Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Puck is harassed by hockey players, Bieste gives Cooter the heave-ho, and Rachel appeals to Madame Thibodeaux to give her a chance.

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In her office Sue tells Kurt and Mercedes about Unique’s new found show choir celebrity status. She tells them is is time to fight fire with flaming gay fire and wants Kurt to wear a flapper dress and perform as Porcelain at nationals. He refuses but Sue tells him he will have to do it to win at nationals. It’s tuckin’ time.

Rachel writes in her journal then walks through the halls at school singing "I Won’t give Up" by Jason Mraz. She calls Madame Thibodaux at NYADA and leaves her 14th message, inviting her to see her perform at Nationals in Chicago. She is not ready to give up on her dreams.


In the choir room Mr. Schuster and the kids discuss the vintage theme. Sue comes in and wants Porcelain to perform "What a Feeling" from Flashdance. Under their seats are welding helmets and leg warmers, props to push them over the top. Mr. Shuster wants to win and tells them they have one last week to come together and shake things up. Tina gets up and is pissed Rachel gets a solo at nationals again. Shuster tells Tina she is a key player but she is sick of being a human prop. Her name is Tina.

In the hallway Mike Chang tells Tina she is being selfish, that it is the seniors’ moments to shine. Rachel approaches and offers her $50 to let her have the solo, since it is a do-over from her NYADA audition. Tina tells her she has sat for three years in the back of the room while everyone else gets solos. Rachel tells her she hasn’t had it easy either and tells Tina she will have her chance next year. Tina just wants a standing ovation Rachel is so used to.


Kurt and Blaine are in massage chairs at the mall when Tina comes up, frustrated and looking for costumes. She is texting Mike and falls into a fountain, slamming her head. When she opens her eyes, Puck is Blaine, Finn is Kurt and she is Rachel. She imagines she is in school and Artie is Santana and vice versa, Mercedes is Heather, Rachel is Tina, Shuster is Sue and vice versa. Kurt as Finn pumps her up and tells her she can sing best under pressure. He wants her to show everyone how she will win at nationals. She sings Celine Dion’s "Because You Loved Me." She gets her first standing ovation and then flashes back to the fountain and everything is back to normal.


On stage the kids practice "What a Feeling" with the props and Sue is disappointed. Mr. Shuster doesn’t think they can learn the moves around the bulky props and Kurt again refuses to perform in drag as Porcelain. But he has an idea. Later, he shows the kids footage from a Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal that shows them all in sync, not a step out of place. But their secret weapon is Unique, and that is what gives them their edge. She thinks a guy in drag is the only way to win. Later, Puck walks in as Lola. Shuster is over it and wants them to learn choreography for "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights."

Santana, Heather and Mercedes approach Bieste in the teacher’s lounge and tell her they saw her with Cooter. They are upset that she lied to them, but Bieste tells them it is complicated. She is sorry if it is confusing them but she wants to give Cooter a second chance, despite remembering him screaming at her. Mercedes is unsure and they want her to get out of the house and come with them to nationals. They care about her and want to see her safe. She tells them she can take care of herself.


Puck gets harassed by hockey players in the hall about the dress and they arrange a time to fight after school. Puck throws the first punch but Puck is ganged up on and they throw him in the dumpster. Puck jumps out of the dumpster with a knife but Bieste grabs him. She tells him he could get expelled or arrested for assault, but he doesn’t care because he is a failure and worthless. His mom doesn’t come to his stuff and his dad isn’t around. He turned out like garbage like his dad says and starts crying and grabs onto Bieste. She tells him no one thinks anything hurts them, but it does.

Rachel is practicing at the piano on stage and Tina approaches. She tells Rachel about the dream, and that she had told her to see Madame Thibodeaux in person and if they leave right now they can catch her. In the car Tina and Rachel talk about the wedding and nationals and they share a moment. When they arrive, Thibodeaux is frustrated at Rachel and asks the girls to leave but Rachel tells her she will see her every year at auditions until she gets in. Back at school the costume committee complains until Tina tells them to put in the work and maybe next year they will be part of a team that won nationals.


At home, Bieste sees Cooter and he apologizes again to her. She tells him she is out and He flips the table and wonders who is going to love her now. And she tells him, "Me." Puck sings Taylor Swift’s "Mean" with Bieste. Bieste talked to his teacher and he can retake the exam. She tells him he is loved and not alone.


Sue and Shuster go over the set list and Bieste comes in and wants to be a chaperone at nationals. She tells them she left Cooter and Sue gives her a hug.

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