits that Ryder kissed her. He was good but she still likes Jake. Kitty gives her some advice: guys are like diamonds – collect as many as you can. Then the ladies get on stage with Unique and do a mash-up of "Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend" by Carol Channing and "Material Girl" by Madonna.

Adam finds Kurt in the dance room at NYADA and asks Kurt to be honest with him about singing the duet with Blaine. Kurt admits they did, but that it was a lifetime ago. He guesses Kurt still loves Blaine and wonders if he was just his rebound. He can’t compete with a fantasy. Kurt assures him he wants to be over Blaine. Adam takes his hand and wants to go find their own movie.


In a classroom, Finn pushes Will to go to Emma and win her back with a grand gesture. That is how it works in movies. Later, Will goes to Emma’s house and sings "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel like the movie "Say Anything." She comes to the window and he begs her to come down so he can tell her how much he loves her. Later, she apologizes keeping him in the dark and admits she doesn’t think she knows him anymore. He wants to start from scratch and asks her out to a movie. Maybe they can get to know each other all over again. They take each other’s hand.

Santana comes home and tells Rachel she found the pregnancy test. Rachel tries to deny it, then breaks into tears. Santana holds her and tells her it will all be okay.

Marley meets Jake in the art room. He admits Ryder did everything on Valentine’s Day. He was nervous and just wanted to impress her. He has set up the clay scene from "Ghost" and sings Todd Duncan’s version of "Unchained Melody" as they act it out. Marley goes back and forth thinking about Ryder and Jake. She jumps up and tells him about the kiss with Ryder and he leaves her there with clay on her hands.

Will announces the winners of the mash-up contest – everyone. Artie needs them all for his movie. Will pulls Finn aside and thanks him for saving the day with Emma. Finn finally confesses to kissing Emma. He apologizes and asks Will to punch him. Will just silently walks away.


In the auditorium New Directions performs "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins.

Hollie’s thoughts:
"Glee" just can’t catch a break with all these long breaks, and the last few weeks I have really missed the show. Thank goodness they pointed out that Brody was gone a lot with wads of cash in the setup before the show – I either totally forgot or never noticed this about him. How weird that he is all of the sudden a drug dealer now that Rachel is pregnant with his baby. Finn likes rescuing people, and this would be the ultimate. We also learned Kitty is still dating Puck, but I am not sure Marley should be so quick to trust her. However, considering how quick Quinn has flipped the good/bad switch, Kitty could be just like her. The love triangle between Marley, Jake and Ryder is good in that I like her with either one. As for the Tom Cruise tribute? Good stuff, as was the 500th performance on the show, "Shout." The performances are the cornerstone of the show and as long as they are this fun, I will keep watching.

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- Hollie Deese

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