Britney 2.0.

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Brittany hits rock bottom, Rachel is pursued by Brody, and Marley gets closer to Jake.

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Brittany is on top of the world at McKinley after a rough summer of missing Santana. She and the Cheerios do Britney Spears’ "Hold It Against Me." Afterwards, Sue pulls Brittany into her office and tells her it was garbage. Her grades are so poor the Cheerios don’t see academic achievement as a goal anymore. Sue kicks her off the team. The top spot is now Kitty’s. Later, Brittany Skypes with a sympathetic but busy Santana.

In dance class at NYADA, Ms. July makes Rachel sit out the tango. She is too awkward and unsexy for it.


Mr. Schuester and Emma call Brittany into her office at McKinley and hand her a "You Look Like Crap" brochure. They think she is in denial about how being left behind a year is affecting her. After Brittany leaves they think she has lost her identity and decide to bring her back. Later in the choir room, Mr. Schue announces another Britney week, with one song for the pep rally. Blaine and Artie do a mash-up of Justin Beiber’s "Boyfriend" and Britney’s "Boys." Brittany says she is inspired but she does not look it.


Rachel and Kurt ride their bikes around their new, bare apartment. He is going to get a job and prepare to audition for the second semester at NYADA. He has a new-found resilience and focus. Rachel needs some of that – Ms. July hates her. Kurt has heard of her and tells her the legend of Ms. July smashing a patron’s cell phone on Broadway. So if she wants Rachel to be sexy, she needs to be sexy. Later, Rachel sees Brody working out in the park and asks him to dance with her in class since they are short a man. He tells her Ms. July doesn’t allow it, which is why he will do it.

At McKinley, Unique wants to be besties with Marley. She tells Unique she thinks Jake is cute and Unique warns her off by singing "Womanizer." After, Jakes tells Marley they should hang out and she agrees despite Unique’s warning. Sam, Tina and Joe sing an acoustic version of "3" in the choir room. Brittany starts to shave her head and is then accosted by the school paparazzi in the hallway. The choir kids discuss her downward spiral. Artie thinks she misses being in the spotlight. Later, Schue stops Jake in the hallway. Jake is not interested in what Schue says since he is not in glee club. Schue tells him that was his mistake. His brother Puck was a mess but all he needed was a friend. Jake doesn’t need friends and runs off. Outside, Marley tells him she has been picked on but in glee she can be herself. He thinks glee is lame and she starts to sing an acoustic "You Drive Me Crazy" to prove him wrong. He joins in with Aerosmith’s "Crazy." There is some sexual tension. He puts his jacket around her to keep her warm.


The glee kids try to cheer Brittany up by making her the lead performer at the pep rally. She wants to lip sync despite their protestations. She asks her Siri-like Kiki on her phone, who tells her it is a great idea. Later at the annual fall assembly Britney phones in a bad lip syncing routine of "Gimme More." They get booed off the stage and Schue chastises them for lip syncing. If the national board of review finds out they could be barred from competing. Brittany resigns from the club.


Some guys make fun of Marley’s mom in the lunch line. Marley stands up for her but they continue. Jake fights them until Schue drags him off to meet his brother Puck in the choir room. Puck tells Jake that since they have the same dad he knows what it feels like to try to impress someone who doesn’t care. But what made him a man was singing in Glee and Jake should too.


Rachel brings Brody to class at NYDA to show Ms. July that she can be sexy. She does a highly sexed version of "Oops, I Did It Again." Ms. July tells Rachel she was just okay and the song was garbage. Rachel tells her she is just a jealous You Tube joke. July throws her out and Brody follows her. Later, Ms. July is working alone when Rachel comes in to apologize. Ms. July warns her that if someone taped it and put it on You Tube her career would be over. She was not ready for the pressure herself and that is why she picks on her students.

Joe tells Brittany in the auditorium back at McKinley that he knows she is hitting rock bottom on purpose. She wants to make a dazzling comeback just like Britney did. She is glad he understands. She misses Santana and he tells her now she has a new friend. Later she meets with Sue to get back on the Cheerios. Sue wants her grades up and Brittany proves she already is working on it. Sue welcomes her back. Later, she still misses Santana.

At their apartment Rachel misses Finn. Kurt tells her to enjoy her freedom and runs into Brody as he is leaving to get cake. He is impressed and leaves them alone. Brody has flowers for Rachel. He tells her he really liked dancing with her and thinks she is really sexy. He tries to kiss her but she pulls away. He respects her boundaries, but when they are together, he is thinking of kissing her. He leaves her with that thought.


In the halls Marley sees Jake with Kitty tells him they make a great couple. Later, Jake joins New Directions and Marley sings Notice Me. Rachel makes strides in her dance class and paints over her painting of Finn’s name on her wall.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Well, that was fun, if not predictable. This episode was definitely about showing how the cast members who have remained are growing apart from the ones who have left. Rachel has a new boy to make goo goo eyes at, who is right there at NYADA with her. Meanwhile, Brittany can sense that Santana is pulling away and is having a hard time adjusting. Her cute little scene with Joe in the auditorium made me think there might be a little something starting with them soon. And while it is a little contrived to have Marley and Jake be the new Finn and Rachel, Marley is simply enjoyable to watch.

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- Hollie Deese

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