Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Kurt and Rachel host Thanksgiving dinner, the vets return to mentor the newbies, and New Directions performs at Sectionals.

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Quinn sings Simon and Garfunkle’s "Homeward Bound" on the empty stage at McKinley. Puck, Mike, Santana join in with "Home" by Phillip Phillips. Then Mercedes and Finn arrive and the gang is back together for the holidays. Later at Breadstix they catch up and talk about Blaine and Kurt and Rachel.

Marley walks the halls at McKinley and remembers a dream about singing on stage when she was younger and now it is about to happen. She needs to lose more. She can’t let the Glee kids down.

In the choir room Finn pairs the vets up with the new kids for mentorship. They are ending the show with "Gangnam Style" by PSY. Santana doesn’t think anyone but Brittany can handle the dance. Finn thinks someone can.

In the hallway Jake tells Ryder he went out with Marley. He’ll end it if Ryder wants him to, but she is special to him. Ryder tells him not to end it because of him, just don’t take the lead in "Gangnam Style."

Walking the city, Rachel and Kurt talk about staying in New York for the holiday. She feels good about staying home for the weekend, but Kurt misses it. She thinks every time they go home they are sad. They are on the verge of being the best versions of themselves and she promises him the best Thanksgiving ever.

Mike leads the guys in an advance dance class in the auditorium. Ryder does well and beats Jake for the lead spot.


Santana, Brittany and Quinn teach the girls about synchronicity in the choir room. To demonstrate they do "Come See About Me" by the Supremes. Santana notices Marley looks sick and she acts like she is just tired.

In the halls Kitty tells Quinn she idolizes her and aspires to be her. Quinn asks about Marley and Kitty tells her that Jake is trying to pressure her into taking her V-card. Marley corners Jake by his locker and questions why he did not get the lead since he is such a good dancer. He admits it was for Ryder.

At NYADA, Brody arrives to teach Dance 101 in place of Cassie. Brody and Rachel bicker over the fact he slept with Cassie, then he leads her in a dance. She is the one who put him off for another guy. He promises it won’t happen again then asks what she is doing for the holiday. She tells him about her and Kurt’s orphan Thanksgiving. He offers to come over and cook and jokes about bringing Cassie too.


Quinn approaches Jake and Puck in the halls and tells him to back off Marley. She knows he is trying to force her into sex like Puck did with her. She will not be her best at sectionals if he doesn’t back off.


Kurt and Isabelle discuss Thanksgiving in her office. She had gone to Gore Vidal’s the past five years but he died this year. Kurt invites her to their Thanksgiving. She agrees and asks to bring some friends. He fills her in on his relationship with Blaine. She thinks he might be able to move on easier if he accepted the apology. Sometimes it is the lack of forgiving that holds them back.


In the choir room Quinn coaches Kitty on how to play the judges. Santana arrives as Kitty leaves and she is livid because Kitty gives Marley laxatives. Quinn thinks Santana is just projecting her jealousy of Quinn. She lets Santana know that her boyfriend is a 35-year-old professor who is leaving his wife for her. They smack each other until Brittany breaks it up.

Jake watches as Ryder practices his Gangnam moves backstage. Jake shows him a few things and admits he is trained in ballet. He didn’t go for the lead in sectionals because Ryder asked him not to. Jake offers to help him get better instead.


Brody prepares dinner at Rachel and Kurt’s place. Brody and Rachel flirt over the turkey while she fondly remembers her first sectionals. Later, a bunch of eccentric party people arrive with Isabelle and they all perform Scissor Sister’s "Let’s Have a Kiki" and then "Turkey Lurkey Time" by Promises Promises. Rachel and Kurt declare it was the best Thanksgiving ever.

Marley prepares for the show in the bathroom at McKinley She is so hungry but at least her dress fits. She runs into Wade in the halls and he is Unique again. He will not be ashamed of who he is and how he looks. Marley aspires to be as brave as he is. Mercedes grabs them for show circle with everyone. Sam leads them in prayer before Finn gives them a pep talk. This is their first step in their climb to meet the vets at the top of the mountain.

Sectionals begins in the auditorium and the Warblers begin with a medley of One Direction’s "Live While We’re Young" and Flo Rida’s "Whistle." They do amazing and backstage Marley looks sick. Will joins Sue and Emma in the audience as the Rosedale Menonites perform a medley of Christmas tunes and America-themed tunes. Backstage New Directions get ready and Sam spots Will in the audience.

Kurt calls Blaine from his fire escape. He is trying to forgive him but he is not there yet. Kurt misses him like crazy. He can’t stand that he is not talking to Blaine. Kurt wants to have a heart to heart at Christmas and Blaine is ecstatic. He loves Kurt so much. Kurt loves him too. Back in the party Isabelle gives him a big hug.


Marley ‘s hands shake as she sits in front of the vanity backstage. She tells Jake she hasn’t slept in days and she is sweating and if they don’t win she will let everyone down. Ryder pulls Jake aside and tells him he has to take the lead for the team. Jake agrees and takes Marley onstage. Tina leads the group in "Gangnam Style." Marley passes out at the end of the routine.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Even up against a New Directions version of "Gangnam Style," the most fun of the night for me was SJP and crew's performance of "Let's Have A Kiki." Fabulous. The vets return was really ho-hum for me. Give me Kurt and Rachel's orphan holiday anytime. So is anyone else confused about Quinn? I thought she was nice, but then she came back and was mean again. So what is up with that? Marley continued on her sad eating disorder slope, but hopefully her fainting spell will be enough to get her some help.

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- Hollie Deese

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