Glee Recap: Makeover.

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Brittany and Blaine go head-to-head for Student Council President, while Kurt gets an internship of his dreams. Sarah Jessica Parker guest stars.

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Blaine walks the halls of McKinley and talks changing things this year. He signs up for Student Council President while singing "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" by Tears For Fears. Now that Kurt's in New York Blaine needs to fill his days. He signs up for a few events and says the only time he and Kurt are in sync is when they're bash-watching Treme. As he signs, he sees Brittany's name and she walks up questioning him.

In New York, Kurt prepares for an interview as an intern with Vogue editor, Isabelle Bright (Sarah Jessica Parker). He arrives and Isabelle's impressed with his resume and clothing portfolio. They talk about where he wants to be in five years. She tells him to dream big and do everything to make it happen. She hires him and he's so excited, he tries to hug her!

Back at McKinley, Brittany wants Artie to be her VP. He agrees only if she'll date him. In class, Will talks to the kids about the competition, though he has no ideas. Brittany interrupts to tell everyone about her campaign.

Will goes to Sue to ask for advice because he has no idea what to do with the competition. Sue thinks in a few short years he'll be morbidly obese or an alcoholic or both. She tells him to bow out gracefully but he loves his job.

Brittany introduces Artie to Sam though they've met. She convinces Artie to use him as his VP and challenges them to a debate.

Back in New York, at Vogue, Isabelle holds a meeting. Kurt gets them water and listens to the crappy ideas. Isabelle pulls Kurt into her office and she asks him to give suggestions for their new line, saying she has had a lack of creativity since she has become editor. Her line went sour and she won't be able to pay rent soon. Kurt offers her to move in with him if it comes down to that and gives her a good idea about shooting a video.


Back at McKinley, Brittany and Artie, Blaine and Sam prepare for the debate while Brittany sings "Celebrity Skin" by Hole. Will takes a meeting to discuss the annual choir but starts thinking about how unhappy he is. They discuss a need for representation on that blue ribbon government panel. Will perks up.

Back at home in New York, Kurt and Rachel discuss her getting poked fun at for her style at school. Kurt suggests she update her wardrobe. He tells him to follow him. They wind up at Vogue in the couture vault. Isabelle catches them. He tells her he was going to give Rachel a makeover and do a video of it. Isabelle's pumped and starts singing "The Way You Look Tonight" / "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" by Fred Astaire/Annie as they dress Rachel. Afterward, Kurt Skypes Blaine to tell him. Blaine's hurt when Kurt blathers on about the video and isn't interested in hearing about his life or what tie he should wear at the debate.


Back at McKinley, Will goes to Emma for advice on applying for a once in a lifetime position to work with the blue ribbon panel. If he gets the job he'd leave McKinley for several months. She's taken aback but encouraging. Later, Sam gives Blaine advice to lose the neck tie while Sue introduces the panel to the kids. Artie begins and discusses why he cares about student government. Sam agrees with everything Artie says and is asked about stripping. He's not ashamed and strips down to his pants to prove it. Brittany and Blaine speak next.

Back in New York at Vogue, Isabelle is thrilled about Kurt's video idea and tells him Anna (Wintour) likes it. They're using the idea and crediting him! Kurt's thrilled. She feels they're kindred spirits. In the studio, Brody admires Rachel's new look - and her. They dance to and sing "A Change Would Do You Good" by Sheryl Crow. Afterward, she offers to cook him dinner.

Back at McKinley, Sue makes an announcement. Student council president is... Blaine! Artie congratulates him and tells him he got what he wanted - a date with Brittany. Artie calls Kurt to tell him but Kurt ignores his call because he's having so much fun in a meeting with Isabelle and the others. Blaine hangs up and tells Sam he came to McKinley for Kurt and now that he's gone, he feels alone. Sam gives Blaine a pep talk and talks up their friendship. Brittany congratulates Blaine and Sam. Sam voted for her, much to her surprise. She snuggles him and tells him he always knows what to say.

Will goes to Sue's office to tell her he applied for the position. She gives him a fake yet glowing reference.

In New York, Rachel prepares for her date. The duck catches fire just before Brody gets there. They eat pizza and they talk about the old Rachel and how she has changed. They playfully banter and discuss their past while "Moon River" plays in the background. She brings up Finn's name and pauses. Brody calls them 'just friends' but then they share a kiss and start making out on the floor. Finn turns up, wondering who Brody is.

Christine's commentary:

Another great episode. It really was a must see show for the dialogue, dancing and the singing even though I wasn't a fan of the Sheryl Crow cover. Just as Rachel and Brody's chemistry was being showcased, Finn returned. Oh my heart! Is it wrong for me to feel bad but at the same time enjoy Rachel with Brody?! Did you notice Sam's interest in Brit and were you crushed along with Blaine when my sweet Kurt pushed him aside like yesterday's news? It seems inevitable for these two to part with Kurt's life changing so drastically. They no longer 'fit'. I must say, Isabella was a breath of fresh air! Editors are often written as hard-nosed bitches. Do you think she may screw Kurt over or am I just being cynical?!

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- Christine Fix

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