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Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Blaine's hot-shot older brother arrives for a visit, members of the glee club cut class for "Senior Ditch Day," and Quinn's fate is revealed.

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At McKinley, Rachel and Finn discuss how they have postponed their wedding following the news of Quinn's car accident. They are excited to see Quinn rolling down the hallway in a wheelchair. She and Artie sing "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John. Following the performance, Quinn explains that she feels blessed to be alive, even though her spine is severely compressed and she can't move her feet or legs. There is a chance for a full recovery, though, and Quinn promises that she will be out of the chair and dancing in time for Nationals. Meanwhile, Figgins appoints swim coach Roz Washington as co-coach of the Cheerios. A livid Sue says that she's capable of leading a squad to a Nationals victory. She decides to prove herself by helping the glee kids win a National championship so that she can reclaim sole leadership of the Cheerios.


The glee kids gather together to discuss plans for "Senior Ditch Day." Rachel breaks down and starts to apologize to Quinn for being the one responsible for the accident. Quinn refuses to put the blame on anyone and says that they all need to move forward. The gang decides they will spend "Ditch Day" at Six Flags amusement park. Later, Puck tries to convince Finn to move to LA with him after graduation so that they can run their own pool-cleaning business, but Finn seems dedicated to going to New York with Rachel. Meanwhile, Blaine's brother Cooper (Matt Bomer) comes to town and Kurt freaks when he recognizes that Cooper is a famous actor that stars in TV commercials. Sue enlists the help of Cooper to teach the New Directions kids how to be real stars. In the choir room, Cooper and Blaine perform a mash-up of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf" and "Rio."


At Breadstix, Cooper criticizes Blaine's performance of their Duran Duran number. Blaine is clearly bothered by his brother but refrains from verbalizing his displeasure. Back at McKinley, Artie helps Quinn to develop her upper body strength with some wheelchair exercises. He tells her that it wouldn't be fun for the two of them to go to Six Flags with their friends and asks if she'll join him for a more memorable "Senior Ditch Day." Later, Cooper meets with the gang and shares his version of what it means to be a successful star. He tells them to stay away from college and to nix Broadway for Hollywood. Blaine watches in agony as his friends fall for Cooper's charm. Meanwhile, Will and Emma accompany Sue to her doctor's appointment. Sue is excited to hear that she's having a baby girl, but alarmed to hear that her amniocentesis shows irregularities.


Back at school, Cooper continues to belittle Blaine until Blaine can't take it anymore. He busts into a performance of "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera. Meanwhile, Quinn takes Artie up on his offer and the two go to a skatepark specifically designed for individuals with physical handicaps. The rest of the gang goes to Six Flags for their "Senior Ditch Day." A New Directions performance of The Givers' "Up, Up, Up" plays while the kids enjoy themselves. The good day turns bad when Artie reminds Quinn that she really may never walk again. Quinn snaps and says that she will return to her regular life soon. The next day, Quinn discusses the power of prayer with the new kid, Joe Hart, and decides that the glee club could use him. He joins New Directions.


At glee practice, Sue says that she not only wants to help the kids win at Nationals, but to also have some of their decency rub off on her unborn child. Kurt gives advice to Blaine about using music to get through to his brother. Blaine approaches Cooper and the two sing "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye. Cooper admits that he has always wanted what's best for Blaine, which is why he's always been so hard on him. The two make up as Cooper reveals that he's actually not leaving town just yet. Later, Finn tells Rachel that he feels as though they may have a better future in Hollywood rather than New York. When Rachel argues, Finn shares his feelings that Rachel seems to be more concerned with herself than with what's good for the both of them. He tells her to be sure that she loves him and not just the man she wants him to be. He slams his locker door and walks away.

Mario's Mutterings:

After weeks of torture, we've finally gotten the answer that we've been waiting for and know the fate of Quinn Fabray. I have to be honest, I had my doubts as to whether Quinn was being killed off of the show. I'm glad to see her in a wheelchair as it not only adds a new dimension to her character, but will likely put more of a spotlight on the Artie character as well. Do you think the writers should leave her to deal with life in the chair, or should her character overcome the tragedy and walk again? I'm still on the fence with that one. But one thing I'm not on the fence about, nor have I ever been, is the relationship between Rachel and Finn. I'm so happy to see these little moments of them drifting away from one another. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Finchel cannot be together. They get married, and the show is over...

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- Mario Rocchetta

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