The First Time.

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The kids rehearse for "West Side Story," Finn meets with a recruiter, and Coach Beiste has an admirer.

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With the musical just days away, Rachel and Blaine rehearse "Tonight" from "West Side Story." Artie comments that their performance lacks sexual energy due to the fact that the two of them are virgins. Later, Rachel kisses Finn in the hallway and he notices she seems more feisty. Meanwhile, Kurt talks to Blaine about whether he has sexual urges, but Blaine plays it off that he's waiting for them to feel it's the right time. Coach Beiste reveals to Artie that she, too, is a virgin. The only man she'd consider being with is the football recruiter for Ohio State, who happens to soon be visiting Finn at McKinley High.


Blaine visits Dalton Academy and watches The Warblers perform Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl." He meets and is hit on by a new Warbler named Sebastian. Back at McKinley, Santana and Rachel practice "A Boy Like That" from "West Side Story." Meanwhile, Finn reveals to Puck that he plans to sleep with Rachel. The boys are then introduced to Cooter Mankins, the football recruiter for Ohio State. While Coach Beiste swoons over the recruiter from afar, Artie asks him to take Beiste out on a date. Elsewhere, Blaine suggests to Kurt that it's time for the two of them to start being adventurous. Later, Kurt walks in on Blaine talking to Sebastian about joining him at "Scandals," a gay bar. Kurt says that he and Blaine will both join Sebastian.


Finn has Rachel over for dinner and the two snuggle by the fireplace. Just as they're about to make love, Finn discovers that Rachel mostly wants to lose her virginity to help her prepare for her role in "West Side Story." He gets up and foils their attempt at having sex. Back at McKinley, Mike's dad confronts him about participating in the school play. He tells Mike that as long as he keeps dancing, he no longer has a father. Meanwhile, Cooter approaches Coach Beiste and asks her out on a date. It turns out that Cooter actually likes Beiste and has been meaning to ask her out for quite some time. Beiste, though hesitant to believe that a man like Cooter would actually be interested in a woman like her, agrees to go out for dinner.


Rachel calls a meeting with Tina, Quinn, Brittany and Santana. She fills them in about her situation with Finn and the general consensus is for Rachel to wait to have sex. Tina, however, speaks highly of her first time with Mike being wonderful and special. That night, Blaine and Kurt use fake IDs to get into "Scandals." While Sebastian and Blaine dance, Kurt discovers that Karofsky is at the bar. The two talk about Karofsky's new school and how he is comfortable being somewhere that he can play football while not have any gay rumors surrounding him. When Kurt tries to drive Blaine home, Blaine attempts to have sex with Kurt in the back of the car. Kurt is offended at Blaine's drunken offer, and Blaine decides to walk.


On "West Side Story's" opening night, Rachel and Blaine admit to each other that they are both still virgins. Artie panics that the show will not live up to everyone's standards, but his peers assure him that he's done a great job. The curtain is raised and the gang performs "America." After the show, Kurt and Blaine discuss their performances. Blaine assures Kurt that Sebastian means nothing to him. Blaine then apologizes for drunkenly trying to come onto Kurt, and says that their first time will be special. The two kiss, and Kurt asks if Blaine will go back to his house. Elsewhere, Rachel visits Finn at his house and discovers he has been let down by the recruiter from Ohio State. Rachel tells Finn not to give up on his dream, and then tells him that he will get something no one else will ever get, her virginity. While "One Hand, One Heart" plays, there's a montage of Blaine and Kurt and Finn and Rachel laying in bed.

Mario's Mutterings:

Though I couldn't care less about the number of "West Side Story" musical selections that overpowered the show, this episode, for me, has been one of the season's best. I absolutely loved the buildup to Rachel and Finn's and Blaine and Kurt's "first times." I thought the show handled it tenderly and with a real sweetness. That said, I'm sure critics somewhere will still lash out at the plotline. For me, the highlight of the episode was Artie's touching speech about finally feeling self-sufficient, despite being confined to a wheelchair. What did you like best?

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- Mario Rocchetta

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