Glee Recap: Diva.

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Kurt and Rachel battle, Santana makes a big decision, and Tina’s feelings for Blaine intensify.

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In their apartment, Kurt thinks about how Rachel’s ego has been out of control since the winter showcase. She is a nightmare at home and surrounds herself with doting fans at school. Later, they argue about her over the top diva behavior. He challenges her to a head-to-head sing off at Midnight Madness and she is ready.

At McKinley, Emma stresses about her wedding plans to Finn. He is concerned about getting the kids in the right competitive attitude for Regionals. Emma suggests having them compete against each other and Finn is inspired. They head to the choir room where they tell the kids to find their inner powerhouse. Unique thinks he has this, but Tina is ready to throw down. Marley wants to put an end to Tina’s trash talking. Brittany declares she will win and they all sing Beyonce’s "Diva."


Tina hands Blaine a cold buster kit she made just for him by his locker. He wants to prove men are divas too, so he is pumped to bring some Freddie Mercury. Later, he sings "Don’t Stop Me Now" by Queen in the choir room. Afterwards, Finn and Emma talk about what makes a true diva. They introduce Santana, who performs "Knutbush City Limits" by Ike and Tina Turner. After, Brittany asks why she didn’t tell her she was coming to town. Santana is upset she had to read about Brittany dating Sam online. She has a new girlfriend now and kisses her to spite Brittany.

In the halls at NYADA, Brody tells Rachel all about Midnight Madness, an annual sing-off to the death. Her new friends make fun of Kurt, his clothes and how he got into NYADA. She defends him, but he overhears and stands up for himself.

Emma counsels Finn in her office because he is bummed that Rachel has moved on. She encourages him to move on with someone new too. He tells her Will is a lucky man because she is the only person who makes him feel better.

Santana meets Sam in the auditorium. She thinks Brittany dating him is revenge against her. He tells her Brittany doesn’t understand revenge – only love. He won’t give Brittany up without a fight and they battle to "Make No Mistake" by Barbara Streisand and Kim Carnes. He asks her to let Brittany go, but she won’t. Brittany overhears.

Tina walks the halls, bummed she got upstaged by Santana. She decides to go after what she wants – Blaine. She meets him by his locker with more cold remedies. He tells her how sweet she is and she is miffed. She wants to be bad ass. He invites her over that night to help find her inner diva. Later at his place, he has made her a playlist of old school diva songs, but is so tired from the cough medicine he falls asleep. She doesn’t notice and tells him she is falling in love with him. He says nothing and she realizes he fell asleep. She unbuttons his shirt and applies vapor rub to his chest while she cries. Then she cuddles up with him.

Midnight Madness begins in secret at NYADA. This is not a performance, this is a blood sport. Rachel and Kurt are up together and the song chosen for them is "Bring Him Home" from Les Mis. They battle it out and when it is all over, Kurt has won.


Sue meets Santana in her office. She knows she dropped out of school and offers her a job running the Cheerios. She wants an answer by the end of the week. Later, Tina yells at Blaine in the halls for not noticing how well she takes care of him. She blows everyone away with her performance of "Hung Up" by Madonna.

Rachel’s old friends are now kissing Kurt’s butt at NYADA. He dismisses them but when he sees Rachel, she is depressed and unwilling to audition for "Funny Girl."


In the choir room Finn and Emma present the diva award to Tina. Later, Blaine tells Tina he hasn’t felt as close to anyone in a while as he does to her and asks her to Mr. Schuster’s wedding.

At home, Kurt tries to convince Rachel to audition for "Funny Girl" but she is worried she will only become more of a diva if she gets the part. He assures her no one can do what she does – just bring the diva and hold the nightmare. She hugs him and tells him she loves him.

Emma is stressing about the centerpieces again in her office. She lets her OCD take over and starts throwing things around. Finn grabs her shoulders and assures her they can do this because they make a great team. He kisses her and they are both shocked. He runs off.

Santana and Brittany meet in the auditorium. Britt knows she paid that girl to pretend to be her girlfriend. Santana is considering Sue’s job offer but Brittany thinks she needs to find something bigger and better. Alone, Santana sings Alicia Key’s "Girl On Fire." Later, she goes to New York. She shows up at Kurt and Rachel’s place with her suitcase. She is moving in.

Hollie’s thoughts:
No matter what happens with the plots or characters there will always be the singing. And with an episode devoted to some of the biggest powerhouse singers of all time, the New Directions kids stood out as usual. Can you ever really get enough Freddie Mercury? Santana's incarnation as Tina Turner was spot on and Tina really did kill it with her pop Madonna turn. As for the New York set, I'm glad Kurt and Rachel were able to work things out since it seems they will have to become a united front against their new roommate Santana. Best moment for me was Finn kissing Emma. Yes, she and Will spent a long time finding their way to each other. But he comes off as a little self-absorbed. Meanwhile, Finn's goofiness is a sweet counterpart to Emma's OCD, so next week's wedding episode should be a very interesting one!

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- Hollie Deese

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