Glee Recap: Glee Actually.

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Christmas time brings the Puckermans together, a Klaine duet and extreme reactions from Sam and Brittany.

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After Artie falls out of his chair and gets a large gash on his face, Finn takes him to the nurse's office. Artie is tired of feeling helpless and wishes he was never in his chair. He imagines a life where he never got into the accident. His alternate reality sees the football team picking on Kurt, who didn’t graduate due to missing school because of all the bullying, Tina still with a lisp, Will as an alcoholic and with his ex-wife Terri, and no Glee Club. His guardian angel Rory explains that since Artie was never in the chair, he joined the football team, not the glee club, so he couldn’t impact everyone's lives. It turns out he was the glue of Glee. After failing to inspire everyone with his rendition of "Feliz Navidad" and learning Quinn died from a broken heart upon ending up in a wheelchair, he snaps back to reality. Artie tells Finn he knows the chair has made him who he is.

Burt surprises Kurt and Rachel with a tree in New York. Rachel heads out to meet her dads on a gay cruise, as Burt tells his son he has prostate cancer. He assures Kurt they caught it early, so he should be fine. Kurt is scared Burt won't be around to see him reach his destiny. Burt promises he will be there, but advises Kurt to hold the people he loves close to him no matter what. Father and son exchange gifts. Burt gives Kurt an address where he can pick his up. Kurt walks to the skating rink and finds Blaine, who explains that Burt didn't want them to miss out on their Christmas duet tradition. They skate and sing "White Christmas." Afterwards, Blaine vows, no matter what, they will always be there for each other. The men go back to the loft where Blaine reveals he plans to apply to NYADA. He asks Kurt if that would be okay. Kurt says yes.

Back at McKinley, Puck breaks up a fight between his brother and the jocks about Jake's mixed race status. Puck shares with Jake he's working on a screenplay and invites him to drive to L.A. with him. Once there, Puck gets a pass from a girl he fooled around with to drive onto a studio lot. They find some guitars and break into "Oh Chanukah." Puck takes Jake to a nice house he says he's renting. They lounge by the pool until the owner comes home. She kicks her pool boy and his brother out. Puck confesses to Jake his life sucks in L.A., so Jake suggests they return to Lima and bring their families together for the holidays. The brothers and their mothers dine at Breadsticks. The women are catty with each other, but Jake and Puck expound on the importance of family and they all bond over the "epic ass" that was their father, but who ultimately brought them together. Puck decides to move back to Lima so he can look after Jake and their moms.


Brittany hands out lavish gifts at school so they all can enjoy what's left of life before the Mayan Apocalypse. Sam believes in it too. They tell everyone how they really feel about them, which is really just Brittany insulting everyone. The group leaves and Sam breaks into "Jingle Bell Rock." He then gets down on one knee and proposes to Brittany. They convince Coach Beiste to marry them before the end of the world. They plan to make their last days count, but on December 22, they realize the world didn't end. And now they are married. Beiste tells them she isn't really ordained, so they aren't actually married. They're disappointed there's no end of the world threat because they felt really close to everyone. Beiste pretends there's a new end date, which raises their spirits.

Elsewhere at McKinley, Sue overhears Marley and her mother discuss their money woes and Marley's body image issues. Sue enlists Becky's help and sneaks into their house. They leave a tree, gifts and $800. Marley's mom figures out Sue was the one who gave them the money. She tries to give it back, but Sue knows how hard it is to be a single mother. She suggests she put the money towards getting Marley the help she needs. Mrs. Rose keeps the money and invites Sue to listen to the glee club sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

Lori's comments:
Any episode that features Burt being the greatest TV dad ever is okay in my book. However, all the vignettes of different Christmas celebrations fell a little flat for me. While there were some nice moments, it felt too rushed and seemed like a filler episode, which is disappointing considering we won't get another one for a couple of weeks. But those are just my thoughts. What are your yours? Leave a comment below.

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