Dynamic Duets.

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Blaine considers defecting to Dalton, Ryder gets help with his dyslexia, and Marley gets worse.

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At McKinley, Blaine holds the meeting of the super secret super heroes. Their first order of business is new recruits. Artie, Becky and Brittany are in. Suddenly there is an emergency in the choir room. Their nationals trophy is gone and in its place is a laptop with a video of a Warbler with the trophy. Later, Jake approaches Marley in the halls and asks her out. He and Ryder fight until Jake shoves Ryder. Finn breaks up the fight.

In the choir room Finn calls the group to order and welcomes Ryder and Kitty. They need her for sectionals. Finn gets flustered when his marker breaks and tells them they are going to sing Foreigner in foreign costumes. Blaine and the rest protest. Blaine is determined to get their missing trophy back. Later, Finn and Beiste walk the halls and she suggests he get a pair of tights and be their hero.

At Dalton, Blaine approaches Sebastian who swears he has turned over new leaf. Their new captain Hunter has their trophy. Hunter used it to lure Blaine there. He can have it back when he rejoins the Warblers. Why stay with McKinley when Kurt is gone? They persuade him to do one song and Blaine sings "My Dark Side" by Kelly Clarkson.

In a super hero costume Finn has a new idea in the choir room – Dynamic Duets. He pairs Ryder with Jake and Kitty with Marley. Later Kitty tries to railroad Marley to do what she wants. Ryder and Jake face off and sing "Superman" by R.E.M. as they try to woo Marley to Kitty’s displeasure. Jake punches Ryder and they hit the floor until Finn breaks it up again. Later, he gives them a new assignment to get them to understand each other. He wants them to reveal their deepest fears to each other. After class Blaine tells Finn about his time with the Warblers. They are his destiny.

In the weight room Jake tells Ryder he has never fit in. He is white, black and Jewish and has always been made fun of for it. Ryder admits he can’t read.

In the bathroom Marley tells Kitty she can’t sing a duet with her because she can’t wear the bodysuit. She is too self conscious. Kitty asks if she is still making herself puke and Marley admits she has done it every day this week. Kitty will be sure to let her know if she looks fat and they hug. Later, Kitty tells Marley she looks hot and they sing "Holding Out For A Hero" in the choir room. Afterward the group notices Blaine is gone and Finn admits he is going back to Dalton.

In the choir room Jake tells Finn about Ryder and Finn takes him to a specialist. At first Ryder is upset, then lets the teacher test him. He asks if he is stupid and she tells him he is actually very smart. Later Ryder tells Finn he is dyslexic. He has always been told to man up and get it together but inside he knew it didn’t matter how hard he worked. His dad is a PhD. He has been carrying this secret around his whole life. He is going to be working with a special teacher every day and he thanks Finn. Finn tells him to thank Jake.

In the cafeteria Jake compliments Marley’s mom on her weight loss. He admits he blew his chance with Marley, then defends her when some jocks make fun of her. Ryder comes to his defense, then Artie and Becky until the jocks stand down. Later Jake calls his brother Puck for some advice about Marley and Puck tells him to play it cool and in a few weeks she will come around. Don’t be a dick, but don’t give up.

Blaine packs up his locker and Sam asks what he did that was so wrong he has to leave. He tells him how he cheated on Kurt but as soon as he did it realized he loved Kurt more than anything. Sam assures him he is a good guy and to give him one day before he packs up and leaves. Sam and Blaine sing "Heroes" by David Bowie and afterwards the two steal the trophy from Dalton and leave a "No Thanks" note.


Ryder asks Markey if they can reschedule so he can study. She is disappointed but accepts his offer to reschedule on Friday. Kitty encourages her to work out more but instead Marley asks Jake out, which really makes Kitty mad.

Blaine and Sam present the reclaimed trophy to their leader Finn in the choir room to much applause. Tina gives him with a super hero fanny pack filled with magic markers, antacids and a treble cleff pin. Finn promises to never let them down and they get pumped to get butt at sectionals. Onwards and upwards! Later on stage New Directions sings "Some Nights" by fun.

Hollie’s thoughts:
It feels like this season "Glee" is taking serious issues a bit more seriously. I hate to see Marley feeling so self-conscious and unsure about herself that she is making herself sick – especially as her mom works hard to get healthy with her the right way. That Kitty is some piece of work, and I am still waiting to see if there are any redeeming qualities about her. As for Blaine, what he did to Kurt was horrible, but what he is doing to himself is harsh too. His guilt is honest and real and hopefully he can make that come through to Kurt. As for Jake or Ryder? What a dilemma to be in.

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- Hollie Deese

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