On My Way.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Defending Regionals winners New Directions compete against the Dalton Academy Warblers for a shot at Nationals.

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Sebastian approaches Rachel and says that she has 24 hours to drop out of Regionals or else he'll post a nude (fake) picture of Finn online. When Rachel tells the glee kids that she doesn't plan on giving into the Warbler's threats, Finn gets upset and wonders how she can risk his reputation like that. Elsewhere, Sue reveals that she is pregnant to Quinn, who gives her advice on morning sickness. When Quinn reveals that she wants to rejoin the Cheerios and win a national championship, Sue says it wouldn't be fair to the others who have never quit the squad. Meanwhile, Blaine practices for Regionals in the auditorium by performing Young Giant's "Cough Syrup." During the song, scenes flash of Karosfky being called "fag" and "homo" by others at his school. Pushed to the limit, he dresses up in his best suit and attempts to commit suicide by hanging himself in his bedroom.


At McKinley, news of Karofsky's suicide attempt passes through the students and teachers. The general feeling from everyone, including Sue, is that they could have done more to support Karofsky. Quinn takes a different stance, saying that Karofsky was selfish for trying to hurt himself and others by attempting to take his own life. Kurt takes the news the hardest, saying that things may have been different if he hadn't avoided Karofsky's earlier calls. Later, Sebastian meets with some of the McKinley gang and tells them that he's done with the blackmailing, and vows to dedicate the Warblers' performance to Dave Karofsky. Meanwhile, realizing that life is short, Finn and Rachel make up and decide that they're going to get married immediately following Regionals! Will gathers all the kids and shares that he once tried to commit suicide in high school. He reminds the students to never give up on the beauty of their dreams and to look forward to the rest of their amazing lives.


As Regionals kick off, the Dalton Academy Warblers take the stage and perform "Stand" by Lenny Kravitz, followed by "Glad You Came" by The Wanted. The next school to take the stage is Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow as the students perform Lord Byron's poem, "She Walks in Beauty." Backstage, Rachel and Finn drop the bomb that they'll be getting married immediately following Regionals. The McKinley kids hit the stage and perform a mash-up of Nicki Minaj's "Fly" and R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly." Next, they sing "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" by Kelly Clarkson, followed by an all-girl performance of "Here's To Us" by Halestorm. Rachel's dads watch in awe from the audience, while the rest of the crowd goes wild. With that, New Directions wins Regionals, beating out the second-place Dalton Academy Warblers.


Following the competition, Sue calls Quinn to her office and welcomes her back to the Cheerios. Sue says that she's always admired Quinn and knows that they can work together to win a national title. Quinn is elated to have come full circle, and in her happiness, realizes that Rachel is truly happy with Finn. She goes home to get ready to attend the wedding. Meanwhile, Kurt visits Karofsky and the two share a touching moment where they discuss how beautiful life can be down the road. Karofsky says that life is good and that he looks forward to being Kurt's friend. Meanwhile, Sue tells Will of her pregnancy and offers support to him and New Directions to help them win at Nationals. As everyone prepares for the wedding, Rachel refuses to start without Quinn. She texts Quinn to ask where she is and Quinn, while driving, texts Rachel back to say that she's on her way. Suddenly, a speeding truck comes out of nowhere and smashes into Quinn's car. A devastating explosion of glass is heard as the show comes to an abrupt end.

Mario's Mutterings:

Oh. My. Goodness. The last minute of "Glee" has got me absolutely on edge and I cannot believe we have to wait until April 10 to see what happens next. You've got to give kudos to Ryan Murphy and the crew. This entire episode had a slow, creepy vibe to it, certainly building up to something huge. I have to admit, though, I did not see that tragedy happening until it was too late. Not to be insensitive here, but at least Quinn's (potential) death will delay the Finchel union. Those kids aren't meant to be married just yet!

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- Mario Rocchetta

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