Glee Recap: Swan Song.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Kurt gets the surprise of a lifetime, Finn won't give up on the New Directions, and Rachel stuns an audience.

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At McKinley, Sue tells the principal, Finn and Will that the New Directions are finished. Finn should inform the students that the glee club is over. Later, Becky asks Sue how it feels seeing them done. She feels empty and wonders where they'll be in a few months. She daydreams she has crushed their dreams. Elsewhere, Finn and Will tell everyone the news. They start playing the blame game but Finn calls this their swan song. Later, Britney follows a trail of Cheerios and finds Sam. He confesses he's really into her and never got a chance to do a love song with her. They sing "Somethin' Stupid" by Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra. They get close afterward but she won't kiss him. She's worried the other lesbians will turn on him if they learn they're dating. Sam's crushed.

In New York, Ms. July gets on Rachel's back during a dance number when she becomes thirsty. Rachel insists she can keep up so they start dancing and singing Chicago's "All That Jazz." Ms. July still doesn't think Rachel's good enough. Rachel admits she's not as good of a dancer but is a better singer. Meanwhile, Kurt drops by Carmen's office to discuss another chance. "You gave me surface when I'm looking for soul," she tells him. He's floored and assures her he has soul. She refuses a second chance.

Back at McKinley, Artie rolls up in a marching band outfit. He's band leader. Tina and Blaine have joined the Cheerios. They flash to Sue talking them into it. Ryder and Jake are now on the basketball team and Unique is on the floor hockey team. Joe says he's been keeping busy by joining the interfaith paintball team. Later, they tell Finn what they've done. He's shocked. They've gone insane. He tells them he'll be in the auditorium at 9:54 PM Friday night for practice. Marley will be there. Tina gets snarky about her fainting at sectionals and everyone breaks up and files out.

Later, Britney finds Sam. She reserved the VIP booth at Breadsticks. They can go there or to the auditorium Friday night. She realizes he makes her happy and she doesn't want to waste more time. The lesbians won't like it but they know love is love. She leans in and they kiss.

Back in New York, Carmen introduces herself before the students start their showcases. Brody supports Rachel who knows she's got this. She surprises him with a kiss. Kurt calls her in and she sings Barbra Streisand's "Being Good Isn't Good Enough." The whole crowd cheers in delight and Carmen smiles. She then sings "O Holy Night" as Carmen watches Kurt's face. At McKinley, Finn takes down all of the glee club's trophy collection as the Cheerios practice. Back in New York, Carmen tells Rachel her singing was superb and informs the audience that after a short break, Kurt's going to sing! Kurt starts panicking and wonders what song to sing. He settles on "Being Alive" and after he sings, the crowd shocks him by going wild. Carmen claps enthusiastically.

After Kurt finishes, Rachel calls Finn. He tells her what's happening at McKinley and she tells him she won the competition. He's happy for her. She talks about how the glee club has brought people together who may never have spoken otherwise and how important it is. She asks him not to let them give up on their dreams or his. Kurt calls Blaine and asks to see him during the Christmas holidays. No guarantees but he misses him.

Marley's the only one who turns up at the auditorium later on. She found another place to practice. The next morning, Finn writes a letter to the glee club while "Don't You Forget About Me" plays. He tells them about Rachel's win and reminds them of why they joined the club and that he won't give up on them. He asks them to rehearse tonight. When the time comes, nobody shows up but Marley. They're outside. She blames herself for the glee club being over. They start singing Crowded House's "Don't Dream It's Over." Suddenly, Tina and Blaine, Britney and Sam, and Joe all turn up and begin singing along.

Back in New York, Kurt is astounded by a piece of mail. Rachel arrives home and he says he got into NYADA. She gasps and jumps into his arms, thrilled.

Christine's comments:
What a fabulous episode, which felt as though it was one of the first. Rachel blew my mind with her rendition of "O Holy Night" and I was mooning over my little Kurt getting into NYADA. I loved the email Will sent with the nod to "The Breakfast Club" and everyone coming together at the end. This was unexpected especially since it's not even the season finale. What were your thoughts on the show this week? Leave a comment.

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