The Role You Were Born To Play.

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Finn fills a new role, Unique longs to have a place, and Emma makes a decision.

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Artie visits Finn at the Hummel tire shop. Finn is embarrassed about his lot in life but Artie won’t let him be buried in self-pity. He wants Finn to co-direct Grease with him at McKinley. Artie won’t do it without him and auditions are tomorrow.

At McKinley Sam signs up for the play. Blaine is not sure he can do it since he broke up with Kurt. He was his soul mate and now he won’t even answer his calls. Blaine launches into "Hopelessly Devoted To You" by Olivia Newton-John for the audition as he thinks of Kurt. Artie and Finn offer him the part of Danny, but he is too sad to do it. Finn is not sure he is qualified to direct, but Artie assures him they will have help. Mercedes and Mike Chang show up.

Emma and Will seek counseling from Bieste at her place. Emma does not want to give up her life to follow Will’s dream. Will gets on his knees and tells Emma he promises they can always be together, Washington now, wherever ever she wants next. She reluctantly agrees and shares a look with Bieste.

At McKinley, Finn and Artie can’t find a Danny for Grease. Will found Finn playing football when he needed a lead, so Finn hits the football field to do the same. Bieste gives him a pep talk then they discuss a new transfer, Ryder. He is a loner but maybe if he had the right guy showing him the way he could succeed.

Unique and Marley discuss the play in the bathroom. Unique is not auditioning because she wants to be Rizzo and she thinks they won’t give him a chance. Sue emerges from a stall. She will not allow Unique to play Rizzo but Marley doesn’t care what she says. Later, Marley and Unique have an amazing audition together singing Pink’s "One Last Kiss."


Finn approaches Ryder in homeroom. Finn wants him to try out for the musical and encourages him to show up. Later, Ryder gets another C – and is frustrated because all he does is study. Later, Artie and Finn try to decide which jukebox to use in the auditorium when Ryder shows up. He wants to be a part of the play as long as he doesn’t have to sing. Finn used to be like him, unsure of himself. He puts on "Jukebox Hero" and starts singing. Soon, Ryder joins in.

Ryder approaches Marley by the lockers. He wants to get to know her since they might be in the play together. Meanwhile, Kitty calls Jake out on being jealous, then approaches Marley and Ryder. She is incredibly mean to Marley then tells her she is taking her part. She signs up for the play, and so does Jake. Later they sing "Everybody Talks" by the Neon Trees and nail the audition.

Artie, Mike, Mercedes, and Finn talk in the choir room about who will get which role. Finn decides Unique will be Rizzo. Sue hears and calls him into the principal’s office, where she fights to have it prevented. Finn lobbies for the chance of outcasts to follow their dreams. Sue assures them that someone will make a stink about it if they cast Unique as Rizzo. Finn thought she would be more understanding after she had a retarded baby. He immediately apologizes for using that word, but Sue walks out.


Bieste visits Emma in her office and warns her that dishonesty will tear her and Will apart. She advises Emma to get back to being herself, not Will’s girlfriend.

Mike and Tina argue by the lockers. She refuses to audition with him there.


Mercedes gathers Kitty, Marley, Jake and Ryder in the auditorium to find the couple with the best chemistry to play Danny and Sandy. Mercedes and Mike kick off "Hand Jive" and the couples join in.


In the library Finn offers Unique the part of Rizzo despite Sue’s meltdown. Unique cries – he never knows his place and it is nice to feel like he has found one. Finn tells him there is going to be a lot of heat on him. Unique knows dreams aren’t free.


Finn posts the cast list for Grease in the hallway. Brittany is Cha-Cha, Tina is Jan, Sam is Kenickie, Sugar is Frenchy, Sam is Doody, Ryder is Danny and Marley is Sandy. Kitty is mad she is Patty Simcox and lays into Marley. She marches off as Sue walks up. Sue sees Unique is Rizzo.

Will comes home to see Emma cooking a big meal. He can tell there is something wrong and she tells him she does not want to go to Washington. She has wanted so long to be a wife but she loves her job. She is afraid she would resent him and would rather stay here when he goes. He understands.

In the choir room Finn tells Will it is nice helping other people’s dreams come true. Will tells him he is leaving for Washington to fight for arts in schools. Finn is upset – the glee kids need a leader. Will spoke to Figgins and asks Finn to take over.

Hollie’s thoughts:
I really thought it would be harder to get back into the show after the four weeks on, four weeks off bit, but the introduction of the play really made the transition that much smoother. I have to say I like the idea of Finn coming back to handle the Glee club while Will is off in Washington. Finn already has a nemesis in Sue, especially after defying her and putting Unique in as Rizzo. But even more harshly, after he called Sue's baby retarded - a word I have a hard time even typing - her look could have cut him to the bone. Also harsh is Kitty's treatment of Marley. I just about laughed out loud when she was given the role of Patty Simcox. That's called karma.

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- Hollie Deese

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