Glee Recap: I Do.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Emma’s stress intensifies, Rachel has old feelings, and Quinn tries something new.

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Rachel and Finn meet for coffee when she comes back to town for Mr. Schue’s wedding. He confesses to kissing Emma. He doesn’t think she would tell Will, so maybe he should. Rachel discourages him and puts if off as him reacting to the news she was living with Brody. "Not everything is about you," Finn replies. She tells him to be a good actor and play the best man.

Emma struggles to get the seating chart done in her office. Finn wants to talk about the kiss which sets her on a cleaning binge. She wants him to get over the kiss and keep his mouth shut about it. Will shows up and kisses Emma quickly before heading off to glee club.

In the choir room, Will gives props to Finn for holding down the fort while he was in D.C. He hopes Finn will sing for them at the wedding instead of giving a best man speech. Everyone else needs to come up with romantic love songs.

Emma cleans lockers to blow off wedding stress and tells Artie about a relative of hers she wants to set him up with at the wedding. Meanwhile, Marley gives Jake an early Valentine’s present – cufflinks she made herself. He can’t wait to give her her gift too. Later, Ryder counsels him on a gift for Marley and encourages him to make it Valentine’s week.

Rachel meets Finn in the auditorium and offers to do a duet with him. He hopes she can resist their incredible music chemistry and she does comment how cute he looks.

In class, Jake enters wearing a pink tux. Ryder assists so Jake and Marley can sing a duet of "You’re All I Need To Get By" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Later, Ryder seems bummed.

Santana and Quinn complain about men in the church pews before the wedding. Artie meets Betty, Emma’s friend and a total snob not interested in Artie. She thinks he is a loser in a wheelchair - despite being in one herself. Jake gives Marley a bouquet of peonies, which he knew she loved because Ryder remembered for him. Outside, Kurt and Blaine make out in a car until Mercedes breaks it up.


In her dressing room, Emma is disgusted when Sue comes in wearing an exact replica of Emma’s wedding dress. She begins to hyperventilate. Meanwhile, Will begins to sing "Getting Married Today" from The Company and Emma joins in. After, she sneaks out, crying. Sue walks down the aisle instead and tells Will that Emma left. Later, Will regrets leaving Emma alone with all the wedding stress and asks Finn if he thinks she met someone else. They decide to go ahead with the party while Will looks for Emma.


Sam and Brittany hit the dance floor at the reception, which makes Santana jealous. She and Quinn pull out their fake IDs and get drinks. Meanwhile, Jake asks Ryder for one more great gift. Ryder wishes Jake would do something on his own, but then hands over a necklace he got at the mall. Jake thinks this will be enough to get her in bed, but Ryder doesn’t think Marley is ready for that. Jake promises not to hurt her. Later, Blaine sings "Just Can’t Get Enough" by Depeche Mode with Kurt while Tina stews. Meanwhile Rachel counsels Finn. She is sure Emma left over more than the kiss. Artie tries again with Betty. Despite her rudeness he finds her compelling. Later, Tina screams at Kurt for the way that he treats Blaine and he calls her a hag. Sue tosses the bouquet and Rachel catches it.

Finn stops Rachel outside. He thinks she can’t commit to Brody because she loves him. Because for him, no matter what, she is his end game. He leans in for a kiss and she stops him right before to sing their duet, "We’ve Got Tonight" by Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton. After, Rachel and Finn go to a room in the hotel, as do Blaine and Kurt, Marley and Jake, Quinn and Santana, and Artie and Betty.

After their time in the hotel room, Rachel sneaks out while Finn is sleeping. Meanwhile, Blaine pushes Kurt to admit they are back together but he stays silent. Quinn had an incredible time in bed with Santana, but it was a one-time thing – until they decide to go at it again. Betty and Artie joke about their experience. Marley couldn’t go through with it and she and Jake head downstairs.

Rachel returns to New York and Brody, who has missed her. He can tell that she is kissing differently and wants to know if she saw Finn. She admits she did and wants to know who he did while she was gone. He was loyal and is glad she is back. He really missed her.

Walking the halls, Tina apologizes to Kurt and Blaine, and they invite her to go to a movie. Later, Marley thanks Ryder for helping Jake with the gifts. She knows it was him and he admits it was for real for him. He kisses Marley until she pulls away. Betty visits Artie and apologizes for being so bitchy. He asks for her number to take her on a date on Friday and she agrees.

Finn approaches Will in the teacher’s lounge and encourages him to not give up. Together they will find Emma, win nationals, and make things right. Later, Marley sings "Anything Could Happen" by Ellie Goulding in the auditorium, joined by the rest of New Directions.

In New York, Rachel realizes her period is late. She takes a pregnancy test and looks shocked by the results.

Hollie’s thoughts:

The least shocking thing about this episode was Emma leaving Will at the alter. Whenever she goes crazy on the cleaning you know some kind of big life decision is working its way through her system. But, other than Will's broken heart, it was a total love fest for the rest of the cast. Emma said it about right - the glee kids are too incestuous to keep up with, and after tonight we can add Quinn and Santana to the crew. Fans of "The Glee Project" will be glad to see Ali Stroker, runner up of the second season, as bitchy Betty after falling to Ryder's Blake Jenner. Overall, a fun and frolicking episode with that bit of a baby bomb at the end. The musical numbers even seemed to take a back seat to plot with this episode, something I am surprised didn't bother me one bit. Although, how can you have Mercedes not sing one number?

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- Hollie Deese

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