Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Rachel fights her jealousy toward Quinn, Brittany takes charge of prom and Puck makes Becky feel like a queen. Helen Mirren guest stars.

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In her bedroom Rachel takes down her Broadway dreams inspiration board. She feels different as she walks through the halls at school, and tries to tell herself she can focus on the wedding and nationals. But first, she wants to focus on the prom because it is her night to shine. She mourns the loss of NYADA, but tries to tell herself she is okay with it not getting everything she wants. In the bathroom Becky is practicing her wave for when she wins prom queen and Rachel warns her not to get her hopes up. Becky tells Rachel to take her loser talks somewhere else.


In his office Principal Figgins reminds Brittany she is still class president, and because she has done such a poor job he is considering abolishing the post for good after she graduates. Figgins tells her she has to start with prom to rehab her image and save the president's position. She meets with the prom committee but hates their ideas and declares the theme "Dinosaurs." They tell her it is the worst prom theme ever and so she fires everyone. Brittany announces the theme to the glee kids in the choir room.


In her office, Sue announces the nominees for prom king and queen, which includes Brittany and Finn for king, and Santana and Quinn for queen. Becky wanted to be nominated, so runs off upset. Becky walks through the halls as her inner monologue speaks in the voice of Helen Mirren. She is upset her crown has been stolen and she wants everyone to stop staring at her. Sue meets with her and tells her she knows she wanted to be queen, but she puts her in charge of guarding the punch bowl at the dance.


On stage, Rachel sings "I Hope You Know." She is joined by Kurt, then Blaine. Afterward, she tells them she is upset about Quinn and Finn at prom. Kurt remembers how humiliating it was when he won prom queen last year. Blaine doesn't want to go either because hair gel is banned. In the choir room, they tell the rest of the kids that they are throwing an anti-prom party and everyone is invited. Santana thinks Rachel is punishing everyone for not getting what she wants. She tells Rachel her to have fun at her lame party where she gets to star as the victim.


Finn and Quinn are in the hallway and she uses her injury to get a sympathy vote. He wonders if she feels weird using her injury to get votes. Elsewhere, Rachel tears down a poster of Quinn and Finn and she goes off on Finn. He tells Rachel she is being selfish. Quinn does rehab with Joe and he tells her she is going to be dancing at prom. He just knows it.


At the prom everyone loves the dino theme. Brittany sings "Dinosaur" by Ke$ha. Finn goes to find Quinn and sees she is standing up in the bathroom and he thinks she was lying to him. She just wanted it to be a surprise but he is screaming at her for being selfish he has everything and Rachel has nothing, and he chose her over Rachel. She begs for just one dance together and Santana sings "Love You Like A Love Song." Quinn and Finn fight on the floor so he leaves.


Puck, Rachel Blaine, Becky and Kurt arrive at the hotel and set up for the party. Becky suggests strip poker and wants to get wasted, but Rachel tells her to keep it down. Rachel has her prom dress in the car and wants to put it on and Becky declares it worst anti-prom ever. They are all watching TV and wondering if they should go to prom. Finn shows up and Rachel had been in the bathroom putting on her dress and comes out looking amazing. He tells her he loves her, and gives her the corsage. He tells them prom sucks without them and wants them to all be together since it may be the last time. Becky and Puck decide not to leave. She asks him if he is ready for strip poker and then beats him. He realizes how bad she wants the crown and crowns themselves king and queen of anti-prom. She is so happy she cries.


Back at the prom, Finn arrives with Blaine, Kurt and Rachel. Sam and the guys are singing "What Makes You Beautiful." Blaine’s hair is really bad, so Brittany gives him special permission to wear hair gel but Kurt loves seeing the man without the product. In the hallway, Rachel apologizes to Quinn and tells her she sees her how she has always seen her, but needs to realize she is the new, humble Quinn. Rachel then tells her she voted for her and tells her she deserves it. Puck and Becky arrive at prom, and she does her wave. Her inner monologue is glad to have people stare at her and Sue tells her she is truly the queen. Puck takes the opportunity to spike the punch, and Becky slams a glass of it.


Quinn and Santana count the votes and Quinn wins by one vote. It is everything she has ever wanted but she doesn’t feel different. On stage, Figgins announces the winners of prom queen and king - Finn Hudson and … Rachel Berry. She is stunned, but everyone applauds. They dance their first dance to "Take My Breath Away," sung by Quinn. Finn assures Rachel she is beautiful and an inspiration. Now she knows anything is possible. While she is singing, Quinn grabs the mic stand and stands up. Everyone is shocked, then applauds.

Hollie's Take:

The prom episode should have been much more fun than it was, what with the whole dinosaur theme. But there seemed to be a lot of forced storyline progression where Quinn is concerned. That being said, the songs were great this week, especially Brittany's great Kesha cover, leading me to believe they built the prom theme around wanting a place to put this routine. The scenes between Finn and Rachel seemed more genuine than ever, possibly due to their real-life romance. I really want to see Joe and Quinn get together, and hope that is where the road leads next week on their way to nationals. Mario returns to recap next week.

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- Hollie Deese

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