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Rachel and Kurt go to McKinley, Kitty persuades Marley to hurt herself, and Sue interferes in the play.

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Will tells the Glee kids in the choir room that he is going to Washington and Finn is in charge. He’ll be back after sectionals. Tina objects, but Finn is confident he can do it. The kids argue until Sue calls Will and Finn into Figgins’ office.

In Figgins’ office Sue objects to Finn teaching. She declares war on the arts if Finn is put in charge and starts trashing the school.

At NYADA, Cassandra brings in some upperclassman, including Brody, to show the freshman how to dance. Rachel tells Brody about an audition she has during class. Cassandra overhears and tells her to skip it – the director will eat her alive. Rachel thinks Cassandra should audition too and get back in the game. Cassandra calls a break and asks Brody to be her new teacher’s assistant.

Backstage Marley’s costumes are suddenly too tight. Kitty, who has been altering her clothes, makes fun of her. She is finally getting the body she was destined to have. She then invites all the girls over for a sleepover, including Unique.

In the school kitchen Marley asks her mom when she started to gain weight. She battled her weight in high school but really struggled after Marley was born. Marley is worried that it is happening to her too since her costumes are not fitting. Her mom assures her she can stay thin if she fights for it, so starting now they are on a new diet – together.

Finn goes to the teacher’s lounge to apologize to Sue for calling her baby a retard but Sue has seen his true colors. She has booked the auditorium for weeks so he will have to find somewhere else for the kids to rehearse.


All the guys meet up in the auto warehouse where Finn works to rehearse and fix up a car. They perform "Grease Lightening."


Rachel and Kurt practice in Cassandra’s studio, who soon arrives. She advises the two of them to go see Grease after hearing them talk about it. Rachel doesn’t think they should, especially since they are poor. Cassandra offers them her Jet Blue miles since she is banned anyway.


The girls and Unique arrive at Kitty’s house. She offers Marley a donut but she asks for something healthy instead. Kitty pulls her into the bathroom and advises her to just make herself throw up. She stays in the bathroom while Kitty goes out to the girls and makes fun of Marley while singing "Sandra Dee."

Figgins calls Finn into his office. Unique is in there with his parents, who had not known Unique was cast in the play. They are worried about his safety. Sue thinks they have a right to be concerned. They pull him out of the play and will not let him dress like a girl unless he is at home. Finn can’t believe Sue did this. She tells him without a Rizzo there is no show.

In the choir room Santana has arrived to play Rizzo, as the understudy Tina is upset.


Rachel and Kurt arrive at McKinley and reminisce in the halls where they run into Mercedes who catches them up on life at UCLA. They go backstage and Finn and Blaine are surprised to see them. It is really awkward, but Finn is glad they came and hopes they are proud of it. They leave and Kurt worries it was a mistake to come. Rachel assures him they will get through it. Meanwhile Marley freaks because her outfit is tight again. Kitty promises to help her.

On stage Blaine performs "Beauty School Dropout." Kurt looks on wistfully from the audience.

Ryder walks in on Marley making herself vomit in the bathroom. He tells her about his cousin, a wrestler, who did everything he could to lose weight and eventually crapped himself in front of the whole school. He doesn’t want to kiss a girl with puke on her breath on stage or off. Alone, she sings the reprise of "Sandra Dee."

Backstage, Santana and Britney talk. Britney still misses her, especially on their Friday date nights. Santana hits the stage and sings "Worse Things I Could Do" while Unique sings from the audience and Britney watches from backstage. Later, Mike tells Tina he thinks their breakup may have been a mistake and she is willing to talk about it. Ryder spots Marley in her Sandra makeover costume. Kitty comes up and tells them there is a big time producer in the audience. Marley gets nervous but Ryder calms her down. He kisses her while Jake looks on, upset.

At NYADA, Cassandra seduces Brody.


On stage Marley and Ryder Sing "The One That I Want" while Rachel imagines it is her and Finn on stage. Later, Rachel calls Brody but Cassandra answers and tells her he is in the shower. She was more than happy to keep him company when Rachel blew him off. Cassandra considers this another life lesson, payback for telling her to get back in the game. She is the game!

Finn runs into Rachel in the hallway and can tell she has been crying. She shouldn’t have come but he did a great job. He gets her to smile but she still won’t tell him what is wrong. He realizes it is about Brody. He doesn’t want any contact from her anymore and if she comes back to visit he doesn’t want to know about it. She tells him he used to make her feel special but now it just feels sad and confusing. Kurt interrupts to tell Finn that Will wants to see him. Blaine arrives and wants to talk to Kurt, but Kurt doesn’t trust him anymore. It was stupid for him to come back.

In the choir room Artie reads the glowing review from a notoriously tough sophomore. Will is sure he is leaving them in good hands and he and Finn say their goodbyes.

Hollie’s thoughts:
It seems inevitable that Glee would have to do the obligatory production of "Grease." Meanwhile, there is obviously a really sad back story with Kitty. At this point I really hope so. She is just pure evil, but it isn’t the writer’s style to have a character be that one dimensional. She introduced some harsh issues this week, like driving a girl to bulimia, all while hiding behind her self-prescribed halo. This is one character’s comeuppance I can’t wait to see happen.

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- Hollie Deese

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