Glee Recap: Sadie Hawkins.

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Rachel and Brody get serious, the girls turn the tables on the guys, and Kurt meets a new guy.

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At McKinley, Sam tells Blaine the Warblers cheated at sectionals and will look for evidence. Tina and Sugar grab them for a student council meeting. Tina announces it is 142 days until prom and proposes the first ever Sadie Hawkins dance at McKinley. She calls a vote and after a quick vote makes it official. Blaine is not happy.

Kurt’s first week at NYADA, he realizes the cliques are just like in high school. Rachel is always with Brody and he barely sees her. He decides on the show choir, Adam’s Apples.

In the teacher’s lounge, Bieste tells Finn she is sorry about Sue taking the choir room. He is stuck trying to keep New Directions involved and she suggests the Sadie Hawkins dance. It was the only dance she could go to because she got to ask, and it gave her the confidence to play football. Sadie Hawkins is about empowerment.

In the choir room Finn assigns the girls to sign to whoever they want to take to the dance. Kitty makes eyes at Jake which bothers Marley. Tina sings "I Don’t Know How To Love Him" from "Jesus Christ Superstar" to … Blaine. He is flustered and turns her down in front of everyone. She is mortified.

In their apartment, Kurt and Rachel whisper over the fact Brody spent the night. She seized the moment and is very happy. Kurt’s week has been a little lonely. He wants to do show choir which she quickly advises him against. It is career suicide.

Kurt meets the show choir founder Adam at NYADA. He saw Kurt’s breathtaking performance and wants him in the choir. Kurt turns him down but Adam convinces him to at least hear them sing first. He takes Kurt to the auditorium where they sing a soft version of "Baby Got Back."


Brittany approaches Marley in the halls and notices she likes Jake. She admits he has stopped calling her and Brittany suggests she find her power. They sing "Tell Him" by The Exciters and afterward she gets on her knees to asks Jake to the dance. He agrees and then Brittany asks Sam. He agrees.

In the halls Kitty tells Jake to dump Marley and go with her. He won’t get past first base with Marley, but she can offer more. Later, Tina apologizes to Blaine. He admits he really wants to go but he has a crush on someone straight. He finally tells her it is Sam. She convinces Blaine to come with her as friends just for fun.

Out for coffee, Jake seeks advice from Puck. He tells him to avoid Kitty if he likes Marley. Puck will make Kitty go away.

Puck approaches Kitty in the halls at McKinley and warns her off Jake. She doesn’t like Jake, she just likes to get what she wants. She asks Puck to the dance instead. He doesn’t think she can handle it but she insists.

Rachel walks the streets of NYC with Kurt. She can’t wait for him to find the new man of his dreams. He does have his eyes on someone and tells her about his many encounters with Adam without revealing who he is. She encourages him to put himself out there. Later, Kurt asks Adam out for coffee and he agrees.


At the dance, Artie and the guys perform "No Scrubs" by TLC. Later, Marley tells Jake he has to be exclusive if he wants to be with her. Meanwhile, Bieste gives the wallflowers a pep talk and encourages them to take what is theirs. Sugar asks Artie to dance and Lauren asks Joe. Blaine and Tina seem as if they are about to kiss when Sam pulls Blaine away. Later, the girls get onstage and perform "Locked Out Of Heaven" by Bruno Mars. Kitty and Puck hit the dance floor and they actually have a great time together. She likes his screenplay and thinks he has promise. She invites him to her backseat and they rush off.

Sam and Blaine try to convince Finn that the Warblers have been taking growth hormones and shows them a video showcasing some ‘roid rage. They show Finn the bylaw that would take the warbler’s win away for drug use. They bring in a Warbler, a friend of Blaine’s. After Blaine left, Hunter and Sebastian chipped away at all that was good and injected them with testosterone. If he goes public the Warbler’s reputation will be ruined forever. Finn asks him to testify.

Brody shows up 45 minutes late for his dinner at Rachel’s apartment and she loses it on him. He tells her the train was late and grabs her. He froze waiting for the train but he didn’t care because it was taking it to see her. He wants to dance with her. He promises never be late again. She asks him to move in.

Back at McKinley, Rider sings "I Only Have Eyes For You" while Jake and Marley dance. He tells her doesn’t need anyone but her. Meanwhile, Blaine tells Tina he may have saved the Glee club and he takes her on the floor for a dance.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Never did I need a recap of previous events at the beginning of a "Glee" than I did this week. Without it, I would be completely lost. The relationship shakeups are all of the sudden a little out there. Blaine is crushing on Sam? And Tina is more than crushing on Blaine - she is practically ready to walk down the aisle with him. What? Best little shout out of the night came when Four Loco was included in the list of banned items in Glee club. A big request to the writers is to have the characters stick with each other long enough to develop some kind of relationship. That being said, more Rachel and Brody please! Not that moving in that quickly is a good idea - Kurt is going to be more than a little concerned. Puck and Kitty were actually kind of cute too, but he did look like he did not belong in high school, that is for sure.

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- Hollie Deese

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