The Break Up.

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Blaine and Finn go to New York, Will wants to go to Washington, and everyone feels the pressure of long-distance love.

In the cafeteria Marley and Jake commiserate over their lunch tickets. His mom works extra shifts so he can dance, but he wants to keep that between them. Meanwhile, Blaine and Brittany pine over the good old days.

Kurt makes eggs in his apartment when Rachel comes out of her room. She comments she and Finn didn’t even talk last night. Kurt leaves when Finn comes out. Finn tells Rachel he accidentally shot himself in the leg and was discharged from the army. He was too embarrassed to tell her and hiked around Georgia for a few months. She wants him to come to classes with her all week at NYADA and if he likes it they will work to get him in. She isn’t going to let him go again. They kiss.

Santana and Brittany fold laundry at Santana’s and try to reconnect. Santana loves college and loves being a cheerleader. Brittany is tired – she has been up late reading about the Left Behind book series, which worries Santana a bit. There is distance between them.


Kurt calls Blaine but is immediately pulled away by work. Blaine misses Kurt. Kurt misses him too but has to run. He promises to call him later and Blaine says "I love you" to a dead line.

Sitting in on Rachel’s NYADA classes, Finn knows he doesn’t belong. He used to be the man of her dreams but now they are not even in the same world. Back at home, Blaine feels Kurt pulling away. Blaine and Finn sing "Barely Breathing" by Duncan Sheik. They both feel their relationships slipping away. Blaine gets a text from Eli to come over.

Rachel and Kurt encourage Finn to come out singing with them at a local bar where NYADA students go. He doesn’t really want to. Suddenly, Blaine shows up, surprising Kurt. Rachel is excited they are together again like the good old days.


At the bar Brody encourages Finn to sing. Rachel agrees – she wants to duet with Finn. Finn pushes her to duet with Brody instead and they sing Demi Lovato’s "Give Your Heart A Break." They have chemistry on stage and Finn notices. Later, Blaine sings an acoustic version of "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry and devotes it to Kurt. He starts crying while he sings.

Walking along the street after the bar, Finn tells Rachel she is meant for New York, but he isn’t. He wants to know what is between her and Brody. She admits they kissed. Meanwhile, Blaine tells Kurt he was with someone else. He was lonely and Kurt wasn’t there. Kurt is devastated. Finn, Blaine, Rachel and Kurt "Don’t Speak" by No Doubt. In the morning Kurt catches Finn trying to sneak out. They hug and Finn tells Kurt not to say anything to Rachel.

At McKinley, Kitty invites Marley to a Left Behind club. Later at Breadsticks, Kitty talks about the end of days with the group. Jake apologizes for bringing Markey. Suddenly, Kitty stages a fake rapture to scare Dotty into believing in the club. Marley wants to leave. She can’t stand Kitty and can’t believe Jake does. Meanwhile, Brittany compares what Dotty is feeling to how she felt when Santana left.

Finn visits Will at McKinley. The army didn’t work out. He breaks down in tears and Will holds him.

Finn is alone in the choir room when Blaine comes in. Finn asks why he did that to Kurt but Blaine doesn’t know. All the glee kids come running in and are excited to see Finn. Will comes in and informs them they need to pick a musical that will not offend anyone. Finn suggests "Grease" and everyone is excited about the pick. Will gives Finn a nod.


At home Will tells Emma he is going to Washington and wants her to come with him. It will be for a few months. Her job will be there when she gets back. She likes her job and doesn’t want to go. She gets upset that he expected her to just follow him around and stomps off.

At work, Kurt gets flowers from Blaine but tosses away the card.

Santana meets Brittany in the choir room. This is where she fell in love with Brittany and now she has to tell her something she doesn’t know how to say. She sings "Mine" by Taylor Swift and Brittany cries. Santana can’t be a good girlfriend to Brittany right now. She shared an attraction with another lesbian and Brittany might feel that soon too. At their age long distance relationships don’t work. She will always love Brittany the most. They cry and hug goodbye.

Jake approaches Marley by her locker and apologizes again. She still can’t understand why he is with Kitty. He must be desperate to be popular. Kitty approaches and rags on Marley, then her mom. Jake breaks up with Kitty on the spot and she stomps off after threatening revenge against Marley. Marley asks Jake if he wants to rehearse "Grease" together, but he has to go.

Finn is alone on the stage at McKinley when Rachel approaches. She has been looking all over for him and since he didn’t answer his phone she had to come find him. She hated what he did to her on the train station. Then he did not answer his phone for four months. He wanted to give her space. She tells him he was her first love and she wants more than anything for him to be her last. But she can’t do this anymore. They are done. Finn is nervous – he doesn’t have a place in this world. She tells him he has him and that is enough. They kiss goodbye. Alone, he sings "The Scientist." Slowly Blaine, Santana, Kurt, Brittany, Will, Emma and Rachel all join in. All of their first kisses flash back.

Hollie’s thoughts:
I just can’t get over how fantastic Rachel looks. Even next to certified stunners Kate Hudson and SJP. But when they flashbacked to her earliest scenes with Finn I realized how much we have watched her grow up. Overall, this episode was great for me in that a lot of loose ends were tied up as far as old cast members are concerned. Rachel is now free to explore her chemistry with Brody while it seems they are setting Brittany up for something with Sam sometime soon. I do hope Blaine and Kurt make it, but as for Finn, Rachel had every right to kick him to the curb. I am ready to see more of the newbies anyway, especially Marley. She is super cute and hopefully featured more prominently soon.

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- Hollie Deese

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