Glee Recap: Naked.

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Artie faces body issues, Kurt calls in some help for Rachel, and Sam struggles with his self-worth.

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The news reports about the allegations against The Warblers’ and their use of performance enhancing drugs, which stripped them of their title.

New Directions celebrates their chance to compete at Regionals in the choir room. They have to raise money for the bus and Tina proposes a "Men of McKinley" calendar, each guy with two months. Finn loves it and puts Tina in charge. Artie seems bummed.

Brittany invites Marley onto her online show "Fondue For Two," where she encourages Marley to be brave and tell Jake how she feels.

Brittany and Sam are called into Principal Figgin’s office. She has received a 2340 on her SAT’s, a near-perfect score, but Sam only got a 340. He is bummed but Brittany is excited for her future college options.

On campus at NYADA, a classmate asks Rachel to be a part of her senior thesis film, but she will have to be topless in one of the scenes. Rachel tries to convince herself that she is brave enough to expose herself like that and chats with a younger version of herself. Together, they sing "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia. Later, Rachel accepts.


At McKinley, Sam leads the guys through a series of exercises and grooming tips to get ready for the calendar. While getting tans, they sing a mash-up of The J. Geils Band's "Centerfold" and Nelly's "Hot in Herre." Finn is jazzed by how much money they will make, but Artie still seems bummed.

In the teacher’s lounge Sue accuses Finn of peddling smut. He calls her a hypocrite because she once took horse estrogen and posed for a "Penthouse" centerfold. She dismisses it as a rumor and assures him he will never find it.

Brody eats cereal naked at the loft. Kurt is disgusted by this, and then upset with Rachel for agreeing to show her boobs for a student film. He calls her slutty Barbie, first asking Brody to move in and now doing pornos. She defends her actions as freeing.

Marley asks Jake to meet her in the auditorium to work on some songs for Regionals. She wants to redeem herself. They sing a duet of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years." They get close while they sing, holding hands and then, they kiss. He wants her to tell him she loves him but she clams up.

In the library, Finn asks Artie to track down Sue’s "Penthouse" cover. He agrees, then asks if he can bow out of the calendar because of his body issues. Finn appreciates Artie’s bravery in discussing it with him and agrees.


Jake tells Ryder how serious he is about Marley while they work out in the gym. Ryder encourages Jake to tell her how he feels. Later, Jake sings a stripped down version of Ne-Yo's "Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)" in the choir room, directly at Marley.

Rachel gets back to her loft, where Santana and Quinn are there to intervene on Kurt’s behalf. They encourage her not to do the nude scene. A student film most certainly will not be good and she will regret it a few years from now.


In the weight room, Brittany and Tina shoot the guys’ pictures for the calendar. Sam is frustrated and thinks he should have just made the calendar just with him. Blaine follows him to the locker room and tells him he is going too far. Sam shares that he only has his body to feel special and it is exhausting to maintain it. Blaine thinks Sam should sleep in a little and enjoy life a bit. All of his friends will still love him.

Finn goes to Sue’s office and drops a magazine in an envelope on her desk. Her centerfold was not that hard to find. Sue is not ashamed of the spread but when she opens it, the magazine is not even there. Now Finn has her confession on tape.


Emma and Blaine meet Sam in her office to show him colleges that don’t need test scores. They want him to think about it.

On set at NYADA, Rachel films a scene for the movie but when it comes time to drop her robe, she can’t. She asks the crew to take their clothes off, and they do. They restart the scene, but Rachel just can’t do it. She sings Sara Bareilles' "Love Song" as she walks off set, then meets Quinn and Santana where they all sing together.

At McKinley, Blaine shows Sam a video of their friends talking about how great he is and how he helped change their lives. Sam hugs Blaine in appreciation. Later, the calendars sell like hot cakes. Sam has clothes on in all his pictures so that Artie would not feel bad wearing clothes in his. They end up raising $350, almost enough money for the bus. Jake presents Marley with her own calendar, which he signed "I Love You." She tells him she loves him back. They kiss and later all of the kids sing A Great Big World's "This is the New Year."

Hollie’s thoughts:
While it is nice seeing Quinn and Santana, it is hard to move on with the new storylines when old characters keep showing up in totally contrived ways. Santana's little mention about how much she likes New York could be some serious foreshadowing for an upcoming move though. And while Kurt may have overreacted a bit calling an intervention for Rachel, he was certainly justified in being disgusted by naked Brody sitting on one of his vintage chairs. Gross.

Jake and Marley were super sweet tonight, but perhaps because there was not as much build up as their was with Finn and Rachel, it is hard to feel too invested in them, no matter how likable they are. I am curious as to what happened with Puck and Kitty and if that is going anywhere.

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- Hollie Deese

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