I Kissed A Girl.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Someone tries to fix the student council election, Coach Beiste challenges Sue, and Puck and Quinn's relationship gets complicated.

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Principal Figgins tells Santana that she's suspended two weeks from school for slapping Finn across the face. When Finn realizes that Santana will miss Sectionals next week, he tells Figgins that it was actually a stage-slap and that no physical violence took place. Finn later explains to Santana that she and the other Trouble Tones need to work with New Directions, just for this week, or else he'll take back his story and she'll be suspended. Meanwhile, it's clear around the school that Brittany is favored to win the vote for student council president. Kurt confides in Rachel that he is considering rigging the ballots to ensure a victory, since being class president will help his chances to get into a New York school. At glee practice, Finn orchestrates the week's assignment: the gang will sing songs by women for women, to show their support of Santana's current struggle. Blaine and Kurt sing Pink's "Perfect."


Sue decides that she needs some "man candy" to help increase her chances of winning the congress race. In the staff room, Beiste tells Will and Emma that she feels she's found love in Cooter Mankins. At glee practice, Puck performs "I'm The Only One" by Melissa Ethridge while Shelby watches on. Quinn confronts Puck about the way he sang to Shelby, but Puck insists he is on Quinn's side to try and get their child back. When Quinn suggests that Puck and her have sex this weekend to rekindle their love, Puck declines. Meanwhile, Santana continues to poke fun at Finn despite his efforts to organize the "lady power" week. Finn tells Santana that he's worried she will do something drastic like the gay teen who made an "It Gets Better" video but killed himself. At glee practice, he serenades her with a stripped-down version of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun."


Coach Beiste visits Breadstix to pick up some dinner and spots Sue on a date with Cooter. Beiste tells him that she thought the two of them had something special. Cooter admits that he was interested in Beiste but that she treated him more like a buddy, and that he was looking for a romantic relationship. Back at McKinley, election fever runs rampant as the students vote for class president. The school also serves as a polling place for Congress, and Coach Beiste watches in disgust as Sue parades around the gym with Cooter. Beiste sings "Jolene" by Dolly Parton. Later, Santana is approached by a rugby player who tells her he saw the commercial and wants to be the one to turn her "normal." Santana is backed by her girlfriends who join her in singing "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry. Following the song, Santana tells her friends that she's come out of the closet to her parents and that they were accepting of her homosexuality.


Kurt is called to the office by Figgins and told that he won the election. The problem, though, is that there were more votes than students at McKinley High. Kurt swears that he did not cheat but his appeal doesn't go far with Figgins. Rachel admits to Finn that she is actually the one who rigged the election, but fears telling the truth because she'll likely be suspended. Puck gets called to the hospital by Shelby because Beth fell and cut her lip. When the two get home, they make love but Shelby says that Puck needs to leave before Beth wakes up. Disgusted, Puck leaves the house and tells Shelby that she's missing out on something special. Meanwhile, Santana has her own problems to deal with as she sits down with her grandma to tell her she's a lesbian. Santana is completely rejected by her grandmother and even kicked out of the house.


Puck visits with Quinn but refuses to have sex with her when he realizes she's just trying to have another baby. He tells her that she can stop being so crazy as she's likely to be one of the few people who actually get out of town and make a good life for herself. He presumably then tells Quinn about his feelings for Shelby. Back at McKinley, Sue reveals that she's lost the election to Burt but plans on keeping Cooter as a boyfriend. Beiste tells Cooter that she is actually the one in love with him and that she'll do whatever it takes to win his heart. At glee practice, Kurt says that he doesn't want any clouds of doubt hanging over his head, and graciously hands the title of class president over to Brittany. Santana then sings "Constant Craving" by k.d. Lang. Following the performance, Rachel enters the room and says she's told Figgins that she's the one who rigged the election. As a result, she's been suspended for a week and banned from competing at Sectionals.

Mario's Mutterings:

I didn't know how "Glee" would follow-up after the "Mash Up" episode, but this week's showing was right on the money. "I Kissed A Girl" delivered yet another fantastic display of amazing musical performances and intricate storytelling. What's there not to love about guys singing songs that were originally performed by women for women? The concept stays true to what the show is all about: breaking down barriers. Speaking of which, Santana's reveal to her grandmother was arguably one of the season's most touching moments. It seems that "Glee" is firing on all cylinders as we head into Sectionals. But wait... no Rachel Berry next week? Drama!

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- Mario Rocchetta

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